Monday, October 17, 2005

When's the other shoe gonna drop?

Ah, yes as predictable as the sunrise, the Texans lost. As the worst team in the NFL maybe we should draft the USC quarterback. I'm afraid that David Carr may be shell shocked. I know I would be. Poor guy has been sacked so many times in his professional career that he must think he is a sack of potatoes. One coach has already been fired. Who's next? I watched some of the game against Seattle last night and I sat there shaking my head. I realize that Seattle has a very good team, but I swear the Texans looked like a bunch of Pop Warner kids. Man, nothing they did seemed to work. The defense looked more like roaches scattering in the light then an offense stopping team. Whenever the camera showed Carr he looked lost. Dom Capers looked mistified. What next? Where's Bob McNair's shoe? Maybe it's time to drop it.

Go 'Stros!


Callen Damornen said...

Interesting blog:-)

Carefree Mall

S said...

Yeah that was a rough game. I hate to see a good young QB like Carr be stuck on such a rotten team. I was really excited when the Texans were born, I am dieing for a good Texas team to back...... don't get me started on the Cowboys. *sigh* Something needs to snap that team in the tush! Only team in the NFL to not win a game yet........ and to make matters worse, they face Indy this week.