Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Non-Squeaky Squeaky Toy?

Wish I had thought of that. Finally a squeaky dog toy that I don't have to listen to over and over. Someone finally came up with a squeaky dog toy that only the dog can hear! Yipee, how fast can I buy one? I dont know how many times I have resorted to hiding my dogs soft squeaker toys. As soon as I would sit down, into the chair with the toys...squeak, squeak. So now, only the dog can hear that infernal noise! One question I have though, what about the stuffing? My dogs love to pull the stuffing out of the toys while they try to get to the squeaker. Well I guess you cant have everything. And they are not too expensive either, from $5.00 to $10.00.

Then there is the fish school. Apparently fish get bored swimming aimlessly in the aquarium so they can now have something to do. They can now play soccer and throw the ball over a hoop or go through it. They can even do the limbo. At least that is what they are supposed to do. Maybe we should just send those guppies to Sea World.
People will actually pay money for this. Next thing you know they will be sending the fish to a "Fish Shrink" tp explore their inner child.

And to think someone will make a bunch of money from this.


S said...

And the fish automatically know what to do with these challenging toys? I think mine would look at me like I'm crazy!

cube said...

We gave our dog a Big Bird toy that laughs when you press the stomach. She would bite it, it would laugh at her, & she would bite it again. The whole thing made us laugh along with Big Bird.