Saturday, March 18, 2006

So the Astros Fans Stomach Still Turns

Yeah, it's only Spring training. The games don't count. Looks like there could be some good future pitchers. Will we keep them? Roger is singing the same song he's been singing for the last few years. Hinting at retirement again. Let's see, radio guys, Dean and Rog bribed him with a Hummer, what will it take this year? Or will this be the year he finally hangs up the cleats? We are going to need at least one more pitcher, maybe more should Roger really retire.

Bagwell is still iffy. Can't tell from his comments. And of course if he hasn't done any real first base throwing, he can't know. Put him in coach, see if he's ready to play. If Bagwell can't throw to his satisfaction, will he retire? There are several good young players who can play more than one position. The question is where they would play if Bagwell can or can't play.

Won't be long till the regular season starts" Go 'Stros!


S said...

Well guess who's now wearing a Cowboy uniform........ Terrell Owens! *GAG* TG I'm not a fan.

They always like to keep you guessing don't they.. I betcha Roger will end up playing "one more season".