Friday, June 30, 2006

Star Wars

Enough already! So ya got fired, get over it! Star Jones Reynolds is hitting the airwaves telling everyone who will listen her side of the story. I'm sick of it. Barbara Walters said ABC decided not to renew her contract in November. Star says she wasn't told until April 21. What does that say? Is someone not being honest? Everyone knows about the weight loss and the wedding which turned off viewers. Supposedly, The View had her time to get another job and exit gracefully. It came down to the day she was supposed to announce her departure. She chose a different day and upset Barbara and the rest of The View. She keeps saying she wants to be honest and have a measure of good character. So why is she everywhere proclaiming that she was being treated unfairly? She keeps talking endlessly about the fact that she had been on the program for nine years and she feels that she was fired.Poor baby. Don't tell me this woman was not making a lot of money. She isn't hurting now, nor will she hurt in the future. She speaks of character all the time. Have some character now and just shut up. Between the People article and appearances on programs like the Insider, ET, Insider, Larry King, Today, etc I've seen more of her than I had ever hoped to see. Of course it might have been funny to see the sparks fly between Star and Rosie next season, since apparently they dont like each other. Star Jones Reynolds needs to take heed of her own words and have some grace and dignity and just shut up.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Remotely Addicted to the Remote

I blame my husband. It's all his fault. Everytime we'd sit together watching tv what woould he do? Channel surf!! Ok, I can see surfing through the commercials, but the programs too? He'd frequently try to watch two or three programs or games at the same time. Of course we'd miss something important on the other channel while he was doing this. I'd get frustrated and want to grab the remote away from him.

Now I must admit I have fallen into the trap. I just can't sit and watch one show all the way through and with a few exceptions commercials breeze by.Of course the networks never help either. Why do they always have to put my favorite shows opposite each other? It never fails, one season a good show debuts and I get hooked. Next season it's moved to a time-slot which conflicts with another show I like. So, I end up surfing. Since I tend to be a news junkie I frequently get annoyed with our local channels doing the same stories over and over. So, I check out CNN, or Fox to see what is going on. Or maybe I'll watch a sports talk show, or even a game. The games of the Astros lately have become a remote challenge. Do I switch before or after they start losing. Or do I throw the remote?

Alas, I'm afraid I can't surf anymore, so sad. Now what am I going to do? Thanks alot Jimmy! Now I am addicted to the remote! Our remote has finally passed on to the remote heaven. Battery changes helped for a while. Now, however, it has finally given up and wont work. I'm lost because not only have I become addicted to the remote, ours came with the tv and has a channel guide so I can see the schedule and a brief synopsis of each program. Now I am really lost!Poor thing. It's been through temper tantrums and grandkids dropping, inlaws reeking havoc with it to Daisy trying to chew on it. I guess I'll just have to say a few words over it before I throw it out and go buy a new one.

Thanks for the memories you gave us, dear remote. We will miss you. That is until we can get another. Can I get one with a channel guide? Probably not, sigh.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Watching Shopping Carts

A shopping cart is not just a repository on wheels. It tells tales. Watching carts and the people pushing them is an interesting glimpse into American life. There is the mom with kids in tow. You dont even have to see her to figure out her life. If she's got cereals like Apple Jacks or Fruit Loops, most likely her kids are young. Of course the Hot Wheels car and Bratz doll she was bribed into buying is a dead give-away. Then there is the dad who has been sent on an errand to pick up a few things. Three items somehow multiply into twenty-three. Thought we might need these,or these were on sale. Doesn't matter that there are already ten in the pantry. Then there are the teenagers. The girls check out the DVDs and CDs and seem to need a whole lot of make-up. Doesn't matter that they are just as pretty without it. How many times have I seen newlyweds buying everything from dishes and glasses to candles and his and her shampoos. Then on the weekend you can tell all the guys getting ready for the big game. Lots of beer of various brands and ice in the cart.Sometimes there might actually be food there too. And let's not forget the guy with a case of toilet paper. Either he's got a lot people in his house or he is really full of sh*t. Shopping carts don't lie.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Baseball Song and Dance

I am now ready for the end of interleague play. What is it with the American League? Are they really that good, or is the National League just that bad? The American League has won most of the All-Star games lately. I'm tired of our teams being used for target practice. Why cant the NL take control? I wonder how many NL fans have decided not to watch the remaining games? It is depressing. No wonder Phil Garner threw a chair. Of course sometimes a fit of temper will fire up a team. It's worked before. Roy Oswalt got mad and started a winning streak. Let's just get on with the season. The All-Star break is near, time for a short vacation. Time to regroup and rethink the plans. Then it will be time for the real race to the series, or a little chin music. Hey, Roger, let's show the AL who is boss. Just remember, you're in the NL now. After all you did say you need to back those guys off the plate.

Since the Rocket starts tonight, how 'bout a little sweet music? Show our young guns how to do it...Please. Remember you're in the National League now. Make your hometown proud, please. Time to get started on the real race for the World Series.

Monday, June 26, 2006

It's Monday Again!

I'm still reeling after the 'stros finally won a game against the White Sox. Once again the bullpen blew up and tried to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. You'd think 9 runs would be a large enough lead. Roy Oswalt pitched a good game, only to watch is disbelief as the relievers, yet again, tried to lose the game. It's enought to drive you nuts!

Well, at least I got another washer this weekend. No more handwashing. It takes so little to make me happy. Ha. I remember when my mother got a new, under the sink, garbage can.She was so happy. I thought she was crazy, now I understand.

Did anyone see the Minor League manager's meltdown?. Just wait till he sees himself on tv! I'm astounded that the umpire had the patience to stand still and ignore the tirade. Talk about arguing a call! Funnier yet is the story Koby Clemens will have to tell his daddy, since he was the player on second base!

Where did our weekend go. Grocery shopping, washer shopping, Astro stressing... We ended up not getting groceries until Sunday, because some idiot needed a hose connector put on so that the laborers could pressure wash one of the buildings under construction. This couldn't have been done during the week? So, our Saturday plans got interrupted so Jimmy could fix it for them. It took longer to drive to the place than it did to fix the problem. As Jimmy left the laborers were no where in sight. They were supposed to help him but they conviently disappeared.

At least the washer is going and there is no water on the floor. Maybe it will be a nice day. By the way, want to buy a bridge?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Better Luck Next Time

Sigh---the Rocket didn't get off the pad. Seems as if Roger was uncomfortable and unfocused. Of course he obviously has not had much work prior to this start. Lets face it the minors aren't the same quality as the Twins. And there were a few ball calls that I thought were strikes, but I guess that was just wishful thinking. And just like last year the bats were absent from home plate. The Twins pitcher was very good. Hoepfully things will be better next time.

Thanks for all your suggestions for our washer problems. Looking into it I think Jimmy is about to the point of saying, "the Hell with it, let's just get another one". The thought of jacking with it one more time is enough to make him want to throw it over the stair railing and into the street. Maybe the next one will work better. Then of course we could get the washer and dryer out of Amanda's storage unit. But that washer occasionally leaks too. It was Jimmmy's mom's. Maybe we should just go buy a cheap one and let them deliver and set it up. Yeah, let them drag it up the stairs and try to squeeze it in the laundry closet. Ha!

Better luck next year to the Rice Owls who are now out of the College World Series. So all my college teams lost, Texas, Alabama, and Rice. Now I dont care who wins!

And lastly, better luck next time Daisy. I know you pooped on the carpet cause you didn't want to do it in the grass. I can't help it if it has rained so much the grass is higher than your belly! We'll cut the grass as soon as is drys out enough!

Let's see if luck is on our side tonight--repeat of the World Series with the Sox!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

June 22, Launch Date for Number 22

Houston Astros fans finally have only a few hours to wait until the Rocket launch. We are all hopeful Roger Clemens return will be the fuel the team needs. The players are very happy to have him back. He is a leader and inspiration to the team. As several of the players have said he is just fun to have around. There are only a few seats left for tonight's game. The first thirty thousand fans will get a poster of the "Rocket". This date has been on the minds of all the fans for weeks now. The only bad thing is that the Astros had to send a player down to make room for Clemens on the roster. So Manager Phil Garner sent Chris Sampson down to the AAA club, the Round Rock Express. Sampson did a good job while with the 'stros, being used both as a starter and in relief. He will probably called back up later, especially if one of the pitchers gets hurt. I expect that at the very least he will be called up in September. Right now, the Rocket is on the pad, and all the fans are waiting for lift off at 7:05 tonight. Go 'Stros!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Best Laid Plans Go Down The Drain Or On the Floor

We got the washer up the stairs and set up Monday evening. Tuesday morning I did three loads of laundry. The only problem seemed to be that everything was being washed in hot water. I dont use hot water. After all the electric bills are already too high. Ok, I'll wait to ask Jimmy about it when he gets home, no serious problem. So after I get all the clothes washed and dried I noticed water all over the floor. Not a good sign. Wipe up the puddles. Amanda, you'll have to wait til your dad can see what is wrong. Later after Jimmy gets home, he checks out why the washer is using hot water. Come to find out that Pat hooked up the water hoses backwards. Not a problem, easy to fix. Let's move on to the bigger problem of why the washer is leaking. Looking into the drum we discover that the water is not all going into the drum but down into the front of the machine. So Jimmy raised the front of it a little and the water then went where it was supposed to, or so we thought. So, after testing it we discover it is still leaking water. Thinking maybe one or more of the hoses may have a hole, Jimmy checked the back and under the washer where all the hoses are. No problem there. After all the lady we got the washer from said it never leaked, she was getting rid of it because it didn't match her new dryer. So, what does Jimmy discover? The pump is out! Great! Back to square one. That's what I get for trying to save money. Once again we are going to have to fight getting it down the stairs and another one up the stairs.Not a fun prospect. Since money is really tight now I really did not want to have to buy a new one. We have bought used appliances, like a dryer and refrigerator, before with no problem. I just really did not want to have to spend extra money that I don't really have.GRRR!! So now Amanda had to go to Pat's house tonight to wash her clothes. Hope she can dry them there too because the dryer here has begun taking longer and longer to dry. Guess that's about to go out too. And to think I was so glad to have a washer, again! As usual my plans go you know where. Then to top it all off this morning, for some reason I can't sign in to "My Yahoo" or my e-mail. Crap!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Motorcycles and Cell Phone

Question of the moment. How do you ride a motorcycle and talk on the cell phone,too? I'm not a motorcycle fan though I have ridden on the back of one before. Trust me I do not ever plan to ride on one again. I saw a guy riding one a la Ben Roethlisberger, without a helmet, and talking on his cell phone. Riding without a helmet, to me, is nutty enough, but with a cell phone? How can anyone hear it ring or talk on it? Plus this dude was riding in Houston traffic. I never gave much thought to one handed motorcycle riding. It just seems a little dangerous to me. Add talking on a cell phone to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. At least that's the way I look at it. The highway safety people think it is dangerous to drive a car and talk on the phone, they'd probably really flip if they had seen this guy. But I guess some people want to feel the freedom of the wind in their hair, bugs in their teeth and the wife on the phone telling them to bring home a loaf of bread. Wonder what they use for a ring tone?

Monday, June 19, 2006

If It Looks Too Wet, Don't Go

How many times do people in this area go into high water without thinking they could be stuck? The south and east part of our county always gets high water. Why take the chance? Right now we are in the middle of a lot of rain fall. Some parts of the area have had 10 or more inches of rain in the last 24 hours. We who live here should know that certain areas always have high water problems during heavy or prolonged rain. Several areas around I-45 always get high water, yet people still think they can get around it. Right now Hobby airport has no flights coming in or going out. Plus it is in one of the areas where the streets fill up and make in nearly impossible to get to the airport. Then people wonder why they get stuck. Then there are people who get a little water in their house and think the rescue people need to come immediately. Sorry folks, the rescue people have too many emergency calls already. As long as you are not in 4 feet of water, just take it easy. One inch is not a need for ememgency fire rescues. They need to get the 90 year old man with pneumonia out of his house. Sometimes the fire department has to call for large dump trucks to get people out of 2-4 feet or more of water. Right now there are a lot of water rescues going on in southeast Houston. Many of these houses have 6 inches or more and snakes and debris floating. That is an emergency. There are a lot of people with health problems who need help. Electricity is off in some places causing additional problems for people who really need help. It just goes to prove that when the news people on tv and radio tell you to stay home. Do it. Dont try to drive around the already flooded and clogged streets. How many times do the news reports and city officials have to say that if the place looks flooded dont go there.

At least the water is begining to drain in some of the areas. There are a lot of reports of flooded out cars and other damage in some areas. It is going to be a mess to clean up. If people dont need to go out they should just stay home. It's a jungle out there. Patience will be required as this may continue on for a few more days. I stood at my back door watching the water creep up onto the patio. We are keeping watch in case it continues to move closer and if we will have to move some of our stuff. Our neighborhood drains quickly once there is a break in the rain. There is a bayou that separates our subdivisiion from another one which is near flood stage. Glad I dont have to go to work.

Is this a dress rehearsal for something more sinister? There is already a lot of standing water, if it continues to rain a lot of people may start to think(hopefully) about planning in case of a hurricane. We shall see. But some people will still try to go where cars shouldn't. Better luck next time.

Friday, June 16, 2006

I Remember Norman

I remember him as a quiet, gentle, good humored man. He loved his wife and daughter. Not being the type of guy who liked to go out to dinner or movies, he liked to stay home. As a father he was content to let my mother do the hard work of being the disciplinarian. I rarely saw them argue. Sometimes they were very quiet, but I never heard harsh words. Sometimes I'd hear some heated words at 2 am when the papermill called with a problem, but he never yelled at me or my mother. While he would frequently blister the phone lines because of the work problems, I never heard him say some words. Oh, yeah, he cursed, he just never used certain words commonly used today. He just thought it wasn't necessary.

Unless he had to go on a business trip, he was always there. He loved to come home from the mill and sit in the kitchen while my mother cooked supper. That was their time. They'd talk and share some beer together before supper.

Funny how I remember certain things. I remember "helping" him stir cement in his wheelbarrow so he could fix the driveway at our house in Tuscaloosa. He was the one who got up when I had a nightmare and stayed with me until I went back to sleep. Then there were the many times we practiced baseball. We'd walk to the field near our house and he'd throw me the ball so I could practice hitting my "homeruns".
When I was in Girl Scouts he grudgingly escorted me to the stage to receive an award. He would have rather just sat in the seat and watched.

As a teenager, he and my mother sheltered me from the world, much to my irritation. What teen doesnt think their parents won't let them "do anything". Of course when we all took up golf, I thought it was fun, especially when the high school boys saw a girl playing golf.

The one thing I did learn from them was how to have a good relationship. They didn't have to say a word. They just enjoyed being together. Years later he told me how much he liked just being able to look up from his paper and see my mother doing what ever ar thing she was doing at the time. I missed that in my first marriage.

Dad was devastated when my mother died of cancer at 49. He was only 53. I was 22. So there we were totally unprepared for what to do next. Since my mother didnt allow me in the kitchen except to set the table or dry the dishes, I was lost. I cooked some pretty lousy suppers, yet Dad never said a word. We did become closer though.

Over the years we became more than father and daughter. We became friends. Miles apart we got really good at writing letters. I still have most of them. He was a very funny guy. He would occasionly come to visit and we'd go have dinner and drinks. Listening to his stories, I wish that I had written them down. He always had the best stories.

When I had children he was happy for me. But, he was not the babysitter type. He always said that my mother was cheated because she wanted to be the grandma. He liked to visit me and the kids, especially when they were old enough to go to the toy store and pick out whatever toys they wanted. That he liked. He was not much on buying them clothes but he always knew some ladies who knew how to find really cute things.

I really miss him. Hey Dad, you ought to see who the Texans drafted, do you think the Astros have a chance? Thanks for everything Dad.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Web Page Dizziness

Have you really thought about how easy it is to design a web page? Well, maybe for you, not me. I'm techno-dumb. Some pages are quite good. I've seen all sorts of themes and designs. A lot of people love all the flashing, colorful creatures bouncing around. A little bird here (or there), little bubbles floating everytime the curser moves. Some have little cartoon characters roaming the page. I can't tell you all the different colors I've seen. Some are quite elaborate. My mother was an artist who would probably get a kick out of all this technology. But, she might also say that some of these pages are a bit too busy. With all the colors and motion, it is sometimes hard to focus on the message. Or maybe it's just me. I have a hard time concentrating with so much activity going on. Then again I do envy people who find it easy to create all this stuff. I do enjoy looking at all the different things, but I do get dizzy. Now what were you talking about?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So FEMA Paid for a Sex Change Operation?

Soon after Katrina hit forcing many people to flee to Houston we began to notice that the Fema and Red Cross money was not being spent for "basic necessities". It was being used for booze, strip club visits and many other fraudulant uses. At the time I complained that this was wrong. But many people disagreed with me saying that they really didnt care how these people chose to spend the money. Now people have discovered just how much money was used fraudulantly. I am still unhappy with what some of these people have chosen to buy with this money. Now, people are begining to realize the extend of the fraud. I complained about the fact that people were using the money for lap dances and booze as well as drugs. The mayor of Houston was outraged at the reports of people with multiple cards using money this way. Well now we are finding out just how much money some people have stolen. I didn't like it then and I don't like it now. Billions of dollars have gone to pay for tropical vacations, expensive cars, even a sex change operation. We really need to be more aware of how our money is being spent. To say that we shouldnt care if a guy buys some beer or a lap dance as a way of coping with the stress of being a hurricane victim is nuts. That was our tax money helping many people, it is just too bad that some people took advantage of our giving nature. Now we have seen what some people have done. I want my money back. Who do we blame? The people who used the money fraudulantly or the government for having no control? Hurricane season is here again,I just hope that somehow we can have better control of how our money is spent. We work too hard for our money. Does anyone care how our government spends (or gives away) our money? Or am I the only one who cares?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Guard Duty in the Backyard

Daisy has become the defender of the backyard. Any thing that flies over around or through the yard is fair game. Be it bird, butterfly, bee, moth, plane, or helicopter, it's cause for a hunt. Daisy thinks of herself as the Great Red Hunter. Every day she scours the trees, fence and sky above, just in case there is something to chase. So as we walked around the yard Saturday she discovered a young blackbird hopping along the ground. Quickly, I made Daisy go into the house. After all the parents were lurking in the trees yapping to their young one. A little while later while I was watching tv I heard the plantif cries of the baby close to the house. I went outside and discovered that the baby bird had hopped/semi-flew into the water of our little waterfall pond. I though he would be moving soon, so I just left him there. But, he wouldnt move. Here I come to save the day. Thinking that if I tried to get him out with my hand, his parents might abandon him. So I found a thin board about 1 inch wide and 2 feet long. I slowly pushed the board toward him and managed to get his feet on it.I lifted him out of the water and set him and the board down on the patio. He'll dry off and get away, I thought. A little while later, he was still there bleating helplessly. So, I picked up the board and put him "undercover" near the shrubs at the back of the house. I checked on him several times, cause I did not want either Daisy or Lady to go after him. He apparently felt at ease, but not able to fly yet. He hopped all around the back yard. He hopped around by the house, around the back fence and the side fences. I really didnt want him to try to go to the yards next door. He went to the back corner where the fence is chewed up by our periodic canine visitor. Then he went to the side where the 2 pitbulls are. I know, I'm a soft touch, but I wanted to at least give him a fighting chance. His parents continued to fly around in a frenzy. He was stil hopping around Sunday morning. I dont know which was the bigger challenge, keeping daisy away, or hoping he would soon get his wings and fly away. Finally,I noticed that the blackbirds were not as paniced as before. I did not find any evidence of disaster. I guess he finally learned to fly. So all is well in the backyard. Daisy is back on guarding the yard from interlopers. A few moths and flies are missing. Daisy hasnt caught that plan yet, but she still trys.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Just Call Me Washboard Mamma

The washing machine quit working Monday. Luckily I had finished all but the towels. Amanda took the towels to Pat's house since she had some stuff to wash. At least the dryer works, wet towels aren't light. I am wondering how long the dryer will last cause it seems to take longer and longer to dry things. My electric bill is high enough. So we pondered what to do. Pat suggested that something was caught in the washer, not allowing it to agitate or spin. Maybe, or it could just be wearing out. Jimmy doesnt really want to have to pull it out and take it apart. And I certainly do not plan on paying someone to come fix it. The washer and dryer came with the house, so we gave ours to Amanda when she had her house. Now that she is staying with us, we thought we'd just get hers out of storage. Naturally, it is way in the back of the unit. This would require taking nearly everythng out just to get to it. So a friend of hers at work said she was getting rid of her 11 year old washer cause she was getting another one that matched her dryer and no longer needed the old one. So we have two free optiions- get the one out of storage or take this lady's old one. Both washers are about the same age, so I don't know which is better. I know that Amanda is not relishing the idea of digging it out of storage. So, we decided it would be easier to take her friend's one on Saturday before Amanda went out of town. Well Amanda ended up leaving earlier than she planned so we wont be able to get it this weekend. Since there is not a laundromat near here, decided to wash a small load of underware and socks by hand. I forgot how much "fun" it is to wash clothes by hand. Not fun at all. The light clothes are now in the dryer. Since I dont have a whole lot of hand strength, they are a little wetter than normal. Cant help it though. Next I'll tackle the three dark work shirts of Jimmy's. I refuse to wash the bath towels by hand. That just ain't gonna happen! I was reminded of stories I've seen showing women at the river pounding the wash with rocks. Or the old washbuckets in which the women scrubbed the clothes on a washboard. That must have been tough on a manicure. Oh wait, they didn't get manicures then! Oh well, could be worse...

Thursday, June 08, 2006

How To Kill A Microwave

I read a story the other day about a woman who killed her microwave oven. How did she do it! Did she try to cook something in metal? Did she accidently leave a spoon in the dish? No, she tried to clean it with steel wool. Uh, did she not think of using some and water or any liquid cleaner? The inside surface wipes clean easily. Well, easy for some people. I know that sometimes food sticks or splatters. Wiping down the walls or the bottom is not hard. Granted sometimes it takes a little work and time to get the stuck on food off. But steel wool? This woman must have taken the entire surface off. Come on, it's not that hard to clean. It's even easy to get odors out. Simply putting a (glass)cup with vinegar in to boiling will clean out the odors. I don't mean to make fun, but did she not notice what she was doing? After all it could be worse. I have a self-cleaning oven that wont self clean. The one time I tried it, all it did was stink up the house and didn't do any cleaning. Back to basics standard Easy Off oven cleaner.

At least microwave ovens are fairly cheap these days. I hope she learned her lesson. May her microwave rest in peace.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Well Maybe

Ok, maybe I didnt exorcise the Astros' demons by hosing my parrot Astro. Astro did seem to enjoy his shower after the initial shock of the cage cleaning. But, the Astros did win last night. I'd like to think I played a small part(hey, I can dream).Or maybe it was Jim Deshaies jacket. He wears it sparingly, only when the 'Stros are in need of some "help". When he wears it the team usually wins or stops a losing streak. What ever! At least we won. We'll take it any way we can! So, since Oswalt is on the DL another rookie pitcher will take the mound this afternoon. We will see how Chris Sampson does as he gets thrown into the fire.

At least the Rocket's first tune-up went well. Must have been fun to play with his son. Apparently some of the $8.00 tickets to the Legends game were going for upwards of $400.00 on eBay. After all, how often does an A class team get to play with a true legend and sure Hall of Famer.

I just wonder when Brandon Backe will be back. Hopefully it will be soon. With Clemens we could call them the BC powder to get rid of the Astros' headaches. Yeah, I know that was cheezy. But with the season we've had anything would help. Actually we are still in a better position than last year. The Astros aren't dead yet. And just maybe my parrot and I played a part. If you believe that...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Time to Terrorize the Parrot

Ok Astro, you asked for it. You think it is great fun to fling feathers everywhere and yell obnoxiously all day. It's time to take you outside for the ritual. Yes you are going to sit in the shade of the covered pation and yell to your heart's content. That is until I begin the cleaning ritual. You make such a mess. Then there is your constant bellowing your opinion to everyone who will (or is forced to) listen. Tell your stories to the dogs next door. After I get your cage cleaned, I'm going to official terrorize you. A little water torture should do the trick. How about that shower? Yes, I know you will give me the evil eye when I shower you. Hey, you come from the Amazon, you should like it. I know that we are doing this today, the devil's day of 6/6/6, but it should help. Have you smelled yourself lately? Besides,if you have this done today, maybe you can exorcise your demons as well as those for whom you were named, our Houston Astros. Got anything to say to them? It's time for you to stand up for your team ,Astro. With all the noise you make, surely you understand the term, "take one for the team"? You only think you are being terrorized. It will only hurt for a little while. You'll thank me later. Hopefully so will the Astros. Got that Astro?!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Coffee and Potato Chips, Breakfast of Champions?

So, that sounds a little odd. But so does ice cream and pickles, Some people think a peanutbutter and bananna sandwich is yuck. Some times, though ,things go through your mind that make no sense. Coffee and potato chips is one of those things. Being in a "mood" it seemed to be a good idea at the time. Of course the fact that I heard every noise in the wee hours of the morning. For a quiet neighborhood, it sure was noisey. I was begining to think I was sleeping in the middle of the freeway. Cars going up and down the street. Car doors opening every five minutes, or so it seemed. I'm not even including the sound of our garage door opening and closing as Amanda came in after visiting her brother and his girlfriend. Our master bedroom is over the garage, nuff said. And of course hubby has TCM on the tv, one boring movie after another. Well, I couldn't help but stay awake since Daisy was up chucking all night. This was after she left me the liquid rear end package in the bathroom. At least she left it there and not on the carpet. So,before the crack of dawn I'm thinking I'm hungry. In just a couple of hours I'll have to get up so the strange thought of coffee and potato chips crossed my mind. So now what's for lunch?

Friday, June 02, 2006

Out of the Batcave (and the closet)

So DC Comics has revamped Batwoman. So now she is a lesbian. Just what we need a comicbook hero for our girls to look up to. What will the society girls of Gotham City think now. What does Bruce Wayne think of the outing of Batwoman? Never mind that Batwoman was killed off in 1979, she is alive and well. Her view of life has changed. It is enough to knot Catwoman's tail. So how do we explain this to our girls who have enjoyed Batman and Batwoman. "Holy gay pride, Batman" said Robin. This should be interesting...

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Rocket Is Ready To Launch, Almost

The Astros fans let out a collective sigh of relief yesterday. Roger Clemens re-signed for another year(almost). He will make his first start at MinuteMaid on June 22nd. Are the numbers significant? First start date June 22 and his salary is 22,000,022 pro-rated at $12+million. Since his jersey number is 22, go figure. He will first warm up by pitching at the Lexington minor league team with his son. Can you imagine the buzz around that dugout? The kids at the lowest level are going to try to hit the Rocket.

The 'Stros really need a lift. The team is really eager to have him back. Maybe he can help out his good friend Andy who has been struggling this year. And the rookie pitchers would love to have a little advise. Right now the younger pitchers are getting quality starts most of the time. The bullpen on the other hand is not doing it's job very well.

The defense is doing a relatively good job both outfield and infield. But the offense is again irritating. One game they have runs galore and the game struggle for runs. There are untold times the team has ended an inning with the bases loaded. That is obviously frustrating. But on the whole the team is doing better than last year. Last year they were considered "dead and buried" on June 1st. Now we are a 500 team and in 4th place. Could be better, but there is hope. After all, the Astros, traditionally, have always been a second half team. After the All-Star break they seem to pick up steam.

The fans are giddy with anticipation. As soon as they heard that the press conference was to begin, fans flooded the ticket office wanting to buy tickets. Hopefully, the fans will again have hope. The big question is can his 43 year old body take the strain? That is what Clemens wants to know. No one wants to see that much money spent if he can not do the job. Only time will tell.

At least the Rocket is on the pad, getting ready to launch!