Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Talking Points

Go on, I dont have time right now. Stop that! Would you please be quiet, you are driving me nuts. I'm not telling you again, get out of her room. Why do you have to start trouble? Over and over I have to tell you to mind your own business. knock it off! Stop! I'm am trying to clean up your mess, would you please get out of the way?Dont bother your sister like that, you know she doesnt like it. Pick up your toys.Ok, I'll play with you for a little while, then I have to start the laundry. No I dont need any help. Everytime you help, you leave clothes everywhere.Quit eating her food, you have your own. Tell that bird to be quiet. He is as loud as you! What are you doing? Why do you look guilty? Did you do something wrong? Ok, what did you do? If I find something you are going to be in trouble. Why are you snuggling up to me? Did you make a mess that I dont know about? Stop giving me that cute look, I'm not buying it. Yes, I love you too, but you still look guilty. What did you do? My God, I'm talking to the dog! Next thing ya know she'll answer me.


TEN33GIRL said...

LOL LOL This is exactly what my family hears me saying allday long.. :)