Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Devil Made Me Do It

I saw a story this morning on GMA about exorcism in America. It is a growing thriving business in this country. It has become increasingly popular. While exorcism has been around for thousands of years, it seems to be very popular now. At one time the Catholic Church performed this hundreds to thousands of times a year. Even now the Pope is again calling priests to learn more about the use of this ritual. But more and more we see certain evangelical and Penticostal Protestants using this. Personally, I've always been a little skeptical about this. When a person is exorcised on tv or radio, I have a hard time taking it seriously. Some how when a person starts speaking in tongues,writhing and screaming right on cue for the camera or radio audience, I find this just a little odd. I can remember when book "The Exorcist" came out and then the movie. It was scary to be sure. And of course the large number of scary movies and books out over the last several years have done nothing but fuel the interest. I think, at one time or another, we all have our "demons" to fight, but I just find some of this odd. After all Flip Wilson made a whole career out of saying "the devil made me do it" Really?


cube said...

I loved the book & the movie, but really, I never believed in exorcism.

Pixie said...

I have never watched that movie; I just can't handle scary movies. I feel it's all for the camera. Mabye it's real; but I doubt it.