Monday, March 06, 2006

Amanda Gets a Tattoo...Again

Why is there such facination with tattoos? I've seen people with more ink on their bodies than the entire IRS tax codes book. Granted many of these are highly artistic and stylized but I'm really not a fan of covering one's body with permanent pictures, sayings, etc. I threw a fit years ago when I discovered that my son, Pat and daughter, Traci both had them. I was absolutely agast as to why. I still don't understand why people would do this. My father nearly blew a gasket when I pierced my ears over 30 years ago. He suggested I also put a bone through my nose as some tribal groups did. I explained that since clip on earrings hurt, pierced ears would be easier. Now I know a little how he felt. I really don't get why people have to take a perfectly good body and draw all over it.

Amanda already has a tattoo at the small of her back, shoulder, and leg. Now she has one around her wrist. At least those are the ones we know she has. Her father was not happy the first time and is not happy now. But, he continues to try to be quiet.
We really wish she hadn't done any of this, as we wished so for Pat and Traci. We really don't like them .

As a child of the 50's and a teenager and young adult in the 60's-70's,I was led to believe people with body art were sleezy and trashy. My parents would never consider letting me date a guy with a tattoo. I still have a hard time with this because I tend to agree with the trashy look that a tattoo seems to send. Certain businesses won't hire people with them. Some will not allow them to be seen during work hours. I've heard lawyers tell clients before they go to court to make sure to have them covered in the courtroom.

So why do it? Why do young people think it so cool? You can't change your mind. It's not like putting on a different shirt. What happens when a person gets tired of it? From what I've heard it is more involved and expensive to remove. I still remember a pro golfer, Lee Trevino, covering one with a bandaid because it was of a former girlfriend or wife and they were no longer together.

People look at tattoos as artistic expression. Well, Michelangelo did not put a tattoo on "David" or the "Pieta" Thousands of hours have been spent by world famous artists in canvas or marble. Maybe the "Mona Lisa" is smiling about her tattoo? In my opinion, there are places for artwork and the human body is not one of them. I put them in the same context with the gang kids who keep desacrating private property by painting walls, fences and anything else they can spray paint to make their statement to the world or before the cops show up.

Sorry, I just don't think the human body is a good place for permanent "art" I still think it is cheap and sleezy. And to do it over and over is just not a good idea. Thak God I won't be around when Traci, Pat and Amanda are 60, 70, or 80 years old with sagging, ugly tattoos. I guess they just haven't considered how their bodies will change over the years. That butterfly at the small of the back may have migrated to the bottom of the butt and the spider on the calf will be spinning a new web around the side of the foot. Gross!


S said...

I'm not wild about people having tattoo's all over; but I'd kinda like to have a little one in a spot only me, George & God know about. Some can be kinda sexy & some can be totally distasteful!

BTW, at age 34 & counting; my Mom threatened to beat me if I got one.

maria said...

I too have a dislike for tatoos.
Thankfully,my 2 sons do not have
any.....yet.....keeping my fingers
crossed....but I don't think they
are the type at all.

Enjoying your blog.


maria said...

Forgot to ask:"Is that your little
car in the picture?". I just love
the new look of VW.

ogres are like onions said...

I have two tattoos to count. Started my own tradition two years ago to have one done each year, a little icon to summarise the happenings of that particular year. I keep the sizes to a minimum as I figure I still have about 40 odd to come, if I'm fortunate.

My mum blew it. Twice. Said tattoos are evil. My dad got a glimpse of my first while reading the papers and thought I was involved in a road accident I didn't tell him about. I had to bring my ankle to his face and convince him that it wasn't a burn scar. He didn't say anything about my second. Even when the tattoo got infected and swollen.

Cordelia said...

Once upon a time I swore I would never get a tatto and now I have two. I don't know what it is about them, but they are addicting. Once you get one you can't seem to stop.