Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Breaking news

He's Baaack!!! Roger Clemens will play for the Astros!!!

Talking Points

Go on, I dont have time right now. Stop that! Would you please be quiet, you are driving me nuts. I'm not telling you again, get out of her room. Why do you have to start trouble? Over and over I have to tell you to mind your own business. knock it off! Stop! I'm am trying to clean up your mess, would you please get out of the way?Dont bother your sister like that, you know she doesnt like it. Pick up your toys.Ok, I'll play with you for a little while, then I have to start the laundry. No I dont need any help. Everytime you help, you leave clothes everywhere.Quit eating her food, you have your own. Tell that bird to be quiet. He is as loud as you! What are you doing? Why do you look guilty? Did you do something wrong? Ok, what did you do? If I find something you are going to be in trouble. Why are you snuggling up to me? Did you make a mess that I dont know about? Stop giving me that cute look, I'm not buying it. Yes, I love you too, but you still look guilty. What did you do? My God, I'm talking to the dog! Next thing ya know she'll answer me.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just the Facts

We are all asked questions by our family,friends,and co-workers. Sometimes it is a simple question, sometimes it is advise they want. It is wise to do this? So many times we are asked for help and advise, but we don't have all the facts. I remember talking to my kids about something or some problem they faced. Frequently, they would discuss something with me and I would advise them or give them an answer based on what they told me. Then later I would find out that they omitted some details that could have changed the answer. This seems to be a common problem with people. Friends confide to others about money, love or other relationships. Do we really need to know that much about someone? The problems encountered today may not have the same answers of ten years ago. Circumstances change. What works for one person may not be the same for someone else. And yet people still assume that it should be the same. Then they are upset when the answer is not the same. Over the years people change. A person makes a decision when they are 21 and ten years later they wonder why they did that. It must be human nature. We frequently try to make others feel sorry for ourselves or our problems and look to blame someone else. He didn't treat you right. I can't get out of this problem. Who made that problem? Did you really need to make that expensive purchase? A great idea today may turn into a problem tomorrow, especially if you don't have all the facts. You may be asking the wrong people for advise, especially if they don't have all the facts. It is amazing how many people jump to conclusions without getting both sides of the story or all the facts. We need the facts, all the facts to make a decision.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Grilling Enron, whold you like a beer with that?

Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling got skewered! Every tv station in Houston had reporter at the courthouse waiting for the cue to run to get on camera first with the verdict. From 11:00 am till for ever each channel had a reporter talking and talking and talking about it. They talked to jury members, they talked to passers-by, they talked to former employees. Ok, ok. Put a fork in them, they're done. Now we have to wait for sentencing which will be Sept.11th. How's that for a day to remember? They are already planning appeals. Funny how Ken Lay could not leave the courthouse until he turned in his passport to the judge. Supposedly he left it home... From Enron Field to Minute Maid Park. One of the YMCA centers will consider removing Ken Lay's name from it's building. Guess Ken wont be throwing out the first pitch at any Astros games for a while. One question- Lay and Skilling could be sentenced to over 100 years each, how come murders and child molestors dont get sentences like that?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Coffee or No Coffee ?

I think someone is trying to tell me something, or maybe my karma is off. I decided to program the coffee pot to come on automatically last night. I had not reprogramed it since the last time the power went off. Usually I just get up, go down stairs and fix my coffee then. Since I dont use the coffee pot as a clock I havent bothered to set it. So, I thought "I'll just set this thing and it will be one less thing I have to do in the morning". I put on my glasses, set the time, and then set the delay brew feature. Or so I thought. This morning as the time to brew approached I noticed nothing happened. Ok. I checked the pot, I had forgotten to set the delay brew button. So,I turn on the pot. As it started, I realized I also forgot to put water in the pot. So I do that and turn the pot back on. Then I realize that I didnt put any coffee in it either. So, I get out the coffee, the filter basket and the filter and put it all in the coffee pot and wait. Nothing happened. Then I realized I had forgotten to turn the pot back on! By this time I'm just about to flip out cause now I really want that coffee and dont want to wait. But now I have to wait. I think the gods are against me. Maybe I had better not go outside, I might get struck by lightning even though it is a clear day. Then again, this could be the day I get pooped on by a bird. Is it time to go to bed yet? On the other hand after watching the news story last night about all the dust mites and dust mite "poop" in pillows that are over five years old, bed doesnt sound that good either. I absolutely refuse to get in the car today! Maybe I should just have some orange juice, but I'd probably pour the juice on the floor that I just mopped yesterday! Have a nice day! Right?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

His Boots Are Empty

Former Senator and Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen died yesterday at the age of 85. Too bad there is no one left to fill his boots. People here in Texas, Democrat and Republican alike, all say he was a good man. A classic Southern Democrat he was strong minded fiscally and financially. After all it was his work as the first Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration that brought about the balanced budget. Anyone able to do that now? He was also committed to civil rights. He will obviously be remembered for dashing Dan Quayle's chances to become President by saying Quayle was no Jack Kennedy. Those in politics should learn some lessons from him, but his boots are too big to fill.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Poor Little Rich Girl

I was a little bored the other day, nothing on tv interested me. So as I mindlessly flipped channels I ran across the "E" channel. First I have to blame my channel surfing on my husband cause I picked up his habit. So when I stopped (why I dont know) at "E" I saw the ever present Paris Hilton. Yet again she was having a good time with her pals, telling jokes, laughing and being her usual self. I thought of her family and what a waste of time she is. I can just see her at 60, or maybe I dont want to. Having a good time and being a party girl is ok and she obviously can afford it. I just wonder what her "life plan" is. Does she have anything in mind? If I had her money, maybe I'd be just as silly, but at sometime you have to grow up. Is anyone in Hollywood grown up? Maybe I am wrong, but she just seems so self indulgent. Photographers are everywhere all the time. Is she ever serious? Is this the best an heiress can do? Think of all the children of wealth and what does she show? Donald Trump's kids are smart and savy. Most of the Kennedy children are involved in good works. Even Hugh Hefner's daughter is doing something. Everyone has an opinion. Hollywood gossip grabs us all (including me) at some time. But I think if I have to see Paris partying, laughing, posing, or talking on her cell phone one more time, I may just have to chain my middle name which is Hilton. No relation to the Hotels though... I guess she's just too rich to care what anyone else thinks. Prince Harry and Prince William are at least continuing their mother's good work. Hurry up Paris, you wont be young forever!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Can I Believe Reliant Energy?

It' not summer yet and I'm already hot. Just paid my electric bill for April. $300. Reliant has been pushing people to sign up with their new plan to "save you money". Since they have raised their rates at least 3 times in the last year I wonder. They are saying I can save money buy locking into a contract for a year. In this contract if the weather is 2 degrees above normal we will get a $50 credit for that month. ???And they are talking about 2 to 5% savings each month. Yeah, why do I have misgivings? This is the same company that charges a new deposit every time you move. Maybe I am behind the times,but I have never had an electric provider do this. Every electric company I have had before made me pay a deposit to become a customer but not everytime I moved. Houston is a mobile city. Lots of people move from apartment to apartment, house to house. I already know that depending on what area you are in Reliant may or may not have the cheapest rates. TXU right now has the lowest in our area, but they have raised their rates too. I've been with Reliant for nearly seven years. But now I wonder who should I believe? Every body seems to have a plan, but I have a strange feeling that the other shoe has yet to drop. What to do, who to believe?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

One of these days...

My demon child Daisy is just about to drive me nuts! Lately she's decided it would be great fun to attack, nip and bark at Lady. I guess this is her way of trying (unsucessfully) to get Lady to play with her. As the Grand Dame of the house, Lady wants nothing to do with this. Lady's reaction is usually to growl, snarl and bit back. I'm the one who always has to break it up. I hate all the annoying barking. Lady is quietly sleeping in the chair when at least 3 to 5 times a day Daisy tries to start trouble. It's bad enough when she barks at Lady but when I tried to re-direct Daisy she starts running around and around me barking. She is fast and runs around the furniture making it difficult to catch her. I try to catch her so I can take her outside or distract her in some way. But, it seems to be a losing battle. Talk about a hard headed dog!

Last night she got in trouble because she tore up Lady's pillow which she's had for several years. Stuffing all over the floor did nothing to better my mood. She's also discovered that she likes to sneak into Amanda's room. That has become a real fight to get her out of there. Grrr.

All day yesterday she insisted on going in and out. Most of this wasted time was spent walking around or looking at birds and the dogs on either side of us. I won't even discuss my continuing irritation with my neighbor's trashy fence which is the reason I have to walk Daisy on a leash. Lady is not a problem cause she is too lazy to do much.By last night I was keenly aware things were going to spiral into disaster because when I took Daisy out for her pre-bedtime "business" walk she did not do anything. Not a great mood to be in before bed.

So when Jimmy got up this morning he discovered Daisy's little package. Needless to say he was not happy. So we had another "bad dog" scene. He left for work in a bad mood. Right now I am about to strangle that dog. She is really standing on my last nerve! One of these days I may just drop kick her out the door, that is if I can catch her!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Bashing Ron and Leonardo

I find it funny that so many people have jumped on the bandwagon to beat up on the movie "the DaVinci Code". Every since the book became a run-away best seller people have protested and been critical of the story. Everyone from the Catholics,Christian conservatives to various religious leaders in Asia and other parts of the world. What are so many people afraid of? The book (and movie) is fiction. Almost any reader of fiction will agree that stories are taken frequently from fact and twisted to make a story. That does not mean we should take a novel as "truth". Even the book stores sell books as "fiction" or "non-fiction". It is up to the reader (or viewer) to draw his or her own conclusion. Some fiction is pure entertainment, other fiction is done for thought provoking. All this uproar over Dan Brown's book and Ron Howard's movie interpretation is a little silly.

There is a book by Larry Collins called "The Road to Armageddon". This book is a story about the opium crop in Afghanistan has provided cash deposited through out the world banking systems and how these "dealings" enable Iran to buy nuclear weapons from a Russian army in an effort to become a major factor in world domination. This book has been called "faction" because of it's use of certain known facts in the plot. Is anyone protesting? No.

Personally, I think anyone who is secure in their faith has nothing to worry about regarding the DaVinci Code movie. I dont know why people are so nervous. It's like we dislike people because we don't like their looks or heritage. Or why we do or don't like a sports team. I don't like liver but other people do. I also saw Mel Gibson's movie about the death of Christ. People protested that, too. Just goes back to the old saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I like what I like, you like what you like. I have no need to take this stuff so seriously.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Devil Made Me Do It

I saw a story this morning on GMA about exorcism in America. It is a growing thriving business in this country. It has become increasingly popular. While exorcism has been around for thousands of years, it seems to be very popular now. At one time the Catholic Church performed this hundreds to thousands of times a year. Even now the Pope is again calling priests to learn more about the use of this ritual. But more and more we see certain evangelical and Penticostal Protestants using this. Personally, I've always been a little skeptical about this. When a person is exorcised on tv or radio, I have a hard time taking it seriously. Some how when a person starts speaking in tongues,writhing and screaming right on cue for the camera or radio audience, I find this just a little odd. I can remember when book "The Exorcist" came out and then the movie. It was scary to be sure. And of course the large number of scary movies and books out over the last several years have done nothing but fuel the interest. I think, at one time or another, we all have our "demons" to fight, but I just find some of this odd. After all Flip Wilson made a whole career out of saying "the devil made me do it" Really?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Here's a Thought for Texas

Immigration continues to be a problem in several states, including Texas. Funny how the more northern states dont have problems with Canadians illegally crossing the border.But here, most Texans are not happy with the constant stream of immigrants coming across our border. So here's a thought. Texas could secede from the Union. After all we used to be part of Mexico. We fought and gained independence from Mexico in 1836. When the Mexican army tried to take a cannon from us, we dared them with a banner waving which said "Come and get it". Well, the Mexican army didnt like the ultimate outcome of that war. Texas won it's battle and became an independent republic. Funny how when Texas joined the Union it retained the right to divide into four states as well as the original though no one would seriously consider doing this. On the other hand why not secede? Yeah that is a funny idea. Think about this Texas could get foreign aid! We could have a real army to keep out those we dont want. But then where would George Bush retire? He'd have to apply for a visa to become a citizen of Texas. Would he be willing to wait years to become a citizen or would the border guards run him off? Maybe he could just go to the great state of Maine? Just a thought... Remember Don't mess with Texas!

Friday, May 12, 2006

The First Step

What is the old saying about the journey...begins with the first step? Where is the mindset of the American public? I realize that I am in the minority but I dont feel good about the NSA and it's collection of "data". Yet about 65% of the public is not concerned about this and in many cases say it is a good idea to protect us. Really? Has anyone noticed how inept these government agencies are? While it may not matter to most of the public that the NSA has collected all these phone records, I wonder just where it will end. Sure these records do not include personal information, but it could easily slip into the next step. At that point if anyone even mentions something "suspect" what would be the options? Get a court order? I mention to a friend something about Iraq and the next thing I know my phone it tapped. Sure this may not happen to any of us "average" Americans, but it could. Not all politicians are honest. The first computers were room size and compared to today's computers were primitive. Maybe what I worry about will not come to pass. The majority of Americans think our government is protecting us. This is the same government that told us to buy plastic sheeting and duct tape. The NSA may not be doing anything illegal or infringing on our privacy but the journey starts with the first step.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

It Could Be Worse

Jimmy came home from work yesterday with another remote for our garage door opener. They used to be $39.00, now they are $45.00. But at least now Amanda wont have to borrow one or call us everytime she needs to get in.

We thought it was going to storm, but it didn't. It went around us. Didn't do anything to relieve the high humidity.

So when I moved the TA out of the garage so that Jimmy could check and program the remote I noticed a lot of water on the driveway in front of his truck. Crap! What now! He had to have the water pump replace almost 2 years ago. Crap! At least he always backs his truck into the driveway so it was easier to see what was wrong. Apparently it was just a water hose. Thank you Lord.

So now Jimmy had to go find the stuff he needs to fix it. I sure hope it will be easy since he doesn't like to work on the vehicles anymore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will be easy to fix.

It could have been worse. It could have stranded him on the highway yesterday. Thank you Lord for small blessings.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Anybody Seen My Sanity?

I know I had it, now where did it go? I think I've lost my sanity. Just one of those days, right? Crazy Daisy would not leave me alone all day long. In and out every hour or less. Sitting up begging or bringing me toys for me to throw for her. If I got out the broom or tried to vacuum she chased them. Everytime we went outside she kept looking for her buddy next door. He jumped the fence again and ran during the storm last week. Of course he's back in his back yard today. Naturally, it's supposed to rain.

People annoyed me yesterday. Stupid people and people who dont think things through irritated me. I do have an opinion and it does count. No, you cant have everything your way. Why does SBC call here 4 days in a row. I dont want you to sell me anything and my bill is paid. No I dont know about the bills at the other house.

I keep getting mail for people I have never heard of at my address. Even the mail carrier cant figure out why we get mail. Too bad it's not money. After all if I dont ask for it and it comes to me I dont have to send it back.

Even Astro had to voice his opinion. I dont care, bird! Louder and louder he yelled. I finally had enough and put him outside on the patio. I can hardly wait till a neighbor complains about the noisy bird.

Amanda is bringing her dog here tonight before she takes her to her cousin's house Friday. Here is just not a good place for her here. Not enough room for a pit, Daisy, Lady, and Astro. Not to mention that lousy fence. Amanda is sad about having to give away Midnight, but we just cant handle her here. Now she is looking at getting another dog, this time a smaller one. She is still questioning why apartments or house owners dont want bigger dogs. A dog is a dog she said.

So, Mother's Day is Sunday. Think I'll go find a rock to hide under. Do they really care? Ignore me all year long. Do I really care? Kids, who needs them. Don't ask for my advise if you dont want it. Dont expect me to jump through hoops anymore. Been there, done that. I can even mow my own yard.

Even the Astros are driving me nuts. Actually I think ESPN jinxed them. They haven't won a game since.

And how come when I run to WalMart in a hurry, I either cant find what I want or they have moved it? I'm not in the mood for a safari! Grr. Then of course when I waiting to check out, the lady ahead of me, makes the checker do ALL the work. She did not lift a finger to put her bags in her cart so she had the line backed up and everybody mad! Then she paid with a Katrina relief card. Rude woman. I do not owe you anything. Just another thing to drive me nuts!

If anyone has found my sanity, please return it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Have the Evidence

I was looking through some old pictures the other day. Boy, my kids were cute. What happened? Of course there are a lot of baby pictures of the eldest and fewer of the younger. Funny how memory fades. I guess that is why we take pictures. I've got pictures of Traci's first birthday party and the first birthday of Annie and Pat. I made a cake and one half was iced in pink and the other blue. I often wondered if they felt cheated because they had one cake for the two of them. I've got pictures of all of them playing little league. God I used to hate to have to work the concession stand. All those little brats wanting suicides. I was so dumb I had to ask what that was. Snow cones with all the flavors. UGH. Then there was Traci's birthday party. I dont remember the year, but she and Annie had the same pink and grey dress. It was also the party when she had her first "boy friend" Adam Barnett. I dont think she remembers, but I do. Then there was the Halloween party where some of the guests came in costume. One even came in one costume and changed into another briefer one. That was interesting. Then there was the picture of Traci on the riding lawnmover. We had a big yard at the time. She really thought she was something else.
Then I found Traci's graduation picture. She looked so nice. Pat wasn't too into getting pictures taken as he usually flipped me the finger when I tried to take a picture. And the one that made me really mad was when I paid for Annie to have her Senior pictures done, only to find out that she cancelled the order and used my money for herself. I didn't get any pictures of Traci's first wedding cause we werent invited. I didnt get the chance to give her a shower or any thing. Of course she married a jerk. She also refused to tell us the truth about her pregnancy. So much for seeing your firstborn walk down the isle. Now she had been married twice and I still have no pictures. That wedding was also hush,hush. Guess I just didnt rate in her book. Missed my son's wedding because our truck broke down, course the marriage did too. At least Annie had a nice wedding. I hope it was what she wanted. Now I have pictures of the grandkids. Then of course I still have some pictures I have been holding back for blackmail. Yes, I can be evil! Just ask my stepdaughter Amanda. She always tried to hide whenever a camera came out, still does. But she has been caught too. I love having evidence!

Monday, May 08, 2006

Back Off!

Why do people tailgate? I especially hate it when I am in my low-slung sports car and some idiot in an SUV or truck crawls up my ass!. It makes no difference how fast I go, they are smelling my exhaust. That is annoying to us laid back,gentle people. Then they finally get tired of counting the hairs on the back of my head and whip out and roar past me. Well, guess what, just who is side by side at the next light?!I dont know what they think the are accomplishing by following so close, but sometimes I feel like really s l o w i n g down so they will get away from me. There are so many people around here who think that the break pedal is something to slam on at the last minute. Those are the ones that really scare me, especially while they are riding my bumper. This ain't NASCAR guys (and girls). Back off, or I will have to hurt you! As a member of the "fair sex" I must remind you I have a mean streak! Now get off my ass!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Did I Hear That Right?

I was watching ESPN this morning and heard something interesting. Peter Gammons actually said that the Astros are a very good team! Huh? We know that but a lot of sports writers and "media" types tend to ignore our team. Being in what is often described as a "small" market the Astros don't often get the respect they deserve. Of course last year they were 15 and 30 on June 1st. This year they are doing better. Now the sports watchers are saying the team is good. And yet whenever a sports "expert" is asked about the league leaders or who they think will go to and do well in post season, the Houston Astros are rarely mentioned. This is why (of course I am biased)I am pleasantly surprised that at least one national sports watcher thinks we have a good team. Seems someone just discovered that Lance Berkman is hitting the ball hard. So is Craig Biggio, Morgan Ensberg and even Willy Tavaras. Last year Willy T bunted more than he hit. Most of the time he beat the throw to 1st base. Now he is actually hitting some to the outfield! And our very young pitchers are doing very well. Most young pitchers take a while to develope. But without Roger and Andy's slow start, the young pitchers have jumped right into the fire.

Historically, Houston has been a second half team. So, with this good start, what will happen later in the season? It could all fall apart, since they are starting well or they could be on the true verge of greatness! After all last year Clemens said that he felt that the young players needed to step up and take charge. Apparently they have listened. Maybe that's why some sports mouths are now saying the Astros are a good team. Hope so, we'd like a return trip to the Series!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Birds and the Apache

You can tell it's Spring in my back yard. Of course some of my flowers are blooming and the yard needs mowing every 5 minutes. All the birds are busy. They love it when I finally put some food in their feeder. This is usually when they start squabbling. A lot of them have new families or are chasing around looking for "love". I keep forgetting that the bluejays have a young one. He's still a little awkward. Mom and Dad still swoop down to chase off other birds. Lately there is a constant battle between the Jays and the Grackles. Imagine my surprise when I was walking Daisy around and almost got in the middle of a fight. In a scene reminiscent of Hitchcock's "The Birds" I find myself in the middle of a bunch of birds. Not wanting to suffer the fate of Tippi Hedren, Daisy and I quickly moved out of the line of fire. Zooming and swooping and chasing, it was funny. Grackles, Jays, doves and sparrows vying for dominance and food. Descretion being the better part of valor, I moved to the security of the indoors. There I was assaulted again, this time by the rumble of a helicopter. At first I thought it might be another life-flight chopper going to or from an accident. They tend to be noisy and have a heavy throaty rumble instead of the lighter helicopters. But, this noise was so LOUD that my windows were rattling and we couldn't hear the tv. Curious, I went outside only to see, not life flight on it's mercy mission, but an Army Apache helicopter a few hundred feet off the ground. It was just above the tree tops buzzing around us and the houses around us. I almost expected a rope to drop and the Special Forces unit to charge into the yard. I know we have a lot of Muslums in our neighborhood, but I dont think any of us here are ready to overthrow the government yet! I have no idea why they chose to fly around us, but that was a lot of government money spent to show off! Guess I'll never know, but that really did disturb my peace! Talk about loud! What did you say!
I said that is a really big helicopter!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Pink Phone? Sure!

Ever look at the junk in your e-mail? Some of the offers are so silly. I really thought a pink phone was funny. Do I really want a pink phone? No. Worse yet suppose I was a guy and got this offer? Well, I guess I'd have to be in touch with my feminine side to want to get one. And just what is a Christian loan company? I've had untold offers for a 42" plazma TV. Sure, if I sign up for something I dont want, I might get it. Do they really think I believe I would get it free? And then there is the survey, do you like CSI or Law and Order better. I dont care. I watch them both, it just depends on which is new or a rerun. Not to mention I can catch them in syndication. Where is my dream date? Yeah I'd like a $1000 credit card. Who wouldn't? What's the catch? Free money? Sure I'll take a couple of mill... What do you mean it doesn't work that way? Oh, and I'll take that gift card, but I dont want to take that 2 hour survey. I don't have a prostate so I don't need anything to decrease it's size, nor do I need the little blue pill to increase my non-existent penis size, either. Do people really get paid for filling my junk mail box with junk? Somebody is making money. Too bad it's not me.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Beware, Sleep Deprived Woman Here!

I am not very happy this morning because Crazy Daisy kept me up all night. On the bed, off the bed. Under the covers, out of the covers, in her bed, on Lady's chair. Back to the bed, jumping over me around Jimmy. All night long she refused to be still.One cold wet nose too many! Finally at 3:10 am I picked up her bed, tossed it into the bathroom, caught Daisy and dumped her into it and shut the door. But, alas no sleep for the weary. The alarm went off at 5:00am. Another night shot, another day begun.

Then as I walked Daisy around the yard at 6:45 this morning what do I find? A shoe up against the gate in the backyard. From the style and pink logo I learned it was a woman's size 81/2. Could belong to one of the girls(or friends)next door. Hey, I don't watch CSI for nothing. Ever since that family moved in, I had feelings that things went on late at night. Now, I know. So what were she(they)doing in my backyard after 11:00pm? I'm already irritated at the the Hispanics. I know the family is from here but sometims the things they do and attitudes irk me. This is in addition to my hearing the mother whipping one of their pit bulls yesterday evening.
I get annoyed everyday when the kids walk across my lawn to their house.

One funny thing last night. The Sports Director for KTRK had an interview with Bob McNair regarding the future of Charly Casserly. There was so much space between the lines, you could read the answer without glasses. Bye, bye Charley. Now Where is Roger? At home working with Koby.

So, if Crazy Daisy pulls her crap tonight she'll find herself in the bathroom, again! Now, where did I put my coffee?

Monday, May 01, 2006

Does Anybody Care About Legal Immigrants?

Large demonstrations are going on here in Houston. We all know that immigrants do a lot of the work that the rest of us do not want to do. Many of the people willing to do this are illegally here from Mexico. But what about the people who have followed the rules? What about the Mexicans and others who have come here the right way? Just because someone crosses the border and gets a job should this person be given all the rights of an American citizen? Our healthcare, welfare and other systems are already overworked because these people send their kids to school and use medical care here. We have already seen the necessity for teachers to be bilingual. Many jobs require an applicant be bilingual. What about all the people who speak other languages? Should the teachers and others be required to speak these? In this city we have in addition to Spanish, we have Korean, Chinese, Vietnameze as well as many other Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages. People who want to become American citizens should have to learn our language and our laws and history. Most other countries dont bend over backwards to speak English if we visit their country. Granted, these illegal aliens make and spend a lot of money here in this country, but some of them send a lot home to their families in Mexico. That doesnt help us. Many of our best citizens are immigrants. But, those who have come legally and become citizens by learning about our country and learning citizenship as well as our language, must have mixed feelings about all these illegals who are demanding that we change the rules for them. Does anyone care?