Friday, October 21, 2005

There is Logic in those Ads

Now I understand. The reason there are so many Holiday commercials. Guess I must be the dumbest person on the planet. There is a simple reason. Due to the projected increase in the heating costs as well as the high price of gas, the retailers have decided to have early sales instead of nearer Christmas. They figure that the buying public will be too concerned about heating their homes than buying presents. This is why they have decided to bombard us earlier than usual with the holiday ads. They say they are having the "Christmas Sales" earlier than usual so that people will buy earlier and save money. Those last minute deals are not really any cheaper than they are now. So they think we will buy gifts now and save money. They also say that buying on-line is great cause many companies will have free shipping. They figure that we think we will save money by letting the retailers spend their money on gas instead of us. I wonder if that will really be true. I have seen increasing prices because of increasing fuel costs that are being passed on to the consumer. But they think we will buy now and save money to heat our homes and lightup those Christmas trees. That's their logic. Right...and I thought they were just trying to annoy me.


Pat Kirby said...

Er, logic? Ads? Perish the thought.

I love [sarc] the HUMVEE commercials that tout them as family vehicles with "almost" 20 mpg. Heh. Have to sell the family into slavery to pay the petrol bill

maria said...

Hii Jill,

Thanks for posting your advice on
procrastination. Well taken.

I'm going right now to go and do
my dishes which should be the first
thing I do in the morning.