Friday, May 05, 2006

Did I Hear That Right?

I was watching ESPN this morning and heard something interesting. Peter Gammons actually said that the Astros are a very good team! Huh? We know that but a lot of sports writers and "media" types tend to ignore our team. Being in what is often described as a "small" market the Astros don't often get the respect they deserve. Of course last year they were 15 and 30 on June 1st. This year they are doing better. Now the sports watchers are saying the team is good. And yet whenever a sports "expert" is asked about the league leaders or who they think will go to and do well in post season, the Houston Astros are rarely mentioned. This is why (of course I am biased)I am pleasantly surprised that at least one national sports watcher thinks we have a good team. Seems someone just discovered that Lance Berkman is hitting the ball hard. So is Craig Biggio, Morgan Ensberg and even Willy Tavaras. Last year Willy T bunted more than he hit. Most of the time he beat the throw to 1st base. Now he is actually hitting some to the outfield! And our very young pitchers are doing very well. Most young pitchers take a while to develope. But without Roger and Andy's slow start, the young pitchers have jumped right into the fire.

Historically, Houston has been a second half team. So, with this good start, what will happen later in the season? It could all fall apart, since they are starting well or they could be on the true verge of greatness! After all last year Clemens said that he felt that the young players needed to step up and take charge. Apparently they have listened. Maybe that's why some sports mouths are now saying the Astros are a good team. Hope so, we'd like a return trip to the Series!


Pixie said...

The media here is extremely hard on the Rangers, but they've won 6 in a row. Mench was on a way to a record; hitting a HR every game for 4 games. It was exciting to watch & wait to see if he'd keep doing it. I do like the Astros so I hope they have a good year as well. :-)

cube said...

Anything can happen in baseball, even that! ;-)

Pixie said...

I haven't really heard much about Clemen maybe playing ball here. I know he was at Opening Day at the Ballpark in Arlington & they showed him in the crowd a lot. But nothing has been mentioned on my morning news; which is the only time I catch the news. Sadly they don't say too much about sports unless it's the Cowboys. *gag*

BTW, you do know who this is don't you?

Trinity13 said...

I love going to baseball games, but hate watching them on tv. There's nothing like the smell of the field and the taste of a ballpark dog! I can't wait to make a trip this summer!

Btw (to respond to your comment on my blog), my son will be playing for the Ohio State Buckeyes baby!!! Yeah!

Duez said...

yeah, I heard Gammons say that on the radio this morning at 6:30. Couldn't believe my ears!