Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Birds and the Apache

You can tell it's Spring in my back yard. Of course some of my flowers are blooming and the yard needs mowing every 5 minutes. All the birds are busy. They love it when I finally put some food in their feeder. This is usually when they start squabbling. A lot of them have new families or are chasing around looking for "love". I keep forgetting that the bluejays have a young one. He's still a little awkward. Mom and Dad still swoop down to chase off other birds. Lately there is a constant battle between the Jays and the Grackles. Imagine my surprise when I was walking Daisy around and almost got in the middle of a fight. In a scene reminiscent of Hitchcock's "The Birds" I find myself in the middle of a bunch of birds. Not wanting to suffer the fate of Tippi Hedren, Daisy and I quickly moved out of the line of fire. Zooming and swooping and chasing, it was funny. Grackles, Jays, doves and sparrows vying for dominance and food. Descretion being the better part of valor, I moved to the security of the indoors. There I was assaulted again, this time by the rumble of a helicopter. At first I thought it might be another life-flight chopper going to or from an accident. They tend to be noisy and have a heavy throaty rumble instead of the lighter helicopters. But, this noise was so LOUD that my windows were rattling and we couldn't hear the tv. Curious, I went outside only to see, not life flight on it's mercy mission, but an Army Apache helicopter a few hundred feet off the ground. It was just above the tree tops buzzing around us and the houses around us. I almost expected a rope to drop and the Special Forces unit to charge into the yard. I know we have a lot of Muslums in our neighborhood, but I dont think any of us here are ready to overthrow the government yet! I have no idea why they chose to fly around us, but that was a lot of government money spent to show off! Guess I'll never know, but that really did disturb my peace! Talk about loud! What did you say!
I said that is a really big helicopter!


Pixie said...

Two sweet little birds thought the wreath on my front door would make a nice place to put their nest. They have 4 little eggs & as sweet as it is; I'm worried. So we try to come in & out of the garage instead. I try not to touch the nest but check on the eggs daily. Momma bird sits on my rain gutter watching me but she's never dive bombed me. (Thank goodness)

So do you think Kubiak did ok with the draft??

How are the Astros doing?

Do you watch basketball? I'm really thinkin we'll have to play the Spurs again like last season; in which our season will be OVER! *sigh*

Isabella said...

We have helicopters flying over our house a lot and it scares the bejezzus out of me! Maybe they are trying to see the Hispanics on the street behind us peeing in their yards?
Big Wags,