Friday, March 31, 2006

What Next?

Well the fence is a holey mess again. I feel so sorry for the dog. He tore more holes and I found him on the fence and later in the yard. Just before it started raining again he was standing by the hole looking forlornly for help. He was covered in ants. What next? The owner has already been fined $2000. So it's back on dogy patrol and leash for mine dogs.

My stepdaughter had surgery yesterday. She was very apprehensive but she did ok. Strange thing is her mother wanted to make sure I was with her saying that I've been as "much of a mother to her" as she had. Huh? From a woman who doesn't like me this is sort of a compliment. Odd!? Then two of Amanda's aunts came to visit her in the hospital and thanked me profusely for being with her. Now I am really stunned. As Jimmy said, when is the other shoe going to drop?

Amanda's friend, Heather, is going to take Amanda home from the hospital today. Heather took off a couple of days from work to help out. The plan was to bring Amanda over to our house Sunday night cause Heather would have to go back to work Monday. So I got a warning call this morning from Jimmy. Heather will be bringing Amanda to our house today instead. Seems their electricity was cut off...

Pat and Heather are planning to move out of the house they share with Amanda next month cause they need a cheaper place to live. And of course Amanda will have to do something cause she cant afford that house by herself. She was hoping they all could wait until the lease was up in August. Don't know what will happen now. I know they have had major problems with the heat/ac and water department. None of these problems are theirs. The landlord wont respond even the water people and the ac people have told her that she needs to fix the problems cause they are not caused by any thing the renters have done. I can not even hazzard a guess what Amanda will do. She's been talking about moving into a 1 bedroom apartment after the lease is up. That may be hard since she has a pit bull for a pet. Sigh...

I'd love to leave this place. But my I cant pay taxes and move too. Grrr... I hate the government, epecially at tax time. I always feel that I'm getting screwed without a kiss. I wish I could find some free money. It is so much easier to do things...

But at least George Clooney is on Regis and Kelly today. I can at least enjoy a few minutes.

And of course the oldest daughter has made no effort to ask how Amanda is doing. Stepbrother came by the hospital after work and the other sister kept in touch all day. Some people are just too self absorbed.

Now let me see, where did I put the vodka. It's going to be a long day, weekend, month, and so on.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Non-Squeaky Squeaky Toy?

Wish I had thought of that. Finally a squeaky dog toy that I don't have to listen to over and over. Someone finally came up with a squeaky dog toy that only the dog can hear! Yipee, how fast can I buy one? I dont know how many times I have resorted to hiding my dogs soft squeaker toys. As soon as I would sit down, into the chair with the toys...squeak, squeak. So now, only the dog can hear that infernal noise! One question I have though, what about the stuffing? My dogs love to pull the stuffing out of the toys while they try to get to the squeaker. Well I guess you cant have everything. And they are not too expensive either, from $5.00 to $10.00.

Then there is the fish school. Apparently fish get bored swimming aimlessly in the aquarium so they can now have something to do. They can now play soccer and throw the ball over a hoop or go through it. They can even do the limbo. At least that is what they are supposed to do. Maybe we should just send those guppies to Sea World.
People will actually pay money for this. Next thing you know they will be sending the fish to a "Fish Shrink" tp explore their inner child.

And to think someone will make a bunch of money from this.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is Something In The Air?

Ever have one of those days? We all have them. Blah, depressed, down, sad... Somehow my get up and go left town. For a person who's natural tendency is to be negative, I always have to try hard to be positive. Some days are more difficult than others. What's odd is that I have noticed over the last few days is that I am not the only one..Duh. Hey, nothing escapes this broad. So, as I've been checking around the blogs and elsewhere and I have found that there seems to be a pattern going on here.People who are usually upbeat or funny seem to be less than their usual sunny selves. What gives here? Why are so many of us feeling less than chipper these days? It is spring. The flowers are blooming. The grass is growing. Oh crap, now I gotta mow it again. The taxman is coming. At least some people should look forward to that. How I would love a refund. Must be nice to get one. So why is everybody in such a blue mood? Is the pollen causing this? So why don't we all dig in and fight back? How hard can it be, after all no matter where we are there is always someone worse off. On the other hand, I feel some kinship to that song "my give a damn's broke." Must be something in the air.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Tacos Anyone?

So people are demonstrating all over the place in favor of the Latino immigrants. At one of the high schools here in Houston, students left their class rooms and went on a march. What about the people who follow the rules and came here legally? What do we say to them. Sorry folks, we are going to let all these people from Mexico jump the fences and borders, but you just keep waiting. So the illegal population says they do the jobs no one else wants. These are the same people taking up space in schools, medical facilities, liquor stores, street corners. While they are willing to do jobs that we native born and legal immigrants dont want, it does not make up for the fact they are not legal residents. Why should we give our entire country over to people this way. Many people say our immigration policies should be changed to allow these people to stay here as "guest workers". Why don't we just change our country name to North Mexico? If a person wants to become an American citizen what is wrong with them learning about our country and it's laws and government, not to mention learn English. I am one of the few people who believe that English should be our language. We bend over backwards to cater to anyone who comes to this country. The Hispanic population in many of our cities has outgrown both the white and Aferican-American populations.

Before you know it we will have to sing our National Anthem in English and Spanish. And just wait till you need to talk to them. Since many dont speak English and apparently dont want to it makes it difficult to communicate. Sure they do what we dont want, just wait till they get their way. Equal rights for everyone? Right! Tacos anyone?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Daisy Dear Dumb Dog

Daisy my dear you nearly drove me nuts yesterday. As the "Supernanny" would say, "You've been very very naughty." Yet you have no clue what you did or how dangerous it was. When I went to the mailbox, the house door must have blown open. It was then you decided you needed some adventure. Out the door you went. Unbounded by leash or backyard, you explored and raced down the sidewalk and yards. I called to you but you refused to pay attention. You made me chase you all over the neighborhood. The closer I'd get to you the farther you would go. You had no regard for the dangers lurking everywhere.You just thought it was fun to stay just out of reach everytime I tried to get you out of harm's way. You thought your adventure was fun, I feared for your life! You have not concept of what could hurt you. Daisy, trust me, you are not bulletproof. You are lucky that orange and white cat only arched it's back and walked away from you. You thought it would be fun to run after it. You don't know anything about cats claws. Lady could tell you a story about her face off with a cat. Get her to tell you about how one swipe of a clawed paw can hurt. You don't realize how big cars are or what they can do to you. As I tried in vain to convince you to come to me, you kept running through yards and crossed streets. I could only pray that a car would not drive by and strike you. I have to take care of you because you don't know how dangerous it is out there. You thought your little romp through the neighborhood was a great adventure. All I could see was danger and possible disaster. Please don't do this again, you may not be so lucky the next time. I know you are curious about the world. Trust me, you are a little dachshund, not a superdog. You could be hurt or killed. Listen to me, when I call you, come!Don't continue to run free. You are not capable of running free. So, listen up Dumb Dog, you have a great life here. You have a nice warm bed, food and your own people. You are lucky, don't blow it! You hear me Daisy!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Grackles Be Gone!

While on my daily early morning dog duty my ears are assaulted by the incessant raspy chorus of the grackle gang. They've been here a while now, to the annoyance of every member of the local bird families and me. Enough already! It's time to go,you've overstayed your welcome. You are like the house guests who won't leave, or worse, the grown kids who won't leave home. We are ready for the "empty nest" guys. Our backyard family is tired of you interrupting our lives and getting in the way. The doves, sparrows, and cardinals can't get to the food because you are in the way. The rest of the neighborhood birds just sit in the trees pleading for me to do something to get rid of you. I have tried to encourage you to leave by taking away your food but you continue to irritate everyone. Even Daisy is tired of you. Don't you have some place else to go? You really need to move on so that the rest of us can get on with our lives. Nobody wants your opinions and you eat too much! You have gotten into fights with the doves and the sparrows are afraid of you. You have even made the bird feeder fall and crack. I miss the sweet sounds of the cardinals early in the morning and the soft calls of the doves as they gather for mealtime. The sparrows are angry and crabby because they can't get their share of the food. Beat it, scram, get out of here. I want my yard back!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

Our President speaks, we listen. Or at least the media is forced to so they will have something to report. Maybe it is just me because I don't care for him but I am so tired of his combative, smart ass attitude. To listen to him speak,I feel like he is talking down to everyone. I have heard many Presidents speak, going way back to Eisenhower. Some talked very business-like, some folksy, others like a parent. Some even like an old friend. George Bush just seems to always irritate me. I don't care what he says. He seems to have contempt for the public. I always feel that he is telling a load of BS to the public and the reason his polls are so low is that we are smart enough not to believe it all. I think he knows that nobody really wants to hear what he has to say.

People say the media doesnt give him a chance because they are already against him. But come on, if I had to sit in the press room and listen to him I'd probably want to smack him. How many times can he argue with a reporter?

Then if worse comes to worse after he has blathered on with his "we are going to stay the course" junk the spin doctors have to go to work. Look at how many times after a presser or speech his spin doctors like Cheney, Runsfield, or even his wonderful alter ego of a press secretary have to come along and rephrase it.

Then again, who is waiting in the wings to run in 08? Does any body care?

Monday, March 20, 2006

A Wild and Sometimes Western Weekend

Ok, so I thought this was going to be a quiet weekend. Saturday Jimmy had CE hours so I spent some quiet hours. Nothing on tv so I settled in with a book. After Jimmy finished we went to the store. On the way out we talked to our neighbor. We talked about how we finally got the bee problem done. I noticed that our neighbor had some extra cars in his drive way. There was going to be a party later that day. The balloons filling the entire back of the suv were a dead give away. Didn't think anything about it until 10:00 when I tried to take Daisy out. She refused to do her business because the yelling kids and the fireworks going off scared her too much. Later that night amid more yelling kids we discover more cars everywhere. There was even a truck parked in my driveway! Sunday at 7:30am as I took Daisy out, I discovered a new hole in the fence. The question is who did it? I thought it was the chained up dog. When I looked through the hole, I saw two more holes in the neighbor's fence and the dog was still chained. Now did the dog get loose and get re-chained later or did something else happen? Then I saw what appeared to be a footprint on an overturned flowerpot right by the hole in my fence. I don't remember it being there before. Could the kids having the party have done this? I did see another strange thing that makes me wonder. The house where the kids live has two fig trees in the front yard. All the fruit was torn off the trees and tossed all over the yards. Odd?

Then Sunday we went to the final day of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. I don't really care much about livestock. Eau de Pig just doesn't do anything for me. I did like some of the exhibits. I mostly watched the people. Everything from the high maintanence, latest, glitziest flashy western wear and Cowboy hats to the real cowboys in worn jeans and boots. I still don't know what people think it's cute to wear matching western shirts. Later in the evening we saw the calf roping, bull riding, bronco riding etc. Having no real interest in this I was somewhat bored. Plus, that is really painful to watch on Jumbotron screen-ouch! At last Gretchen Wilson did her show. I liked her but the sound system was really loud!!! And there were fireworks which made me jump out of my skin. The seats were very good. If we had been at a Texans game we would have been on the 50 yard line field level. Reliant Stadium is very nice.

The bathroom trip before and after the evening was another thing all together. As many facilities as they have there is still a line. So many women slaming stall doors, I couldn't help but feel the stalls were about as stable as the Texans offensive line! And there is nothing more "interesting" than watching drunk women,decked out the shining glittering western outfits trying to be cool. I swear there were at least 20 women who escaped from a Ronco Rhinestone volcano. They would never make it through a metal detector!

The ringing in my ears has finally stopped. It's time to get back into my jeans and t-shirt. Oh, wait a minute, that's what I wore yesterday. I absolutely refuse to dress "western". I think I hear the washer calling me.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

So the Astros Fans Stomach Still Turns

Yeah, it's only Spring training. The games don't count. Looks like there could be some good future pitchers. Will we keep them? Roger is singing the same song he's been singing for the last few years. Hinting at retirement again. Let's see, radio guys, Dean and Rog bribed him with a Hummer, what will it take this year? Or will this be the year he finally hangs up the cleats? We are going to need at least one more pitcher, maybe more should Roger really retire.

Bagwell is still iffy. Can't tell from his comments. And of course if he hasn't done any real first base throwing, he can't know. Put him in coach, see if he's ready to play. If Bagwell can't throw to his satisfaction, will he retire? There are several good young players who can play more than one position. The question is where they would play if Bagwell can or can't play.

Won't be long till the regular season starts" Go 'Stros!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I Hate St. Patrick's Day

Not being Irish, I've always been annoyed at the length silliness people go to for this. I know all about the history of it... Right now I'm mad because some snake has screwed up the blog. Would not let me on!! HTTP 403 error???? How in the world do I fix it?

Obviously, I don't have the "luck of the Irish". After all I'm French, German, Scottish, English, not Irish. So, I think a little Irish leprechaun is pulling tricks on me. Either that or the "ides of March" are a little late.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Victoria's Secret's Newest Model?

How could I miss this? I have a camera and a cell phone camera and yet I missed it! I did get a good laugh and so did Jimmy when I told him. I have found Victoria's Secret's newest model. She works cheaply too. Maybe I shouldnt say that, as her agent I get 10%, right?

I was downstairs yesterday when there came a scratch at the door. Lady wanted in. Lately I have to wait for her to decide when she wants to honor me with her appearance. Most of the time she stays upstairs in her chair to avoid Daisy. Over the last week or so she has taken to hiding in the dirty clothes basket in our bathroom. I guess she thinks Daisy wont bother her there. As I opened the door I noticed something around Lady's neck. After closer examination I discovered it was a bra. As she had been lying in the clothes basket I guess she managed to get into one of the straps. Now how she made it down the Runway, I mean the stairs without falling I dont know. I haven't figured out her cup size yet. Body by dachsund, bra by Ipex. Maybe she could model the "Secret Embrace" bra, or maybe the "Miracle Bra".

Gisele and Heidi, don't look behind you. I've got the next great model. Stop the presses which one of the major publications will vie for exclusive coverage? Tyra, you might want to book her on your talk show.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Cold Nose in the Back

I've known people who have talked behind my back and been stabbed in the back. But I don't recall having a cold (wet) nose in the back. As I sit here writing I have a "ghost writer" behind me. Surely there is a best seller in here somewhere. Who is the "ghost writer"? Daisy has figured out how to go from the couch to the computer chair. Not into my lap but behind me. Maybe she'll become a computer geek. Couldn't be any worse than the dogs in my family who think they know everything about computers and walk on two feet. It's a good thing I don't make a habit of writing in pj's or nude. Of course I can't imagine typing in the nude. I'm sure there is someone out there who does though. But, since Daisy has discovered how to join me in the chair, it could be a little unnerving when a cold wet nose pokes me in the back. Right now, she is behind me poking her nose at me. Wonder what she is trying to tell me? Maybe she is studying to become a literary critic? Hey, so long as she brings home the big bucks. Do critics have agents? At least I don't have to worry about the POS or even a spouse over my shoulder, but a dog in the back? Maybe she has a nose for "news". More likely she just wants to go outside to see her neighbors.

Note to self...make sure Daisy does not figure out how to get under my shirt.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Can A Dog Be An Omen?

After a rather disappointing, depressing week-end, I was looking forward to a little positive action to start the week. Daisy has been doing a little better in her house training. Except for occasionally chewing up the carpet. She's even done better at night. Hasn't pooped on the bathroom floor at night although she still pees there. But, this morning when I opened the door to let her out so that I could take her outside she was sitting in her bed. Usually she is standing at the door waiting for me. She had a rather guilty look on her face. It was then I saw why. The great flood was nothing compared to how much pee was on the floor. Sighing, I let her out and quickly wipe up the mess and run down stairs to take her out. She was waiting patiently at the door for me, and so was a pile of poop. Man! Well, now there was almost no point in taking her outside. But I did anyway. As we made the obligatory turn around the yard, it was obvious she was not interested. So, we went back inside. "No treat for you". She knows that if she does both her jobs first thing in the morning I give her a treat. But today she also knew that was not to be. So, I went on about my chores. Later, as I got the second load of clothes into the washer, I saw Daisy sitting in the hallway which is not her normal choice of where to sit. Then, I noticed more poop. I am not happy. She looks at me as if to say "I'll show you, woman." So, is the rest of my day going to the dogs or will it get better? Is this an omen? As pessimistic as I have been for the last couple of days, it seems like a bad omen. The term "shitty day" comes to mind. Sometimes it is hard to be positive when everything around me seems to turn to shit. I am trying to believe that everything happens for a reason and that good things will follow. Sometimes I feel like I am reciting a mantra trying to convince myself that things will turn around for the better. Then sometimes I wonder why bother. After this morning I have to wonder if dog poop is an omen.Is this good or bad. I'd like to think that this is the bottom of the barrel and things will get better. Then I step in a load and wonder if this will ever end. I grasping for a good luck straw, nothing else seems to work. Wonder what the pooper readers (as apposed to the palm readers) would say? Good news or continued bad? I could really use some good news.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Randomly Speaking

Is the United Nations worth it? Do they actually have the balls to pressure Iran? Does anyone really believe the blustery words between the US and Iran?

Was the ports deal (or no deal) a setup? Who will benefit or be hurt by this failure, or is this a failure. Has the President made us so fearful that we just dont think, we react?

Does anybody in baseball think Roger Clemens will retire? Will he go to another team? Who is he kidding?

Is the World Baseball Classic a good show? Does anybody care?

Does Kinky Friedman really stand a chance to become Texas governor?

Is Bob McNair really going to draft Reggie Bush? How many signatures will be on the petition started by Gallery Furniture owner Jim McInvale to draft Vince Young? After all Mac says to Mr. McNair that Young really will make him money.

Why do people call at 4:00 am to ask Jimmy a question that doesnt need an answer?

After all the waste and slow response from the government and people like the Red Cross after Katrina and Rita, will you be more or less likely to donate?

Am I the only person who thought "Walk the Line" was too slow?

Have you smiled at someone today? What are you waiting for?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's National Get Over It Day

No, in the grand scope of things it's not really important. Just another excuse to have a "Day". Since it is National Get Over It Day, think about what you need to get over and can you do it?

Let's see---I have gotten over the guy in high school who belittled me by calling me "oswald" in English class. Too bad you didn't read the books that the teacher reqired.

I've gotten over the fact that my sister-in-law does not and will never like me. I rarely see her but I am not going to waste energy wondering why. You have your own problems.

I've gotten over the fact that certain people I know continue to lie and hide the truth from family members. Have fun you guys, maybe you'll write the "Great American Novel"

I've gotten over the fact that the world is full of nuts. Now where did I put that nutcracker?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Other Shoe

Driving on the highway yesterday I noticed the "trash guys" were cleaning. Ever noticed what is along the highways and byways? We have all seen the mess of a torn up tire or the bag of trash that fell off a truck. Then there is always a beer can or two rolling around. Construction crews frequently lose things like plywood or paint, etc. Every so often I'll see a mattress (or what is left of it) or a broken chair or table. Some times I've seen newspapers and small bags blowing around annoying everyone. But what about that one shoe? So many times I've seen one shoe in the middle of the road. Did someone have a horrible accident that knocked him out of his shoe? Was he throwing away some old clothes and this shoe slipped out of the bag?Was this the joke of some guys riding in the back of a pickup truck? That should make anyone think twice about drinking? Imagine waking up from a nap to discover a coworker thought it was great fun to toss out one shoe. Really, where does that one shoe come from and is there a guy walking around in only one shoe? And how come it's never a woman's shoe? You never see women's dress shoes lying around the roadside.It always seems to be a large shoe that a guy would wear. Hey buddy, I think you lost your other shoe...

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Plumbing Supply Trailer 1 Jimmy 0

Wife tells husband the usual early morning missives. "Have a good day" "Be Careful" "Love You". It's said so often you don't even have to think about it.

So Jimmy went to work as usual. Everything normal on the job. Of course that usually means that something isn't going to go right. Just an average day at work. So around lunch time most of the guys take off to get something to eat. Jimmy stayed behind to wait for the plumbing supply company to deliver pipe. Finally, the truck shows up. Since they need to back the trailer up into the jobsite, Jimmy walked into the street to keep the traffic out of the way. As he is doing so, the guy delivering the supplies is watching Jimmy's directions. As he attempted to pull into the job, he doesnot realize how close he is to Jimmy. The next thing the delivery guy sees is Jimmy rolling along the pavement, cars swerving to get out of the way. Seems that the delivery guy hit Jimmy. Luckily Jimmy wasn't hurt although he was bounced around on the pavement. The on-coming traffic had all managed to miss him.

I don't know who was more upset Jimmy or the delivery driver. Jimmy called me to tell me what happened. Of course I nearly flip out. But there was nothing I could do. Luckily Jimmy was just banged up but not seriously hurt. He got up, dusted himself off and went on about his business. Of course by the time he got home he was a lot more sore than he thought he was. Thankfully he didn't even have any scrapes or bruises. It could have been really bad.

Sometimes we all take things for granted. Lots of people say a prayer everyday that their loved ones will be safe on the road or at work. It is just something you do every day. Say a little prayer. I thanked God yesterday. It was not Jimmy's time to go. Thank you God, again.

So, the score remains plumbing supply company trailer 1, Jimmy 0. Don't think there will be a re-match any time soon.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Amanda Gets a Tattoo...Again

Why is there such facination with tattoos? I've seen people with more ink on their bodies than the entire IRS tax codes book. Granted many of these are highly artistic and stylized but I'm really not a fan of covering one's body with permanent pictures, sayings, etc. I threw a fit years ago when I discovered that my son, Pat and daughter, Traci both had them. I was absolutely agast as to why. I still don't understand why people would do this. My father nearly blew a gasket when I pierced my ears over 30 years ago. He suggested I also put a bone through my nose as some tribal groups did. I explained that since clip on earrings hurt, pierced ears would be easier. Now I know a little how he felt. I really don't get why people have to take a perfectly good body and draw all over it.

Amanda already has a tattoo at the small of her back, shoulder, and leg. Now she has one around her wrist. At least those are the ones we know she has. Her father was not happy the first time and is not happy now. But, he continues to try to be quiet.
We really wish she hadn't done any of this, as we wished so for Pat and Traci. We really don't like them .

As a child of the 50's and a teenager and young adult in the 60's-70's,I was led to believe people with body art were sleezy and trashy. My parents would never consider letting me date a guy with a tattoo. I still have a hard time with this because I tend to agree with the trashy look that a tattoo seems to send. Certain businesses won't hire people with them. Some will not allow them to be seen during work hours. I've heard lawyers tell clients before they go to court to make sure to have them covered in the courtroom.

So why do it? Why do young people think it so cool? You can't change your mind. It's not like putting on a different shirt. What happens when a person gets tired of it? From what I've heard it is more involved and expensive to remove. I still remember a pro golfer, Lee Trevino, covering one with a bandaid because it was of a former girlfriend or wife and they were no longer together.

People look at tattoos as artistic expression. Well, Michelangelo did not put a tattoo on "David" or the "Pieta" Thousands of hours have been spent by world famous artists in canvas or marble. Maybe the "Mona Lisa" is smiling about her tattoo? In my opinion, there are places for artwork and the human body is not one of them. I put them in the same context with the gang kids who keep desacrating private property by painting walls, fences and anything else they can spray paint to make their statement to the world or before the cops show up.

Sorry, I just don't think the human body is a good place for permanent "art" I still think it is cheap and sleezy. And to do it over and over is just not a good idea. Thak God I won't be around when Traci, Pat and Amanda are 60, 70, or 80 years old with sagging, ugly tattoos. I guess they just haven't considered how their bodies will change over the years. That butterfly at the small of the back may have migrated to the bottom of the butt and the spider on the calf will be spinning a new web around the side of the foot. Gross!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Cheney Speak

Vice President Dick Cheney said that too many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and need to do a better job of saving. Brilliant deduction Sherlock, what was your first clue. Now just how should we solve this problem? A lot of people are using plastic to make ends meet.Those of us who don't have plastic have to try to live frugally or occasionally dip into savings. That is if we even have savings. With the arrival of each monthly bill we constantly see that companies are raising their rates.Every time you go to the gas station you pay more. Many people who used to be able to budget their expenses, can't do that any more. They resort to charging and hoping to pay it off the following month. But that doesn't always work. So often by the time the bill comes in, people discover they can't pay off the bill as they had planned because some other expense has made it impossible. Frequently people have to borrow from savings to make ends meet. It's the old "borrow from Peter to pay Paul" theory. The trouble with that is that Peter never seems to be repaid.

We could take a cue from the Federal Government. Let's just run our family budget like they do. Just keep charging or adding more debt, promising to pay it later. After all, isn't our government debt in the trillions of dollars? How much saving is the government doing? Oh, yeah, let's cut programs like Medicare, Medicaid and who know what else. Has this balanced the budget? No, Mr Cheney, it hasn't. This is a little like "don't do what I do, do what I say" or the "pot calling the kettle black" mentality. Americans are trying desperately to stay afloat. No one wants to have to borrow money to make ends meet. But when the transportation to work is broken, how do you get to work? Not every one can take public transportation. Just try to take a sewer machine on the bus. That is if a bus runs close enough to your home and you only have one stop to make. Sometimes people have to use their savings.

Yes, Mr. Cheney, Americans should not have to live paycheck to paycheck and save more.Many people do spend foolishly. Clothes do wear out. Children outgrow them. Weather ruins crops, causing prices to rise, costing the public more. And so on and so on. Thanks for overstating the obvious, Mr. Vice President. We do live paycheck to paycheck and don't save enough. What would you suggest we do to solve this? Go quail hunting? Sorry, I can't afford the license fee.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Would You Please Not Talk While I'm Interrupting!

Didn't your mother teach you that it is not nice to interrupt? Have you noticed that panel talk shows like the "View" have hosts that constantly battle for their talk space? They talk over each other so much that I almost forget what they are trying to do. You'd think the director or stage manager would sush them. It's bad enough that you can tell what political side of the fence they are on because they are at each others throats about issues. And if I hear the "I'm a new mom" statement one more time...get over it. This talking over people seems to be everywhere from the talk/entertainment shows to news/talk to news panel shows. Would you guys please shut up! One at a time! You can debate an issue without constantly interrupting each other. Were you absent from class when they taught that? I can understand your passion about an issue, but everyone has an opinion. When,say for example, CNN or Fox News have a discussion of issues, let one person finish before you chime in, you'll just irritate me. And when I'm irritated, I change the channel. Shows talk shows are no exception, either. The guys on some of ESPN's panel shows get so excited they get into intense arguments,too.

Come on people, there are only so many minutes per segment so let people hear the discussion. I have a brain(I think) and I can process information and form my own opinions. But, if I hear another guest or host yell, "let me finish" I may just finish it for you. Game show contestants don't make this much noise. So, quiet please, speak your peace or I will interrupt and change the channel.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Have You Read Your Horoscope Today?

It's amazing what you can read in the stars.Some people will not make a move without checking their horoscope. Nancy Reagan frequently checked with her astrologer before making decisons. I read the different horoscopes today. So, I checked how good/bad my Cancer horoscope for today would be. One site said that if I was having financial concerns that I would have to be creative but I would get help someone I thought was out of the picture. Sure, the only people I knew that had money are all dead. Out of the picture, indeed. That's way out of the picture. What are they going to do? Are they going to come back from the beyond and tell me "by the way I forgot to give you this?" Sure they are. Of course another site said I had every right to smile till my face hurt. Huh? Don't feel guilty, others may be jealous but they will eventually be happy for you. Is that a load of poop or what? Then I checked the Chinese horoscope says I must be more realistic otherwise the sky will fall on my head. Well, that is encouraging, isn't it?

Does anyone really take this to heart? Does your life stop if your horoscope doesnt read the way you hoped? Ever notice that you can read any thing into them you want? But can you really trust them to be true?

Think I will start grining, find that person who isn't in the picture and hide under the table before the sky falls on my head. Well, after all that's what my horoscope said to do, right?