Sunday, October 30, 2005

Odd Thoughts on Sunday

Here is an odd thought. Suppose that Harriet Miers was a "red herring". That she was thrown to the wolves on purpose. Maybe Bush's plan was to nominate someone he knew had no chance of winning. Maybe he knew that the nomination would create a huge unroar. Maybe he figured that because of she would be such a bad choice that the next nomination would be quickly approved.

Then again maybe Libby was a "red herring" for Dick Cheney.

Then again maybe the Texans will actually win today.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Lost on Saturday

Well, my husband has to work today, so I'm by myself. We usually run all over town on Saturday. So, I thought,"great, I'll get to watch football without interruption".My husband has a habit on flipping through channels while we are watching TV. This can be a little annoying. I dont mind flipping through the commercials, but the hard part in when I am engrossed in a program and he changes the channel during a commercial and doesn't get back to the other program in time to catch a crucial scene. Football or baseball is a real problem. Missed home runs and touchdowns! Some games I dont really care but when The Astros or Longhorns or Tide are on, there could be a problem. Well, the Astros season is over, so I thought I would watch some college football since both the Horns and the Tide are frequently on TV here. As luck would have it, neither is on TV today! I am not happy! So I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on the scores as they scroll by on which ever channel has a game on it. Guess I'll just have to pull out the book I've been reading, if I can remember where I put it. Or maybe I'll try to tame the parrot. I have a feeling that won't happen. Tomorrow isn't looking much better, the Texans will be on. Now that is real torture! I laugh every time the Texans commercial comes on saying that they live for Sunday. And to think they are favored to win! Somehow I don't think so.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Thanks for the Ride

Houston is throwing a party for the Astros today to say "thanks for the ride". It should be great. The 'stros have be outstanding this year. Yesterday some the guys starting cleaning out their lockers, ready to go back home. Rumors are begining to circulate about who will be back or traded. One rumor is that Adam Everett may be traded. Brad Ausmus is a free agent. I hope he stays cause is so good with the pitchers. Mr. McLane wants to keep the budget around $82 million where it is now.The next few week and months will tell.

Now it's on to our other pro(?) team- the Texans. Oddly enough the oddsmakers have picked the Texans to beat the Browns. Are they nuts! How many weeks are left in this season? Seems like every week the Texans find a new way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Sigh... At least we'll probably get the first pick in the draft.

It's gotta get better. Spring training is only 4 months away...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Roofless in Houston and other silly questions

Ok, the Sox won. Nice job. Houston attorney Lisa Sechelski is planning to file a class action suit against MLB and Commissioner Bud Selig. Is she nuts? She is filing on behalf of fans who, she says,got sick because they were not given adequate notice that the roof would be open, and therefore were not prepared for cold temperatures.This is not a joke. Is this silly? Yes. Will it go to court? Unlikely. Waste of time? Yes. This suit does not envolve the Astros, even though they wanted the roof closed. Did the open roof contribute to the demise of the Astros? Maybe, but the lack of run support probably did. Even the meltdown of Brad Lidge was less of a factor compared to leaving 29 runners on base. The lack of run support for the good pitching was the most important factor. The bigger question now is will Roger be back? What about Bagwell? Team owner Drayton McLane has already said he will do whatever he can to make sure Roger comes back. Bagwell is already planning rehab to try to insure that his shoulder will be strong for next season. Some sports writers say that the team is too old (Biggio, Bagwell, Clemens). These guys are the heart and soul of the team. Some how the team needs to get Chris Burke more playing time. The Astros have a good core, they do need to score runs. Besides there is the small voice asking Clemens and Clemens playing together. Wishful thinking? Maybe, time will tell, probably next September.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Home Field "Advantage"?

I'm not tossing sour grapes here. I think the World Series has been pretty (except for us).The Chicago White Sox seem to have the right formula for beating us and probably will do so tonight. But, what about the home field advantage that is so treasured by all sports teams. The Sox had theirs. They are used to playing in cold bad weather. They know the best of their field. Since they dont have a roof, their fans have their way of rooting for their team. We have a roof which the Astros us to our advantage. So the question is what happened to our homefield advantage? Bud Selig has decided that our home field should have the roof open. By doing that, we lose our advantage. The players like the roof closed and so do the fans. We win more games with the roof closed. But since this is the World Series, according to Major League Baseball (Bud Selig)they control the game. The Astros had no choice, no input.So where is the home field advantage for us? I believe that each home team should have the advantage of doing with their field what they have done all season and not have to change it just because the MLB bosses want to. Other wise why not have the games at a neutral field? And by the way, where was Bud Selig during the steroids controversy?

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Polly (or Paul) want a cracker?

I'm a dog person. I've had them all my life. Not to say that I don't like others, but I just always seem to have a dog. Right now I am owned by an 8 year old mini-dachsund. At various times in the past I have also had everything from cats, mice, hamsters,parakeets and fish. Now I have become mother to a parrot. My husband caught this bird at a job site. It was flying around loose. Don't know anything about it. Apparently there were at least 2 or 3 flying around. So naturallly he came home with a cage and the bird. I have no clue what to do with him (or her). Since the parrot had been loose for a while its obviously is not tame. The guys on the job had a wild time catching it. It bit through a welder's glove, and that is pretty thick. I'm thinking of trying to find a falconers glove. The parrot is begining to settle down in the cage. I understand parrots are affectionate and easy to train. I've heard they can be taught to speak. So I guess my new job is parrot trainer. I have no idea what the sex of this bird is or how old it is. All I know is that it is green with a yellow head and a tiny bit of red near the wings. This is gonna be a trip!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Beware of the southside of Chicago

Ok, so the Sox are leading the series 2-0. Chicago fans should be happy. I know if it were the Astros ahead we would be. But it is not necessary to do what one White Sox fan did. Apparently some "fan" thought it would be great fun to try to attack Patty Biggio. What did she ever do? That is just low. If a fan does not like a player that is one thing, but don't take it out on a player's wife. Thankfully, Patty was not hurt. She was pretty shaken up. At least the police arrested the jerk. I have always heard that the southside of Chicago was a bad area.Hopefully this won't happen again. If Chicago wins the series kudos to the Sox but hurting people does not make the city look good. At least Houston has class. Our fans would not do that to a Sox player's wife or fans.

Friday, October 21, 2005

There is Logic in those Ads

Now I understand. The reason there are so many Holiday commercials. Guess I must be the dumbest person on the planet. There is a simple reason. Due to the projected increase in the heating costs as well as the high price of gas, the retailers have decided to have early sales instead of nearer Christmas. They figure that the buying public will be too concerned about heating their homes than buying presents. This is why they have decided to bombard us earlier than usual with the holiday ads. They say they are having the "Christmas Sales" earlier than usual so that people will buy earlier and save money. Those last minute deals are not really any cheaper than they are now. So they think we will buy gifts now and save money. They also say that buying on-line is great cause many companies will have free shipping. They figure that we think we will save money by letting the retailers spend their money on gas instead of us. I wonder if that will really be true. I have seen increasing prices because of increasing fuel costs that are being passed on to the consumer. But they think we will buy now and save money to heat our homes and lightup those Christmas trees. That's their logic. Right...and I thought they were just trying to annoy me.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

After 44 years...

It has taken 44 years but the monkey is now off the Astros' back. Roger Clemens mother said so. The long suffering heart and soul of the team Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell after 18 and 15 years finally see their hard work amount to a championship. The city of Houston finally celebrated. Unlike other cities no problems and no arrests. The lines formed around the stores as soon as the T-shirt maker got the word to start printing the championship shirts. 78 year old Hall of Fame broadcaster can finally say the Astros are going to the World Series. Go Astros!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Trying to Remain Positive

Do I dare watch the Astros tonight? I'm trying to remain positive. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed. I'm hoping for my luck to change. It's just got to, right? The game was bad enough, but the next morning we noticed a puddle under our Trans Am. Ouch! We had just gotten my husband's work truck out of the shop to the tune of $400 to repair the power steering pump. We still haven't been able to fix our old Lumina that my son borrowed while his truck was down. Apparently something is wrong with the fuel pump in the gas tank on the Lumina. Cheez, enough already. I hope the Trans Am's problem isn't too bad. I'm afraid to even try to drive it. My husband thinks maybe it has a transmission leak. I don't know. Maybe I should try the lottery. I really good at losing that one. Come on Astros, I need some Good News!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Can I Have That Pitch Back?

That must be what Brad Lidge is thinking. One strike away from going to the World Series. When Albert Pujols hit that homerun the stadium fell silent. Screams could be heard in neighborhoods all over Houston. Stunned, the team had to hurriedly make changes in the clubhouse. The staff had to move the trophy, take down the banner and remove the bottles of champagne. It was a gut wrenching, heart breaking loss. No one could feel worse than Brad Lidge. One pitch changed everything. Momentum was on their side. The team really wanted to win it at home for the fan who have been so loyal for 45 years. It will be hard to win in St. Louis. It's deja vu all over again as Yogi once said. The Astros are facing the same situation they did last year. Leading 3-2 with 2 games left. They lost both. Hopefully, this time history will not repeat itself. Two games left, we only need one! Go Astros!

Monday, October 17, 2005

When's the other shoe gonna drop?

Ah, yes as predictable as the sunrise, the Texans lost. As the worst team in the NFL maybe we should draft the USC quarterback. I'm afraid that David Carr may be shell shocked. I know I would be. Poor guy has been sacked so many times in his professional career that he must think he is a sack of potatoes. One coach has already been fired. Who's next? I watched some of the game against Seattle last night and I sat there shaking my head. I realize that Seattle has a very good team, but I swear the Texans looked like a bunch of Pop Warner kids. Man, nothing they did seemed to work. The defense looked more like roaches scattering in the light then an offense stopping team. Whenever the camera showed Carr he looked lost. Dom Capers looked mistified. What next? Where's Bob McNair's shoe? Maybe it's time to drop it.

Go 'Stros!

Friday, October 14, 2005

I don't want your business so quit the Spam

First it's telemarketers annoying me. No, I don't want to talk to you about my radio listening habits. And don't ask me to buy a burial plot in Florida after all I'm only going to be there 3 days. I'd like to kiss the feet of the person who came up with the national no call list. It's a blessing. I wish we could do the same to the spamers. I know the e-mail Gods have all provided us with spam filters, but I still get a lot of unwanted offers to improve my sex life or find the Christian way to remove my bills. How do you do that anyway? I don't need new ringtones for my phone, either. Now these creeps are invading my blog. Isn't anything safe anymore? I know these guys are trying to get traffic to their sites, but I don't want to go there. I enjoy the comments from all of you who have visited with me, except for those guys. So, I guess I must become one of the increasing number of bloggers using the dreaded letter box verification. It irks me because I'm the dummy who can't always get the letters right and have to do it over...and over. So, until the blog Gods figure out how to create a no spam list, guess I'll have to go the letter verification route. Thanks to ya'll, come back soon, except you spam creeps.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Guess I'm Just No t Hip

Everywhere I look I see the buzz about the new IPod. Great... now I can watch video. Trouble is I dont want to. I was not that crazy about all the tunes you could have on the music one. Who wants to be that connected to music anyway? I enjoy listening to music but not hours on end. Now they are trying to entice me with video. Somehow I can't see myself watching Lost or Desperate Housewives on an itty bitty screen. First the experts say wide screen is better than regular because so much more of each picture can be seen. All the chariots in Ben-Hur versus one chariot. Now they want me to buy a video IPod to watch the tiny, tiny housewives... Guess I am just not that hip. Many years ago I did medical transcrpition plugged into an earpiece. After a while I felt that something was crawling in my ears. I do occasionly listen to music on headphones. I like Barry Manilow, my husband likes the Stones. But, I just cant see myself plugged in that often. They are going to have to do something about battery life before I watch a movie one IPod. I'm just not hip enough to watch Jaws on IPod. I can just imagine the battery dying in mid-bite. Besides, that was a big shark. It wont all fit on the screen. Oh well, I guess I'll just remain hipless.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Confidence or Apathy

All our local TV stations have reporters in St.Louis for the play-offs. Sports reporters are all digging for new stories and angles on the teams. I watched a reporter from our ABC station doing a story from in front of the stadium. She was trying to find Cardinal fans. She could not find any. Maybe we have a different outlook cause it is not hard to find any one around here who isnt excited to have our team in the play-offs. But in St. Louis it seems a little hard to find those die hard fans. Maybe they will be more vocal later today before the game starts. I began to wonder... Are the Cardinal fans so confident that they think the series is in the bag or do they just not care. They do have a lot more experience than we do. They obviously have a lot more experience in post season play. After all they did go to the World Series last year. But, at least yesterday, is was hard to find any fans willing to express their feelings about the game. Confidence or apathy? For the Cardinals sake I hope it is confidence, but beware of being overconfident.The shadow of the Astros is getting larger. For me, I will once again be holding my breath and hoping for a win.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Take a Cruise for Christmas

Last night as I was watching TV I saw a commercial that irritated me. So what else is new? What commmercial doesnt irritate me? Fear not, this one really got to me. Sleigh bells ringing and snow flying. People walking down the street with presents wrapped in bright paper topped with large red bows. The commercial was for Carnival Cruiseline. The temperature has barely left the high 80's here. The Astros are going to the NLCS and I am supposed to dream of a cruise? I am not ready for the holiday commercials, sorry. I have noticed more and more toy commercials. It's a good thing I am not an advertizing critic. But I guess it behooves me to get on the ball and finish (I mean start) Christmas shopping and bake that Thanksgiving turkey. Then, maybe I'll have time to take a cruise for Christmas. That is if I finish everything I need to do before next July 4th.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Baseball Rollercoaster

Eightteen innings, 5hours and 50 minutes! Stress and physical and mental drain.A rollercoaster ride for the ages. I have to admit I had a hard time watching the Astros and Braves play this game. As fans, we hoped the Astros could win this game so they would not have to go to Atlanta and face the posibility of being eliminated. As the game rolled on we wondered if our Astros were to lose would they have the strength to go to another game in Atlanta. As it turned out they played what amounts to a double-header with out a break. Watching the game, it felt like a stressful ride on a rollercoaster. Dismayed when LaRoche put the Braves ahead in the 5th, we wrung our hands until the the 8th when Lance Berkman hit a grand slam putting us only one run behind.Then the elation of Brad Ausmus hitting the homer to tie the game. Breathholding and nailbiting were everywhere. Both teams used every available player over the next nine innings. Talk about stress! Having used all the relief pitchers, Phil Garner told starter Roger Clemens to get his cleats on. Roger thought he was kidding. Realizing he was the last resort,Clemens took the mound as a relief pitcher for only the second time in his 20 year career. The first time was in 1984 as a rookie. So after throwing 92 pitches to lose game 2, on three days rest he pitched 3 shutout innings. In the 18th inning Chris Burke hit the game winning home-run. After 18 gut renching innings it was over. At one point it was almost like, "Is anybody going to win? How much longer can we hang on?" Atlanta played great, no doubt about it. But, just as the Astros' season has gone, it's been a rollercoaster ride of a season. All but dead and buried at 15 and 30 early in the season, what a ride to the finish. I just hope they have enough gas in the tank for the rest of the playoffs and maybe the World Series. Never give up! Next stop St Louis. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Friday, October 07, 2005

Ice and cockeyed driving

I had to run a couple of errands this morning. This in itself is no great thing. Gets me out of the house. Occasionally I see some odd signs while I am wasting gas and time on the road. As I drove along I'm taken aback by a road hazzard sign. Not slippery when wet, which is what I would expect here in Houston, but beware of ice on bridge. Uh, it's 90 degrees outside! Ice on bridge? Did I suddenly get transported to North Dakota? I thought the sign was funny cause this part of town rarely ices over. While the temperature occasionly dips below freezing during winter, it may last all of a day. But the sign did strike me funny after all the weeks of near 100 degree heat. Then I saw a how's my driving sign on the back of a company pickup truck. This really is not odd. Companies all over use these signs. I dont know if the companies are trying to intimidate their drivers or if they really want other drivers to call and report an unsafe driver. The odd thing was that the sign was crooked! What does that say? Does the company really care? Did the driver slap the sign on in a hurry? If the sign is crooked, does the driver drive crooked?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wake Up, Idiot

Picture this, three adults, one kid and three dogs living together in a house. The adults all have jobs. How come one can not seem to get up on time? They all have to be up early. Two women and a man, guess which one can never seem to get up on time.I know there are people who sleep heavily. But the man, who happens to be my son, just can not seem to wake up on time. He has an alarm clock and a bed-mate. Somehow he always has a problem getting up. Ok, let's assume he dogs barking dont wake him. Neither does the child. So, he either forgets to set the alarm or doesnt hear it. This brings up an obvious question. Does the bed-mate not hear the alarm, either. Or is she just as irresponsible? Maybe the early morning noises of people and animals dont seem to reach his ears. So the alarm clock and the bed-mate dont seem to help. Of course it would also help if he would remember to set the alarm clock. What next? What will it take? He's already been in trouble with his boss. Let's face it, living in Houston ya gotta get on the road early or you're behind all day. But, nothing seems to wake him up. Hey, wake up, idiot!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Jumping holidays

Someone just said it's 11 weeks till Christmas. Wasn't it just Labor Day? Neiman-Marcus just came out with its Holiday catalog. What happened to Halloween and Thanksgiving? Some stores are still setting up Halloween displays and others already are sneaking Christmas in. I was in WalMart the other day while people were picking through the Halloween costumes and hiding along a back wall was some Christmas decorations. At a Kroger store I was hit by the smell or scented pine cones in the middle of a Christmas display while on another isle were the new fall display of pumpkins and brightly colored leaves and other fall stuff. Somewhere we just skip over Tnanksgiving. We are in such a rush and so brain-washed to think Christmas before the heat wave in Houston is even over. Baseball playoffs, the great American fall classic are just begining. The marketing guys are already pushing us to think of buying all those things that will be discarded or broken before the New Year. Where does time go? Slow down, will ya... I'd like to live a little longer before I get pushed aside. We need to take time to enjoy the fall and work up to this gradually. I dont want to think that it is aready close to the annual fight to find the gifts were are always sold out. Just hold off a little longer, please.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Driving Topless

There is a hint of fall in the air. The temperature is flirting with lower numbers. It's just about that time. Time to exercise the beast. I love my Trans Am. The gleam of the shining white exterior quietly beckons me to come inside.As I slide into the supple bucket seat and grasp the steerig wheel, the beast beneath calls softly, "Let's go." The engine roars to life, pleading with its throaty rumble to get on the road. As we hit the road, I feel the wind blowing through my hair, the power under the hood,ready to be set free. Yes, I love driving topless. The looks, the wistful yearning of the young guys as they pull up the the stop light. I can read their minds as the think "My Mustang can beat your Trans Am." "Not a chance, kiddo" as I smile to myself.Off we go as the kid eats my dust.The power of the beast roars as I drive down the street. Ah yes, yet again, the kids are no match. The beast urges me on. Driving down the street, my senses are heightened. I smell crispness in the air mixed with exhaust fumes from the other cars. I can hear the roar of radios as they compete for the attention of the listeners. They are encroaching on my space. I would rather listen to the power of the beast. As I sprint throught the streets, I cannot help but absorb the freedom driving topless brings. The colors are brighter, the air crisper. The sudden change in attitude of other drivers as they dream of "what if?" As I slip through traffic I am free, no one can catch me. No one but time that is. On the way home, I think about the next time the beast and I can roam free, topless for all to see. I am already planning the next trip. I take sadistic pleasure in being the little old lady beating the young guys in their hotrods. Maybe is is a middle-age thing, maybe not. I love my Trans Am convertible. Driving topless is a great American pastime. I highly recommend it.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Feast and Famine

Ah, yes the Astros for the secnond year in a row have captured the wild card spot in the baseball playoffs. After being written off early in the season with a 15-30 start this is an outstanding end to the season. There was even a "tombstone" telling of the demise of the Astros before the season was half over. They made it to the league championship last year, losing to St.Louis who went on to lose the World Series. I'm hopeful it will be better this year. Next stop Atlanta...

On the other hand, we have the Houston Texans. From bad to bad to bad. They actually looked better Sunday, though they still lost. The play calling was better and they held their own against the Bengals for most of the game. There was one questionable call by the officials that ruined the game for the Texans. Even the announcers were stunned by the call. Oh well, I guess the real Texans are somewhere. We just cant find them.

So we have the Feast of the Houston Astros to the Famine of the Houston Texans. Go Astros! Please...