Monday, September 17, 2012

Love is Blind and Sometimes Not What It Seems

Recently there was one of those stories that seems to catch on everywhere. You know the ones- sad but hopeful "true love" that seems to be the things tv and other news outlets love to show. Sometimes there is a true love story and sometimes the story has a tiny bit of information left out. Would the public feel the same if they knew all the details of the story? Maybe or maybe not. A local tv statiion ran a story about the cruel twist of fate for two young lovers. They had both been married before and finally found "true love" with each other. Sadly the lovely young woman was dying. She had serious medical issues which left her weak and with only a short time to live. The young man promised her that they would wed before her death. As her days grew shorter the young bride and groom decided they must wed in the hospital. The wedding was filmed and a beautiful cake was made. The weak young bride was wheeled into the chapel in her dress as she lay on the hospitla bed. There in the hospital chapel the couple pledged their love. The story went viral. Tv, newspapers, and even Yahoo and Twitter found it trending. There was just one tiny little problem. It wasn't a real wedding. The groom was still married to his first wife. I wonder how that person felt seeing the news coverage. Call me old fashioned but I always thought that if a person wanted to get married, both parties had to be single. I guess that's just me. Why didn't the groom get a divorce from wife number 1? Good question. Of course all the parties said it was just a symbolic wedding between them and God. Okay, but what would God say about this? At the very least, in many places it is illegal to have more than one wife at a time. I just have to wonder what the news media and all the people who saw or read the story would think about this beautiful love story if they knew that it was not a real marriage. Personally I would not want to be a part of this fake wedding. While I am sure the couple loved each other, it would have been more honorable to divorce the first wife before marrying the second one. There was plenty of time because the couple had known each other long enough for a divorce to be finalized before the illness became terminal. I wish I could have said that was a sweet love story and wedding.