Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Confidence or Apathy

All our local TV stations have reporters in St.Louis for the play-offs. Sports reporters are all digging for new stories and angles on the teams. I watched a reporter from our ABC station doing a story from in front of the stadium. She was trying to find Cardinal fans. She could not find any. Maybe we have a different outlook cause it is not hard to find any one around here who isnt excited to have our team in the play-offs. But in St. Louis it seems a little hard to find those die hard fans. Maybe they will be more vocal later today before the game starts. I began to wonder... Are the Cardinal fans so confident that they think the series is in the bag or do they just not care. They do have a lot more experience than we do. They obviously have a lot more experience in post season play. After all they did go to the World Series last year. But, at least yesterday, is was hard to find any fans willing to express their feelings about the game. Confidence or apathy? For the Cardinals sake I hope it is confidence, but beware of being overconfident.The shadow of the Astros is getting larger. For me, I will once again be holding my breath and hoping for a win.


Anonymous said...
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S said...

How are you doing after last nights game? Man that hurt! I had to flip between Houston & the White Sox. That game was nuts there at the end.

*sigh* Is the series even half over yet?

Jason said...

Isn't it ironic that the St. Louis fans call themselves the "Best Fans in Baseball"?

sciencegrl said...

LOL, our news people had no trouble after the game thats for sure, and actually the best fans in baseball comes from the way we behave from what I am told.

I'm really suprised they couldn't find anything since it is our last year at Bush Stadium

I think some of it too is that people tend not to go downtown until game town, we are a commuter town and most people unless they work downtown, don't tend to hang out there, who knows, I definitely know some rabid fans LOL