Monday, May 15, 2006

Here's a Thought for Texas

Immigration continues to be a problem in several states, including Texas. Funny how the more northern states dont have problems with Canadians illegally crossing the border.But here, most Texans are not happy with the constant stream of immigrants coming across our border. So here's a thought. Texas could secede from the Union. After all we used to be part of Mexico. We fought and gained independence from Mexico in 1836. When the Mexican army tried to take a cannon from us, we dared them with a banner waving which said "Come and get it". Well, the Mexican army didnt like the ultimate outcome of that war. Texas won it's battle and became an independent republic. Funny how when Texas joined the Union it retained the right to divide into four states as well as the original though no one would seriously consider doing this. On the other hand why not secede? Yeah that is a funny idea. Think about this Texas could get foreign aid! We could have a real army to keep out those we dont want. But then where would George Bush retire? He'd have to apply for a visa to become a citizen of Texas. Would he be willing to wait years to become a citizen or would the border guards run him off? Maybe he could just go to the great state of Maine? Just a thought... Remember Don't mess with Texas!


Anonymous said...

The reason why the more northern states don't have problems with Canadians illegally crossing the border is that we Canadians (I'm Canadian) are, by nature, polite and obedient, so we usually ask permission before entering the country illegally, which tends to give us away.

As to Texas seceding, well I suspect you'd have a fight on your hands. However, if you do decide to secede, why not consider joining Canada? Our motto is "we're really not all that bad a country" and we'd welcome additional territory to make up for the possible loss of Quebec should it secede from Canada. In addition, we'd welcome a state with a somewhat warmer climate than most of Canada. Just a thought.