Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Jumping holidays

Someone just said it's 11 weeks till Christmas. Wasn't it just Labor Day? Neiman-Marcus just came out with its Holiday catalog. What happened to Halloween and Thanksgiving? Some stores are still setting up Halloween displays and others already are sneaking Christmas in. I was in WalMart the other day while people were picking through the Halloween costumes and hiding along a back wall was some Christmas decorations. At a Kroger store I was hit by the smell or scented pine cones in the middle of a Christmas display while on another isle were the new fall display of pumpkins and brightly colored leaves and other fall stuff. Somewhere we just skip over Tnanksgiving. We are in such a rush and so brain-washed to think Christmas before the heat wave in Houston is even over. Baseball playoffs, the great American fall classic are just begining. The marketing guys are already pushing us to think of buying all those things that will be discarded or broken before the New Year. Where does time go? Slow down, will ya... I'd like to live a little longer before I get pushed aside. We need to take time to enjoy the fall and work up to this gradually. I dont want to think that it is aready close to the annual fight to find the gifts were are always sold out. Just hold off a little longer, please.


maria said...


I have the same feeling about
rush marketing. I guess it is
up to the consumers to resist
the buying of the "whatever holiday
it is" if the stores can't respect
the logical flow of time and holidays.

PaintingChef said...

I feel EXACTLY the same way! I love Thanksgiving and for some reason, it just seems to get swallowed up whole inside of Christmas and "The Holiday Season".

So sad.

frankybme said...

I coulnt agree more with your observation!

S said...

Back at the beginning of August I went into Hobby Lobby & found their christmas stuff already up. No Halloween & no Thanksgiving. Just christmas. Talk about making me feel all "Bah humbuggy!" I'm hoping I can convience the kids to skip Halloween this year. I just don't feel like dealing with the costume hunt...... I hold little hope of skipping it.

I do love Thanksgiving. More so now that I've talked hubby into not doing the family shuffle. It's so much nicer & less stress with us just staying home & building our own traditions. :-)