Friday, October 28, 2005

Thanks for the Ride

Houston is throwing a party for the Astros today to say "thanks for the ride". It should be great. The 'stros have be outstanding this year. Yesterday some the guys starting cleaning out their lockers, ready to go back home. Rumors are begining to circulate about who will be back or traded. One rumor is that Adam Everett may be traded. Brad Ausmus is a free agent. I hope he stays cause is so good with the pitchers. Mr. McLane wants to keep the budget around $82 million where it is now.The next few week and months will tell.

Now it's on to our other pro(?) team- the Texans. Oddly enough the oddsmakers have picked the Texans to beat the Browns. Are they nuts! How many weeks are left in this season? Seems like every week the Texans find a new way to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory. Sigh... At least we'll probably get the first pick in the draft.

It's gotta get better. Spring training is only 4 months away...


RPM said...

I'm sorry about the Astros, they played hard and close in each game. Have you heard any updates on Clemens? Is his career over?

TheTruth said...

I could see Clemens maybe going one more year. It's not like he doesn't have the greatest setup in professional sports. He gets to live with his family, and doesn't have to go on road trips when he isn't pitching. Besides, he may want to go one for year so he can play with his son during some Spring Training games next year.

That will be interesting if the Texans get the first pick in the draft. They just took David Carr, and Matt Leinhart will be the #1 pick.