Tuesday, March 21, 2006

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

Our President speaks, we listen. Or at least the media is forced to so they will have something to report. Maybe it is just me because I don't care for him but I am so tired of his combative, smart ass attitude. To listen to him speak,I feel like he is talking down to everyone. I have heard many Presidents speak, going way back to Eisenhower. Some talked very business-like, some folksy, others like a parent. Some even like an old friend. George Bush just seems to always irritate me. I don't care what he says. He seems to have contempt for the public. I always feel that he is telling a load of BS to the public and the reason his polls are so low is that we are smart enough not to believe it all. I think he knows that nobody really wants to hear what he has to say.

People say the media doesnt give him a chance because they are already against him. But come on, if I had to sit in the press room and listen to him I'd probably want to smack him. How many times can he argue with a reporter?

Then if worse comes to worse after he has blathered on with his "we are going to stay the course" junk the spin doctors have to go to work. Look at how many times after a presser or speech his spin doctors like Cheney, Runsfield, or even his wonderful alter ego of a press secretary have to come along and rephrase it.

Then again, who is waiting in the wings to run in 08? Does any body care?


TheTruth said...

I'll go ahead and preface this comment with the fact that I'm a Bush supporter (I know. there's not many left).

What can Bush really say at this point, though? His main platform for the second term is Iraq, and we certainly can't leave that country yet. To do otherwise would paralyze the entire country. (and, yes, I agree with the decision for Iraq.) The only platform really left for Bush to make any significant speech is the Immigration issue, and he doesn't have enough time in office to effectively approach it.

Welcome to the years of the Lame Duck President (and, yes, I still support Bush lol).