Monday, May 08, 2006

Back Off!

Why do people tailgate? I especially hate it when I am in my low-slung sports car and some idiot in an SUV or truck crawls up my ass!. It makes no difference how fast I go, they are smelling my exhaust. That is annoying to us laid back,gentle people. Then they finally get tired of counting the hairs on the back of my head and whip out and roar past me. Well, guess what, just who is side by side at the next light?!I dont know what they think the are accomplishing by following so close, but sometimes I feel like really s l o w i n g down so they will get away from me. There are so many people around here who think that the break pedal is something to slam on at the last minute. Those are the ones that really scare me, especially while they are riding my bumper. This ain't NASCAR guys (and girls). Back off, or I will have to hurt you! As a member of the "fair sex" I must remind you I have a mean streak! Now get off my ass!


Duez said...

Houston is full of bad drivers. Whether or not they have their liscense or not! :)