Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A Pink Phone? Sure!

Ever look at the junk in your e-mail? Some of the offers are so silly. I really thought a pink phone was funny. Do I really want a pink phone? No. Worse yet suppose I was a guy and got this offer? Well, I guess I'd have to be in touch with my feminine side to want to get one. And just what is a Christian loan company? I've had untold offers for a 42" plazma TV. Sure, if I sign up for something I dont want, I might get it. Do they really think I believe I would get it free? And then there is the survey, do you like CSI or Law and Order better. I dont care. I watch them both, it just depends on which is new or a rerun. Not to mention I can catch them in syndication. Where is my dream date? Yeah I'd like a $1000 credit card. Who wouldn't? What's the catch? Free money? Sure I'll take a couple of mill... What do you mean it doesn't work that way? Oh, and I'll take that gift card, but I dont want to take that 2 hour survey. I don't have a prostate so I don't need anything to decrease it's size, nor do I need the little blue pill to increase my non-existent penis size, either. Do people really get paid for filling my junk mail box with junk? Somebody is making money. Too bad it's not me.


Pixie said...

Um, my cell phone has pink & hot pink roses on it......... LOL!

With my bulk folder, I don't see as much junk mail unless I go looking for it. But in a day I can get 50 easily. Silly isn't it?

cube said...

I'm always skeptical of free stuff. If it's too good to be true, it usually isn't.