Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's a Bird, It's a Plane...No It's Just Ginger

Ginger has been with us for a few months now. She has a "wild child" personality. Compared to the "laid back" style of Daisy, well there is no comparison. When we got Ginger after the death of Rowdy, my step-daughter got Ginger for us from an animal shelter. She thought she was a dachsund puppy, Well...not quite. She's a mutt. Depending on what Ginger is doing (into) her ears are hanging from the side of her head or "up and flying" making her look like Sally Field in the old tv show "The Flying Nun". Ginger is red and black with semi-long fur and light brown eyes. Like any small child she has that constant look of "what can I get into today". Ginger can go from quiet and relaxed to a barking cyclone at warp speed. If she feels ignored she barks - loudly to let us know that she wants attention. We haven't quite got that habit broken yet. Ginger likes to show off her blanket pulling skills almost every evening when we are watching tv. She has to make us notice her by pulling her blanket and Daisy's off the chairs and running around the living room with them. Daisy just looks at her with that OMG look. We've discovered that Ginger can jump from the chair to the couch with the greatest of ease. If I happened to be working at the desk, she will either jump onto the back of the couch or jump into the desk chair behind me. I can not go anywhere without a tiny shadow. If I go upstairs, she's right behind me. Forget going to the bathroom. Even with the door closed, a tiny nose will be seen at the bottom of the door. We are probably going to get some more algae-eater fish soon. Not because the aquarium needs them but because Ginger likes to "play" with them. As soon as we turn on the aquarium light and feed the fish, Ginger wants to play. The algae-eater is the one fish that seems to enjoy teasing her. Ginger likes to jump onto the chair which is beside thefish tank. From there she paws at the corner, enticing her buddy to come over and play. When her little friend comes over she paws the glass and tries to lick or bite it. Now just who is teasing who is a question we can't answer. But the fish seems to win every time and then move just out of the way. Ginger seems to do everything fast. When I take her outside, she races down the street. She seems to fly around wven when she is on the floor, stairs, chairs, or bed. Energy is something she could sell. It doesn't seem to matter what she does, it's done fast. Slow down kid, you're making me dizzy. Daisy was a quiet puppy compared to Ginger. At least Ginger is entertaining. I wonder if she could get her own reality show?