Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is It Time To Punt, Yet?

Oops! Look what the Houston Texans did now! For quite some time the team has been having talks with Reggie Bush. Dispite pleas, petitions, and fullpage newspaper ads, the Texans said they would not draft home town hero Vince Young. Just as fans were grudgingly getting used to the idea that Reggie Bush would be the first draft pick, that choice has been sacked. Yesterday afternoon we learned that talks with Bush had concluded and no more were scheduled. Instead, negotiations began in earnest with Mario Williams, defensive end from North Carolina State. Odd to say the least. The last time a defensive lineman was picked first was a flop. So, fans were concerned at this. Then last night (during the Daytime Emmy Award Show) KTRK ran a crawler on the screen saying the Houston Texans had signed a contract with Mario Williams for 6 years at $54,000,000. What?! Now the fans must know how David Carr feels after being sacked! Talk about knocking the breath out!

One has to wonder if this was percipitated by the problems of Reggie Bush's family and other issues that Reggie Bush has with a marketing and agency company. That story is still unfolding. Did the Texans decide that might be too much of a distraction? Fans are left feeling let down. Right now they are very unhappy. What the mindset of the Texans management is at this point is totally up in the air. Only Bob McNair and Charley Casserly know the reasons they made the decision to draft Williams instead of Bush. The rest of us are left asking a lot of questions.

To muddy the waters up even more, Casserly may be leaving after the draft ends. What does this mean? It is a little strange. Of course we don't know the whole story, yet.
Sounds like it's 4th and half a mile, do we punt or throw a hail Mary pass?

Friday, April 28, 2006

It's Friday!

Finally Friday fought fiercely to follow Thursay. Ok I quit. I'm not a poet and I know it. Ugh...

So, Amanda had to move her furniture and stuff out of her house this weekend. This could be tricky since it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Then she still has to figure out where to take the dead Lumina which Pat had borrowed. When it died they pulled it into the garage, now they have to move it. We dont have room for it here. Maybe they can pull it to the shop. I dont know how much it will cost to fix. Jimmy is hanging on to it, I guess, because it was his mom's car. But at this point it is not even worth $1000. It would cost more than that just to fix the a/c. Then there is the power steering pump for $225. To get it running again???

And to think that the government is toying with the idea of giving us taxpayers a $100 refund because of the high price of gas. Guess we are not worth very much when you compare us to the big oil companies that the government gave $Millions$ to help them. I feel so warm and fuzzy.

HA, HA the Texans have said they will not take Vince Young. He was "shocked". And the "experts" are still saying that Roger Clemens will pitch for Boston!???

Well, at least we got the yard mowed yesterday. Wonder what the odds are of a stiff breeze blowing down our fence?

Can you imagine the National Anthem sung in Spanish? That's just wrong! Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Life as a Gnome

I live a quiet life here in the yard.Unlike the stories you have heard about the gnome who was stolen and taken on a world-wide vacation, I am not nomadic and have not been any where. I am stuck here in the back yard. By the way, somebody needs to mow the grass.

Hey buddy, get off my head! Oh that's just great! Thanks for the deposit. Now I'll have to wait for rain or somebody to clean that off. Thanks a lot, pal!

You just stay over there dog. I saw what you did to the garden rabbit. That did leave a mark! How would you like it if I chewed on your tail? Don't even think of lifting your leg on me! Go on now, get away. I don't need a shower from you.

Oh,crap, those kids are playing with that big ball again. Please don't kick it over here. Ouch, too late. Somebody pick me up, anybody? Guess I'll just have to wait till somebody comes outside and stands me back up. Maybe I'll take a nap.

Get off me, you moron! Just cause you're an ant you think you can run all over me. And don't bother to call your friends. I said don't call your friends! Man, why don't you just go make a hill somewhere?

Oh, hello, nice to see you. Yes, it is a nice warm day. Better than the winter cold, huh? I must say the Tiger Swallowtail look is wonderful on you. Ah choo, sorry must be something in the pollen you picked up.Off, again? Yeah, the marigolds are nice, but I like the zinnias. See you later.

Yikes, I spoke too soon. Here comes the lawnmower. I just hope I don't get run over. Ok, do you mind getting the grass off me now. It makes me itch. Hello! What about the gnome? Not the birdbath! You don't need to fill the birdfeeder. They're too fat anyway. Somebody get this grass off my face! Finally! Upright and clean again.

Tikki torches? Are you nuts? Have you noticed the wind is blowing? Do you really need those torches? Do you want to burn the house down? I like the yard the way it is, green, not charcoal brown!

It's getting dark out here. The garden light are coming on. What do I see here? Where did you come from? Oh, that's too funny! How does it feel to have a light shining out of your ass? Solar panel, right? Just what we need in this yard. A family of frogs with lights shining out of their butts! And these guys are supposed to be our yard guards? I feel so much better knowing I am protected by lit frogs. Just what have you been smoking?

Yawn, the moon is coming up. Would somebody turn that music down? By the way, the smoke from the barbeque pit is making me cough. You done now? Good. Maybe now I can get some rest. It's been a long day.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Annie and I were talking recently about Jimmy's parents tombstones. Odd subject for sure. But since we had not seen them it a subject of curiosity. They died 10 days apart in August, 2000. As they are buried in Rockdale we rarely get up that way. The last time we went from Houston to central Texas was at Thanksgiving with Jimmy's Aunt Pat. At that time we had planned to go visit their graves but for some reason we didn't get the chance. So since Traci lives around Waco, she and Bobby got some pictures for us. She e-mailed them to all the family members.

I have always had a different view of graves and tombstones. Some people would probably say it is sacrilegious. But I can't help feeling a little creepy. I have gone to very old cemetaries and looked for old or unusual tombstone. I've always wondered about the very old ones and what type of lives the people led. But when it comes to going to visit graves of relatives, I just don't care for it. As a child I never wanted to do it because I thought it was weird. Just like the movies showing someone talking to a "person" who is buried there. I've never been comfortable with that thought. Why talk to someone who can't answer back? Do they even know you're there? How do they know? If a person is religous, usually they believe their departed loved one is in heaven. So why talk to a piece of land with a stone marking it?

Even as a child I thought the whole thing was odd. Then I always wondered what would happen when there was no more land to bury people. In some places people are buried upright to save room. I always felt it was a waste of good ground. I was also one of those weird kids that thought it was a lot of money to spend just to do something with a body. What about poor people who can't afford caskets and grave stones? What about the people who die alone without anyone to care?

I know I was and am weird or at best unconventional. I have always wanted to be cremated. Both my parents were. Their ashes were thrown in East Pass around Destin, Florida. I always thought that was nice and more spiritual. So many people,including my husband, feel the need to go to a grave to visit their departed loved one. I've never really understood why. I guess it makes them feel closer. I would rather my family feel my spirit instead on look at a plot of ground. After all, I always told them I would come back to haunt them! You never know where you might find me! If you bury me near a tree,I'll make sure there is at least one root that will trip you.

In reality just the thought of how much money is involved in burying the dead is outrageous. It is just way too expensive. The only good things about tombstones are the artwork and the history of the very old ones. That is if there is anyone still around who remembers.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let Me In, aka Bureaucracy (In)action

I've been trying to get on to the State Plumbing Board website to pay for the renewal of Jimmy's plumbing license. Page not found is all I get. This is frustrating. The plumbing board wants plumbers to renew licenses online instead of by mail. They say this will be easier and faster. Right, if I could get in.

In the infinite wisdom of the state of Texas, the Plumbing Board has been revamped. More efficient, less expensive they say. So how come the price of licenses keep going up? Last year it was $175, this year $198. The board cut staff in a move to cut costs and streamline the process of the Boards work. So, as a result, the Board incourages plumbers to renew their licenses one-line. Real timesaver there guys. How can I renew the license if I can't get on your site! Let me in, I'll be glad to pay your renewal fee! It's hard to pay for it if I can't get there!

Snail mail is not encouraged because the board says it will take longer for plumbers to get their licenses. A week to 10 days as apposed to 3 to 5 days on-line. Bureaucracy in action, or should I say inaction. Government, don't ya just love it!

Friday, April 21, 2006


Finally got some rain this morning. Of course it had to start just a Jimmy was getting ready to go to work. At least the rain helped take care of the pollen which has been heavy this spring. The dogs refused to go out. Lady does not like to get wet. Daisy is terrified of loud noises like thunder or fireworks. Astro has been so loud lately that we have threatened to put him outside. Wonder what he would have thought? He had better count his lucky feathers cause he is really getting on my nerves!

At least we did not have any wind damage as some areas did. I keep waiting for a high wind to blow over part of the fence. I watched the next door neighbor nail back some boards that his dog had torn up. Fat lot of good that did. The dog just tore them off again and dug the hole under the fence deeper. Then I noticed last night while I was walking Daisy around, the other side neighbor's dogs have knocked off a board on that side. I feel at this point it is a losing battle.

But at least the grass will start growing again. Downside, mowing again. The flowers have perked up. A few of my gladiolas are going to bloom soon. I keep having to prop them up. The dianthus just keep on blooming. Finally the elephant ears and caladiums got a big dose of water.

Guess I gotta be happy about something. Now if I can just think of that something!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mysteries of Life

I recently got an e-mail from Annie. That in itself is not earth shattering news but the content was totally unexpected. She wrote, in part, "I don't know what we would do without you guys. We can count on you to help us when we need it and sometimes when we don't! If you have it to offer us, you have always done so for us. I am greatful to have both of you in my life." At first glance Jimmy and I had to wonder what got into her and when was the other shoe going to drop? Then again, miracles occasionally do happen. Once in a while you do learn that your hard work paid off. Jimmy and I decided to reprint the letter on nice paper, frame it and display it. Sometimes kids really do remember what you have tried to do. Thank you Annie.

Then there is Amanda. She's doing well after her surgery and can go back to work Monday. However, her father and I are scratching our heads at her thought processes.She's gotten into a lot of debt for several reasons. The house she rented had a lot of problems with AC/heat and waterline which her landlord did not correct. This caused high electric and water bills. Then she is renting a 42 inch tv. She got a ticket for expired plates on her truck and no insurance. Things piled up for various reasons and now she's up to her ears with problems. Her daddy suggested that instead of looking for another place to rent now, she should work on getting out of debt by staying here for a few months. Then, he said, she could clear up her bills and save some money to move. So why sell her truck and buy another vehicle? Her truck is paid for. She has a truck loan in her name now but her brother is making the payments. Another bill? Why?

Yet another mystery of life. One unexpected thank you letter and one unexpected bill. Go figure. Now where is that other shoe. I know it's going to drop sometime soon.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Life's Little Annoyances

Little things tend to annoy us all at one point or another. Thinking back, way back, my ex used to wait till the grass(and weeds) was embarrassingly high before he mowed it. Just one reason he is the ex. Then he would occasionaly get a wild idea to fix pancakes and leave the kitchen as if an entire bag of flour had exploded and knocked down every plate, bowl and untensil in the kitchen all over the counters and floor. "I cooked it, you clean it up" he used to say. Another one of the many reasons he is the ex. Some woman have household males who never remember to put down the toilet seat. Thankfully, I no longer have that problem. Jimmy always puts the seat down. I can remember when my kids were living at home. They had a nasty habit of grazing through the food chain after school or during breaks. They always left dirty dishes in the sink. I hated to come home from work and find this. As a matter of fact I usually went ballistic. Why couldnt they clean up their mess? After many fits of anger Annie finally got wise and made sure the dishes were done before I got home. Never mind that she usually did this about five minutes before I got home, at least they were done. When they were old enough, the kids were responsible for doing their own laundry. Unfortunately, they usually performed this task at some time late at night. Then they always left clothes in the dryer. I'm a believer in getting the clothes out of the dryer as soon as possible. I hate to iron, so getting the clothes out as soon as possible cut down on time spent ironing. So, imagine how annoyed I would be to get ready to do my laundry only to find clothes left in the dryer. This always annoyed me. I used to take their clothes out, fold them neatly and put them on their bed. But they didn't seem to get the message, so I usually ended up tossing all the wrinkled clothes onto the bed. I don't know why I found this so irritating.

So I go to start my laundry this morning. What's in the dryer? Amanda's clothes which she has washed about the time I went to bed last night... De ja vue all over again.

Friday, April 14, 2006

First Cows Then Squirrels

A while back Annie called me with a question about cows. Seems that some cattle had escaped their pasture and moved to Annie and Jason's lawn. Will they hurt me?, she asked. How do I know which one is male or female? I saw one licking a calf. Do the females have horns? Having been to the Houston Rodeo a couple of times and growing up in a mostly rural area, I thought it was funny that she had forgotten all about cattle.I'm not a livestock fan either, too much smell and droppings for me. I told Amanda about the call and of course she had to turn it into a family joke. She even emailed her a picture of a cow. Poor Annie...

So yesterday she called me. First thing she said was Mom, dont laugh but...So what is the first thing anyone is going to do when someone says that? Laugh. She tells me that there is a squirrel in her garage and that she had just called Jason to come home from work to get rid of it. More laughter bordering on hysterical laughter. She said it was near the side where they had stored the baby's crib. She was afraid it would get into the house. She said that when Jason
got there she was going to make him stay so that she could take a shower since she was afraid to take one in case the squirrel came into the house. Finally Jason got home. He was laughing too. I can just see the office jokes now! Poor Annie. Jason did manage to get not one but two of the little rodents out of the garage, thus saving the damsel in distress. Now they have to get someone to fix the hole that the squirrels were using to get in and out.

Well, what can you expect? The squirrels were just looking for some nuts. Annie and Jason apparently fit the bill!

Well I guess tomorrow Annie will call me about the clowns. She doesn't like clowns either. Snakes dont bother her.

Wish I could have seen all of this going on. Reminds me of the old Dick Van Dyke show. "Oh, Rob!"

Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm Still Alive, I Think

Let me check my pulse... yes it's there. I'm tired. We got Amanda home from the hospital. Since she can't drive she's staying with us. In the middle of this Pat and his girlfriend found a place to live and baled out of the moneypit house they shared with Amanda. Now Amanda is stuck trying to figure out how she will get her stuff out and where to put it. She wants to be out of the house by the end of the month since she cant afford to stay there anymore. While she's been gone, Pat and Heather have moved there stuff out, but left a Big mess form Amanda. They promise to help her move her stuff to storage. Of course she can't do anything because of her surgery. Of course that is irritating her. She's not a stay at home, do nothing type of person.

So Annie and Jason and their two boys came to visit this past week-end. At least Amanda had a week's rest before they came. Jason and Pat moved a few of Amanda's things in here. Small things like her computer desk and some other things that would fit in a bedroom. And they moved her 42 inch tv into the living room. The rest of the weekend was a typical weekend with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Then Amanda had Pat bring over her dog, a pitbull named Midnight. Two dachsunds and a pit...? So Midnight just could not understand why we would not let her "play" with the other two. She tried so hard, but one swipe of her paw would send either one of the little ones reeling. Daisy had already jumped on Lady and hurt her to the point that Lady was having trouble walking and, at one point, could not climb stairs without crying.
Mix this with two kids and 5 adults and you have a recipe for chaos. Amanda got mad at me because I smacked Midnight in the nose for getting too rough while kids and dogs were all trying to occupy my small kitchen space. Talk about nerve wracking!

So, since Amanda is not able to move back on her own yet, she will be staying here so that she can save some money. Right now she can't do much anyway. She can't go back to work for a while. She wants to get a one bedroom apartment. She had found one that was on special $99 move in, but couldn't get it since she just had surgery. I told her she might have a problem since her "big dog" is a pit. Some places will not allow them.

Then Jimmy had to do some work in Port Arthur. He drove one day and decided that was too much so he thought it better to just stay there for the rest of the week. Then Pat, who had been working with him, got rehired at his old job. Better for him since he'll make more money. Maybe he will be able to get his finances straight. He seems to owe everyone in the world, including us.

Then Heather decided, apparently, to quit her job at Lowe's where Amanda works. She had already quit her job a Pappa John's. Both jobs she got thanks to Amanda. I feel that this may come back to bite her because she didn't give proper notice at either job. She just stopped going to work. Not a good idea at least in my mind. But what do I know? She's apparently nevery worried about money because she could always get what she needed from her parents. I will refrain from voicing my opinion...

At least baseball is back! The Astros unveiled their National League Championship Banner and received their rings. It was nice to see the long, long, long standing ovation for Jeff Bagwell. So far, so good. But it's a long season. My SIL Jason says 162 games is too long! He is not a baseball person, basketball is his thing. Go figure! Preston Wilson and Lance Berkman have started the season as a good tandum. Everytime one hits a homer the other one does too! But, who knows what will happen now since the rhythm has been disrupted due to rain in San Fran. Again and again. Enough already.

By the end of this month we'll be broke. I hate to pay taxes! Especially when my hard earned money goes for stupid things.

Oh well, hope springs eternal. I just hope I live long enough...

And my goodness, I can't forget Cheyanne. Annie and Jason stopped by Waco to bring my 10 year old (going on 30) granddaughter too. She spent most of the weekend on the computer playing games. She got the lucky chore of taking the Christmas presents we had bought back to Waco since her parents didn't stop by at Christmas. She's always a delight.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready To Play

Opening day for the Houston Astros! Finally, baseball is back in Houston. Roy Oswalt will start. With back to back 20 game seasons, who else could start? Brandon Backe has been a little shakey this spring but he should be ok. Of course we are without Roger Clemens, but we have a young rookie Taylor Buchholz who has shown much promise.
The rotation is not set in stone as yet, since we have a young untried staff with the exception of Oswalt and Pettitte.

It will be strange and a little sad to not see Jeff Bagwell at first base. Lance Berkman will now play there. Bagwell may have surgery to remove bone spurs from his shoulder. Most likely he will have to retire, since his fielding and throwing just has not come around. But we do have our returning young guys and with the addition of Wilson we should have some extra power. Only time will tell.

But the team will unveil the NL Championship banner and they will also receive their Championship rings. While this pales in comparison to the celebration for the Chicago White Sox, we'll enjoy our own. Hopefully the season will go well. Last year's 15 and 30 start led to the Astros first appearance in the World Series. Can we do it again? Only time will tell. But at last it's time...Play Ball!