Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I Have the Evidence

I was looking through some old pictures the other day. Boy, my kids were cute. What happened? Of course there are a lot of baby pictures of the eldest and fewer of the younger. Funny how memory fades. I guess that is why we take pictures. I've got pictures of Traci's first birthday party and the first birthday of Annie and Pat. I made a cake and one half was iced in pink and the other blue. I often wondered if they felt cheated because they had one cake for the two of them. I've got pictures of all of them playing little league. God I used to hate to have to work the concession stand. All those little brats wanting suicides. I was so dumb I had to ask what that was. Snow cones with all the flavors. UGH. Then there was Traci's birthday party. I dont remember the year, but she and Annie had the same pink and grey dress. It was also the party when she had her first "boy friend" Adam Barnett. I dont think she remembers, but I do. Then there was the Halloween party where some of the guests came in costume. One even came in one costume and changed into another briefer one. That was interesting. Then there was the picture of Traci on the riding lawnmover. We had a big yard at the time. She really thought she was something else.
Then I found Traci's graduation picture. She looked so nice. Pat wasn't too into getting pictures taken as he usually flipped me the finger when I tried to take a picture. And the one that made me really mad was when I paid for Annie to have her Senior pictures done, only to find out that she cancelled the order and used my money for herself. I didn't get any pictures of Traci's first wedding cause we werent invited. I didnt get the chance to give her a shower or any thing. Of course she married a jerk. She also refused to tell us the truth about her pregnancy. So much for seeing your firstborn walk down the isle. Now she had been married twice and I still have no pictures. That wedding was also hush,hush. Guess I just didnt rate in her book. Missed my son's wedding because our truck broke down, course the marriage did too. At least Annie had a nice wedding. I hope it was what she wanted. Now I have pictures of the grandkids. Then of course I still have some pictures I have been holding back for blackmail. Yes, I can be evil! Just ask my stepdaughter Amanda. She always tried to hide whenever a camera came out, still does. But she has been caught too. I love having evidence!


Trinity13 said...

Ahhh yes, I'm sure my mom has a ton of blackmail worthy pics of myself and my siblings!

Bone said...

"Boy, my kids were cute. What happened?"

I'm not sure why, but that was one of the funniest lines I've read in awhile.