Friday, September 30, 2005

I give up

I give up! Can I strangle my 26 year old son and get away with it? I dont know where his brain is. He works with my husband. Today he overslept because he didnot set the alarm clock. This isnt the first time. How come his girlfriend didnt wake him?. He and his girlfriend and her 3yearold son share a house with his step-sister. They share the rent and electricity, etc. He just had to get another truck because his old one finally died (after over $2000 repairs).We helped him with some of the repairs. Now he's stuck paying on a newer truck he cant afford. He thought the payments would be $200/mo.but they are $400. He says the dealer messed him up. He should have not taken the deal without knowing for sure. He really needs to work 2 jobs but wont cause he wants weekends free. His sister works 2 jobs... I just dont know. I wonder when he is going to realize that he is not making it. He rarely gets a full paycheck. His lack of responsibility is un believable. No one seems to be able to light a fire under him. I fear that he will have to hit rock bottom before he learns anything. I guess he feels that if worse comes to worse he can move back home, but I cant let him. That would be too easy for him. I'm no longer his keeper. What would he do if we weren't here? I just dont know what it will take to get him off his butt. What in the world is he thinking? Maybe he's not thinking. He surely is not making any effort on his part. I give up. I'm afraid he's about to hit the wall. So many people have tried to help him. His sister and girlfriend cant seem to get through to him. If his sister can work to jobs at the age of 22 what is his problem?. At 26 you'd think he'd face his challenges and move up. I give up!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Sailing along the government money stream

Just another glimpse into the brains of the operation. I thought it was sadly funny that the Katrina evacuees did not want to move onto the Carnival cruise ships. Been in too much water they said. Cant really blame them. So the all knowing all powerful government, since they had already leased them, decided to put the responders on them. Ok, so I understand that the cruise line had to take ships out of commission. One they apparently took out of drydock. So the problem is that information comes to light that Carnival and the government entered into a deal to lease the ships at nearly twice as much as the average person taking a cruise. So, who is screwing who? The government is screwing us out of our tax dollars. The cruise ship line is screwing the government. What's the deal here. I guess it goes back to basic Economics 101- let the buyer beware. So who should I be mad at? The government (yet again) is wasteing my money. Carnival cruise ship lines sees how to make a quick buck. First you think just one more case of government waste. Then another black eye for big business. We cant win.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Shall we spank the government?

I saw a clip of Michael Brown's testimony and a thought struck me. He sounds like a child who blames another child for breaking his mother's expensive vase. Worse yet, I wonder, how did we, as a people, end up this way. It seems that whenever someone is questioned, it's never their fault. Does this start in childhood? We've all had experience either in relationships with family or work where the same "not me" attitude prevails. No one seems to want to take responsibility. From business to government to personal things, many people have found it easier to blame the other guy. Drug companies say "it's not our fault the patient died, he took the medicine wrong". Companies recall products because they know they are at fault but wont admit it. Court cases are frequently settled with no admission of guilt. We are seeing the buck not being passed but thrown around because no-one wants to take responsibility. We start doing this as kids because we dont want to be punished for our mistakes and judgement errors. Apparently we dont learn anything as adults either. Just keep saying "not my fault". It's time not only the government but everyone learns to stand up and say "I did it, I made the mistake, it's my fault". Guess childhood lessons have not been learned very well. Would a collective spanking help? Oh, but I guess we dont do that anymore. Dont want to hurt anyone.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Holding my breath

I am practicing holding my breath. The Astros have four games left in the regular season. Two of these games are against the St.Louis Cardinals. I will be holding my breath because the Astros have always had trouble beating them. Last year they lost to them in the playoffs. Then the Cards went on to the World Series. Then we have to play the Cubs. We've done better against them. Then we still have Philly nipping at our heels. It is so close that Philly could, combined with Astros losses and their wins,end up tied. Historically the Astros dont do well in a tie breaking series. Astros fans have been through this before. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The breath holding starts tonight. Go Astros!

Monday, September 26, 2005

The silent house

Our power went out Saturday at 2am for 12 hours during the hurricane. We didnot get much rain, some wind. When there is no power, you discover that there is no such thing as a quiet house. When the tv, fans, refrigerator and freezer go off, you'd think all would be quiet.At 2am husband's snoring as well as the dog. Then you hear the house breathing. Sounds like a good spooky movie. Of course, there is the noise of the branches scratching on the roof. Our house has the attic fans that sit on top of the roof which were spinning wildly making a lot of noise.Everything is magnified and seems a lot louder. The wind blowing through the chimney seemed eerie. Any noise outside the house was that much louder too. Rain hitting the window glass is louder that we thought. Even the backyard fence made noise as it waved in the wind. Even the battery operated clock on the wall seemed to tick louder. Apparently there is no truth to the old saying that "silence is golden". Dont believe it.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Lessons learned

Well, our side of town dodged a bullet. All we got was a little rain and some wind. We were without power for over 12 hours. Southeast Houston got a little worse. Galveston had some magor damage, Port Arthur and Beaumont were hit harder. The amazing thing is that this part of Texas was able to evacuate nearly 3 million people in about 36 hours. That has never been done before, anywhere. While there were multiple problems including, 100 mile long traffic jams and lack of fuel, the plan worked and lives were saved. I dont think any other large city could do this in the time that Houston did. I think we learned some lessons here. Planning and communication is everything.

Friday, September 23, 2005


It's hard to wait out the hours before the landfall of Rita. We hope, since Rita seems to be moving more east, we will not have too much. Wednesday night predictions were that our neighbor on the northwest side of Houston would have 135 mph winds. That kind of wind would destroy homes. After a couple of sleepless nights, we are "glad" that it may not be that bad in our neighborhood. 100mph or less, maybe as little as 40-75mph. Not so for the east and southeast side of Houston/Harris county, Galveston and Port Arthur areas. This morning Rita a moved a little more east toward the Tx/La border. It is still going to be bad here. I feel for the people on the road trying to escape. There has been some criticism because the roads have been clogged and cars have run out of fuel. I cant imagine being on a major highway, driving 20-25mph with young children. We are all antsy. Some of us have never experienced this. But I think the Mayor White has done a good job handling an untried procedure. No one has ever tried to evacuate nearly 3million people before. And now we wait...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Worse than a mother-in-law

Everyone is getting ready for an unwelcome visitor, even more than a mother in law. Evacuations began yesterday. Hospitals and nursing/assisted living centers are being evacuated. Soon Galveston will be empty, if not under water. Buses are taking families and pets to safety. The evacuees from New Orleans have been flown to Arkansas. There are no hotel/motel rooms.The Texas National Guard is on the ground. Supplies of water, mres etc sit ready. Emergency people have ham radios and satelite cell phone up and running. The entire Texas coast is under the gun. Low lying areas of the city of Houston, mostly on the southeast side are being asked to evacuate because of probable flooding. UTMB John Sealy Hospital is being evacuated for the first time in 114 years. There is no jelly or peanutbutter,water or bread at our local WalMart. Gas stations are running out of gas already. Generators, plywood and batteries are a rare find. This could be the big one.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Are we really rich?

If the good old USA is the richest nation in the world, why are we borrowing so much money from foreign countries like England and China and others? What would happen if all these countries all decided they wanted all the money paid back on the same day?Makes one wonder what we are spending our money(or theirs)on and is it worth it? Should we really be so indebted to all these countries? Thinking of the current national debt,where are we going? If the USA had to run on a balanced budget like the average citizen what would happen. What would the credit score be?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Birthday talk

Went to a birthday party this week-end. The party was a double party for a 22 year girl and a 3 year old boy. The party was held at the girl's house which she shares with her friend, the child's mother and her boyfriend, who just happens to be the birthday girl's stepbrother. That sounds confusing. Anyway, parents and friends were all invited. They had Moon Walk for the kids and cooked hamburgers and hot dogs. All the family and friends seemed to have a good time. My question is though, when it is appropriate to tell a 3 year old that "you make me sick", or "you're the scum of the earth". I know this was said in play, but since when do adults tell children things like that? Maybe I am wrong, but I dont think that was right, even it play. But no one else seemed to be the least bit phased by this. Well, if no-one else cares, why should I? Because,I am old fashioned(or out of touch with reality). I think that we should not talk to young children that way. But that's just me...

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Apparently,here in Houston there are more than a few people commiting fraud as a result of hurricane Katrina. I was rather upset that people were using money from donations to the Red Cross to get lap dances at strip clubs,etc. Apparently some people are buying drugs, too. Now the Red Cross has said that the cards they give out are for necessities. Now, the Houston Police Chief is going after anyone who is using cards or comminting any other frauds relating to helping the people who have been hurt by the hurricane. I realize that there are many ways to recover from disaster, but food, clothing, shelter and medical care should be taken care of first.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Paying for strip tease and lap dances

This does not sit well with me. The other day a guy called one of our local radio stations (KKRW). He talked to the hosts (Dean and Rog)telling then what he had witnessed the night before. To say he was mad was an understatement. He said that the previous night he was at a local topless bar when he saw a man at one of the ATMs. What struck him was the fact that the guy was using a card with the Red Cross on it. He was so astounded by what he saw, he asked the guy if that wasn't one of the hurricane relief cards. The guy told him that it was and not only could he use it for whatever he wanted (lap dances, etc?) but that he had more cards and it was none of his business what he used the card(s) for anyway! That brought up an obvious question because there is no way to control how the money given out on these cards is being used. Now, I'm mad.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Bring home the bacon fry it up in the pan

I like bacon. But when I go to the store to buy more I am wary of what to buy. Packages always have the pictures of nice looking bacon. But, where is the quality control. I dont care which brand I buy, it is never the same. One time it will be thick, one time thin. One time it's long, others short. Sometimes it cooks nicely, some times not. I've cooked bacon that has come out of the package so long it barely fits into the pan. Sometimes it's hardly there. Sometimes the pieces look like the slicer was on drugs. I just want to know that when I buy it, I'll get what I pay for. It doesn't seem to matter what the price or brand, I never know what I'll get. It never seems to have any uniformity in the size, thickness or number of slices.Are meat cutters trying to make be irked. They're doing a good job. Looking in that annoying window on the package doesn't do justice to what is in the package. It always seems to be a crap shoot, but guess I' fry it up anyway.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Where are your manners?

There is a trend in this country that is being overlooked. Maybe I am overly sensitive about it, but good manners are disappearing. People dont say things like,Please, Thank you. Nobody says "May I..." and sir or ma'am are rarely heard.Growing up in the stonage of the 50's and 60's in the deep South children had manners. I would never consider saying "yeah" to an adult. It was even a custom in the South that a child or young person sitting in a room with adults would offer his or her seat when an adult entered the room. Not now. Young people dont respect their elders or any kind of authority figure no matter how small. I've seen small children saying "what?" to their parents when they should be learning to say "yes, sir?". Many teens and young adults are so self-absorbed that they think manners are not necessary. How hard would it be to say to a sales-clerk "Thank you, ma'am"? People today say,"they dont respect me, so why should I respect them?" What would it hurt? Thank you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I did not fall in love in a K-Mart store

I did not fall in love in a K-Mart store! Leave me alone. Commercials are getting more and more annoying. Why doesnt someone tell those guys at Sonic to go home? They seem to live at Sonic. Ford may be the best in Texas but how would that play in New Jersey? Would it be better in a Dodge in West Virginia? While I have nothing against Cher,does anyone really want to lose weight to that song? Why not "scrubbing bubbles so you dont have to"? Go take the Quaker Oats challenge and find a Christian trial lawyer. Where is the smiling price-cut guy from Wal-mart, I guess they're not cutting prices anymore? Between the falling M&M's and football players pulling over everything in the frozen foods isles, I've had enough. I'm not loving it.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Never lend money

I guess I will have to become the evil mother-in-law. I really dont have a choice. My son-in-law asked to borrow some money so he could by some dress clothes for his new position as a newspaper publisher. Coming from small town reporting and editing he's now a publisher. A nice step up indeed. Obviously he needs to look the part. I was happy to help since he's moving up in the world. So, I kept the 3 children for nearly a month from the end of May to the middle of June. When he called to ask me for money, he made the usual promise of paying it all back. He's only paid 1/3 of it. I really dont look forward to asking for my money back. But I guess I'll be turning into the evil mother-in-law. Shame on me for being a lender. Remiinds me of the old saying about neither a lender nor borrower be. Once again I have trusted people, and been disappointed. I'll be thinking really hard about helping people in the future. Just goes to show, dont lend to family.

Friday, September 09, 2005

What about them?

Everyone is discussing the problems of the Katrina survivors. But, what about the people who have been charged with the daunting tasks of rescuing and helping or treatint these people. These people have performed heroiclly in terrible conditions. Both the military people and all those who are helping these people without pay. All these people are giving of themselves for the good of mankind. It has got to take a toll on all of these people. There is no way we can truely thank all the people who without hesitation have given so much of themselves to help in this tragedy. Waht about them?

Thursday, September 08, 2005

This Property Protected by Hummingbirds

A lot of people have signs on their fences which say "beware of dog". I have an idea for one "beware of hummingbird". Say what? Or, how about "this premise protected by attack hummingbird". That may sound silly, but anyone who has ever watched how fiercely a hummingbird will defend his terratory would understand. Watching a neighborhood cat or dog being divebombed by a mad mockingbird gets a lesson in protection. We've all been to various novelty and gift stores and found cute signs extolling the virtues of the attack cat, chicken, gerbil, hampster, etc. Something are quite funny. I've never seen one that said to beware of a hummingbird. I dare any unsuspecting person, animal or bird to encroach upon my backyard! Those hummingbirds may be little but they are fierce.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sports Shorts

Well, it's about that time of year again. Baseball is winding down and football is winding up. I love our Houston Astros and am keeping my fingers crossed. So many times they have come so close...

So far the Houston Texans SUCK. I wound have hoped by this time in their life, they would be showing some significant improvement, but...

The Longhorns open their season against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Hook em Horns. I also hope for good news from the Alabama Crimson Tide. Roll Tide.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

People, Poker and Pets

Well, Gov. Perry said we are full. We now have 2 cruise ships sitting in Galveston waiting to take people on for up to six months. 4,000 were lined up to go but decided at the last minute not to go for various reasons. Some still have not found all their family members. Some just wanted to stay put for awhile. On a somewhat darker note the Houston Police Department has put an 11:00PM curfew because some people were going out and coming back drunk or disturbing the sleeping children among other things. Some of them dont like the idea of a curfew, but personaly, I think there must be some kind of order.

On another note, I didnt see my husband for nearly 3 days. Was he stuck in traffic or marooned somewhere? No, he was upstairs playing on-line poker. He did take time out to surprise the dog with a bath. I'm usually the one who has to do the dirty deed. She pouted all day.

I feel so sad for the animals that were displaced and I understand the feelings of those people who refused to leave because of their pets. Some of the evacuees here in Houston managed to sneak their pets with them but the pets ended up at the SPCA shelter. The pets look just as shattered as the people.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Pull tab to open

Yesterday was laundry day. So, I am in the middle when I have to get out the new box of detergent. Pull tab to open. That's what it says on the box. I've had trouble with this before, but I am ever hopeful. This time it'll be easy. So, I pull the tab, it tears off. I get mad, it mocks me. Why do I have so much trouble with pull tabs? Sometimes I think they do it on purpose. I go to find some scissors. Surely, this will be easier. I'll be able to open this enough to get to a spot making it easier to open. Right! The whole tab seems to disappear, making it irritatingly hard to find anything to grasp to pull. We are at a stand off. I cant get box to open because the "pull tab to open" wont pull. The box mocks me, ha, ha. In frustration, I start stabbing at the box with the scissors. How hard can this be? This is becoming a battle of wits. Who will win? Finally, after much struggle, I cut and tear enough to get the box open. I am not happy because the top of the box is now totallly messed up. Now it is torn so much that the top is almost useless. But, I did get it open so I can finish washing clothes. Can't beat me! Got the box open, hurting my fingers, raising my blood pressure, but I win! Take that you lousy box. Still the box mocks me. I now hate any container that has directions saying "Pull tab to open." Then I thought of how many things I have to open by pulling tabs. I fear that I am going to lose this war.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Give Us Your Tired...

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. Not to New York City as it was written but to Houston, Texas and the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Houston Astrodome.The busses started arriving in the wee hours of the morning.The poorest of the poor from New Orleans are now arriving at the dome. Other refugees have already been arriving and are in various shelters and in some cases hospitals. This will require a LOT of patience on the part of everyone. Earlier this am we had breaking news about shots fired at choppers trying to ferry people to the buses. Security is a problem for everyone. We here in Houston welcome all and hope we can help. Houston is a very generous city and we all will do what we can to help. A side note, Jerry Lewis has announced that his MD Telethon will raise money for hurricane relief instead of MD. We all need to do what we can to reach out to all those suffering. I know Houston is.