Thursday, May 18, 2006

One of these days...

My demon child Daisy is just about to drive me nuts! Lately she's decided it would be great fun to attack, nip and bark at Lady. I guess this is her way of trying (unsucessfully) to get Lady to play with her. As the Grand Dame of the house, Lady wants nothing to do with this. Lady's reaction is usually to growl, snarl and bit back. I'm the one who always has to break it up. I hate all the annoying barking. Lady is quietly sleeping in the chair when at least 3 to 5 times a day Daisy tries to start trouble. It's bad enough when she barks at Lady but when I tried to re-direct Daisy she starts running around and around me barking. She is fast and runs around the furniture making it difficult to catch her. I try to catch her so I can take her outside or distract her in some way. But, it seems to be a losing battle. Talk about a hard headed dog!

Last night she got in trouble because she tore up Lady's pillow which she's had for several years. Stuffing all over the floor did nothing to better my mood. She's also discovered that she likes to sneak into Amanda's room. That has become a real fight to get her out of there. Grrr.

All day yesterday she insisted on going in and out. Most of this wasted time was spent walking around or looking at birds and the dogs on either side of us. I won't even discuss my continuing irritation with my neighbor's trashy fence which is the reason I have to walk Daisy on a leash. Lady is not a problem cause she is too lazy to do much.By last night I was keenly aware things were going to spiral into disaster because when I took Daisy out for her pre-bedtime "business" walk she did not do anything. Not a great mood to be in before bed.

So when Jimmy got up this morning he discovered Daisy's little package. Needless to say he was not happy. So we had another "bad dog" scene. He left for work in a bad mood. Right now I am about to strangle that dog. She is really standing on my last nerve! One of these days I may just drop kick her out the door, that is if I can catch her!


Pixie said...

That's happened with Izzy when it rains. The yard floods & she might run & pee but you can forget about poopin. Accidents happen, ya know.

Saw where the Astros beat the Rangers yeasterday. *sniffle*