Monday, October 24, 2005

Beware of the southside of Chicago

Ok, so the Sox are leading the series 2-0. Chicago fans should be happy. I know if it were the Astros ahead we would be. But it is not necessary to do what one White Sox fan did. Apparently some "fan" thought it would be great fun to try to attack Patty Biggio. What did she ever do? That is just low. If a fan does not like a player that is one thing, but don't take it out on a player's wife. Thankfully, Patty was not hurt. She was pretty shaken up. At least the police arrested the jerk. I have always heard that the southside of Chicago was a bad area.Hopefully this won't happen again. If Chicago wins the series kudos to the Sox but hurting people does not make the city look good. At least Houston has class. Our fans would not do that to a Sox player's wife or fans.


Matt said...

Why can't people remember it's just a game?

It's a great matchup of teams, but just not what the network executives were hoping for.