Friday, April 28, 2006

It's Friday!

Finally Friday fought fiercely to follow Thursay. Ok I quit. I'm not a poet and I know it. Ugh...

So, Amanda had to move her furniture and stuff out of her house this weekend. This could be tricky since it is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow morning. Then she still has to figure out where to take the dead Lumina which Pat had borrowed. When it died they pulled it into the garage, now they have to move it. We dont have room for it here. Maybe they can pull it to the shop. I dont know how much it will cost to fix. Jimmy is hanging on to it, I guess, because it was his mom's car. But at this point it is not even worth $1000. It would cost more than that just to fix the a/c. Then there is the power steering pump for $225. To get it running again???

And to think that the government is toying with the idea of giving us taxpayers a $100 refund because of the high price of gas. Guess we are not worth very much when you compare us to the big oil companies that the government gave $Millions$ to help them. I feel so warm and fuzzy.

HA, HA the Texans have said they will not take Vince Young. He was "shocked". And the "experts" are still saying that Roger Clemens will pitch for Boston!???

Well, at least we got the yard mowed yesterday. Wonder what the odds are of a stiff breeze blowing down our fence?

Can you imagine the National Anthem sung in Spanish? That's just wrong! Happy Friday!


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