Friday, March 31, 2006

What Next?

Well the fence is a holey mess again. I feel so sorry for the dog. He tore more holes and I found him on the fence and later in the yard. Just before it started raining again he was standing by the hole looking forlornly for help. He was covered in ants. What next? The owner has already been fined $2000. So it's back on dogy patrol and leash for mine dogs.

My stepdaughter had surgery yesterday. She was very apprehensive but she did ok. Strange thing is her mother wanted to make sure I was with her saying that I've been as "much of a mother to her" as she had. Huh? From a woman who doesn't like me this is sort of a compliment. Odd!? Then two of Amanda's aunts came to visit her in the hospital and thanked me profusely for being with her. Now I am really stunned. As Jimmy said, when is the other shoe going to drop?

Amanda's friend, Heather, is going to take Amanda home from the hospital today. Heather took off a couple of days from work to help out. The plan was to bring Amanda over to our house Sunday night cause Heather would have to go back to work Monday. So I got a warning call this morning from Jimmy. Heather will be bringing Amanda to our house today instead. Seems their electricity was cut off...

Pat and Heather are planning to move out of the house they share with Amanda next month cause they need a cheaper place to live. And of course Amanda will have to do something cause she cant afford that house by herself. She was hoping they all could wait until the lease was up in August. Don't know what will happen now. I know they have had major problems with the heat/ac and water department. None of these problems are theirs. The landlord wont respond even the water people and the ac people have told her that she needs to fix the problems cause they are not caused by any thing the renters have done. I can not even hazzard a guess what Amanda will do. She's been talking about moving into a 1 bedroom apartment after the lease is up. That may be hard since she has a pit bull for a pet. Sigh...

I'd love to leave this place. But my I cant pay taxes and move too. Grrr... I hate the government, epecially at tax time. I always feel that I'm getting screwed without a kiss. I wish I could find some free money. It is so much easier to do things...

But at least George Clooney is on Regis and Kelly today. I can at least enjoy a few minutes.

And of course the oldest daughter has made no effort to ask how Amanda is doing. Stepbrother came by the hospital after work and the other sister kept in touch all day. Some people are just too self absorbed.

Now let me see, where did I put the vodka. It's going to be a long day, weekend, month, and so on.