Thursday, June 23, 2005

What are his plans?

I dont know what to think about my son. At 26 (In August) he needs a keeper. I have serious doubts that he can handle life by himself. He recently had his cell phone cut off again because he did not pay his bill. He spends at least $40 a week for gas to visit his friends every week end. He never seems to have any money. I wonder how long it will take before his stepsister kicks him out. He's been sharing a house with her since his separation from his wife. He never seems to be able to help pay the rent or his fare share of anything. I just wonder what he is thinking or if he has any plans for his future.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

How did I do it

How did I do it? I have just spent about 3 weeks with 3 of my grandchildren while their parents moved. Man... the 9 year old only wants to play on the computer (she's better at CSI than her mother) and the 4 year old seems to spend most of the time following his younger sister around. The youngest spends most of the time going up and down the stairs. How come I did not lose any weight having to go up and down the stairs so much? I swear that the youngest child is going to be the ring leader for trouble! She can get into more trouble in less time... And to think that I had 3 kids! I dont remember them being as wild as these are, but maybe I just dont remember. I'm tired.