Monday, May 01, 2006

Does Anybody Care About Legal Immigrants?

Large demonstrations are going on here in Houston. We all know that immigrants do a lot of the work that the rest of us do not want to do. Many of the people willing to do this are illegally here from Mexico. But what about the people who have followed the rules? What about the Mexicans and others who have come here the right way? Just because someone crosses the border and gets a job should this person be given all the rights of an American citizen? Our healthcare, welfare and other systems are already overworked because these people send their kids to school and use medical care here. We have already seen the necessity for teachers to be bilingual. Many jobs require an applicant be bilingual. What about all the people who speak other languages? Should the teachers and others be required to speak these? In this city we have in addition to Spanish, we have Korean, Chinese, Vietnameze as well as many other Asian, Middle Eastern and European languages. People who want to become American citizens should have to learn our language and our laws and history. Most other countries dont bend over backwards to speak English if we visit their country. Granted, these illegal aliens make and spend a lot of money here in this country, but some of them send a lot home to their families in Mexico. That doesnt help us. Many of our best citizens are immigrants. But, those who have come legally and become citizens by learning about our country and learning citizenship as well as our language, must have mixed feelings about all these illegals who are demanding that we change the rules for them. Does anyone care?


cube said...

I care. I'm sick to my stomach over the commies turning these people into the next great welfare entitlement group. The liberals need voters & they will stop at nothing to get them.

annieskyman said...

it makes me mad.
when we were in el paso it was hard for us to even get a job cause someone would come in who was not from here and who would do the work for much less than we would.
it makes me sick.

TheTruth said...

The thing that troubles me about this are the "entitlement" issues. Apparently, the illegal immigrants, since they have successfully broken the law and circumvented the borders, feel they are entitled to those rights granted to citizens. What message does this send to those who have waited months, or years, to attain immigration status? I have trouble sympathizing with those that cut corners in order to gain what others have waited years to achieve.

Anonymous said...

I do care. First, if anybody wants to live in the U.S., make it legal. You're right when you said it isn't fair to the others who are here legally. And second, this is an English speaking country. Regardless of what foreign country a person comes from, learn the language!!

I'm hispanic, and my first, second, and third languages is ENGLISH!

S said...

I'm just tired of it myself. For some weird reason they don't understand that there is a process one needs to go through to come into this country. And if their country is so bad, why not do something about it. I guess I hadn't really realized that Mexico was a sucky place to live. (Never been there myself) But maybe the US should see what can be done to make these people want to live there again. I'm so sleep deprived, maybe I should try to solve all the world's problems as well as mine!?!