Saturday, April 29, 2006

Is It Time To Punt, Yet?

Oops! Look what the Houston Texans did now! For quite some time the team has been having talks with Reggie Bush. Dispite pleas, petitions, and fullpage newspaper ads, the Texans said they would not draft home town hero Vince Young. Just as fans were grudgingly getting used to the idea that Reggie Bush would be the first draft pick, that choice has been sacked. Yesterday afternoon we learned that talks with Bush had concluded and no more were scheduled. Instead, negotiations began in earnest with Mario Williams, defensive end from North Carolina State. Odd to say the least. The last time a defensive lineman was picked first was a flop. So, fans were concerned at this. Then last night (during the Daytime Emmy Award Show) KTRK ran a crawler on the screen saying the Houston Texans had signed a contract with Mario Williams for 6 years at $54,000,000. What?! Now the fans must know how David Carr feels after being sacked! Talk about knocking the breath out!

One has to wonder if this was percipitated by the problems of Reggie Bush's family and other issues that Reggie Bush has with a marketing and agency company. That story is still unfolding. Did the Texans decide that might be too much of a distraction? Fans are left feeling let down. Right now they are very unhappy. What the mindset of the Texans management is at this point is totally up in the air. Only Bob McNair and Charley Casserly know the reasons they made the decision to draft Williams instead of Bush. The rest of us are left asking a lot of questions.

To muddy the waters up even more, Casserly may be leaving after the draft ends. What does this mean? It is a little strange. Of course we don't know the whole story, yet.
Sounds like it's 4th and half a mile, do we punt or throw a hail Mary pass?


Duez said...

I love the Texans draft even though they didn't get Bush, which disappointed me. I think the whole thing with him lying about his parents bothered them, plus he wouldn't sign without playing hardball.

I love the LB they got from Alabama. DeMeco Ryans. And two OL that could start next year. David Carr also got a TE today that is a pretty good one. Nice draft overall. Looking forward to next year.

And Mario Williams is a freak. Even though we should have gotten Bush, I am going to give Mario some love and root for him. It's not his fault. Ya know?

TheTruth said...

It's not Williams' fault, to be sure, and he shouldn't have been boo'd in New York (but that's all those fans do anyway). The trouble is this: Mario Williams will have to be the next Reggie White, while Bush turns into some Desmond Howard-type for this to make sense. He's in a no-win situation right now.

Ryans was a good pick though. lol. (Bama fan)