Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Plumbing Supply Trailer 1 Jimmy 0

Wife tells husband the usual early morning missives. "Have a good day" "Be Careful" "Love You". It's said so often you don't even have to think about it.

So Jimmy went to work as usual. Everything normal on the job. Of course that usually means that something isn't going to go right. Just an average day at work. So around lunch time most of the guys take off to get something to eat. Jimmy stayed behind to wait for the plumbing supply company to deliver pipe. Finally, the truck shows up. Since they need to back the trailer up into the jobsite, Jimmy walked into the street to keep the traffic out of the way. As he is doing so, the guy delivering the supplies is watching Jimmy's directions. As he attempted to pull into the job, he doesnot realize how close he is to Jimmy. The next thing the delivery guy sees is Jimmy rolling along the pavement, cars swerving to get out of the way. Seems that the delivery guy hit Jimmy. Luckily Jimmy wasn't hurt although he was bounced around on the pavement. The on-coming traffic had all managed to miss him.

I don't know who was more upset Jimmy or the delivery driver. Jimmy called me to tell me what happened. Of course I nearly flip out. But there was nothing I could do. Luckily Jimmy was just banged up but not seriously hurt. He got up, dusted himself off and went on about his business. Of course by the time he got home he was a lot more sore than he thought he was. Thankfully he didn't even have any scrapes or bruises. It could have been really bad.

Sometimes we all take things for granted. Lots of people say a prayer everyday that their loved ones will be safe on the road or at work. It is just something you do every day. Say a little prayer. I thanked God yesterday. It was not Jimmy's time to go. Thank you God, again.

So, the score remains plumbing supply company trailer 1, Jimmy 0. Don't think there will be a re-match any time soon.


cube said...

Yikes! Thank goodness he wasn't hurt too bad.

Anonymous said...

Hello mom!!!!!!!!!!

you didnt call me!
I'm glad that he's ok, tell him I said hi and we love and miss him


S said...

Goodness gracious what a close call! Thank goodness he is ok & didn't get seriously injured!

We do tend to take for granted that there's always tomarrow & sadly; there's not. I got a call this evening that my half sister that I had not talked to in years lost her battle with cancer. So everyone needs to let the people in their lives know that they are loved.

I hope Jimmy will not be to sore tomarrow. Hugs & prayers to you both.