Friday, April 21, 2006


Finally got some rain this morning. Of course it had to start just a Jimmy was getting ready to go to work. At least the rain helped take care of the pollen which has been heavy this spring. The dogs refused to go out. Lady does not like to get wet. Daisy is terrified of loud noises like thunder or fireworks. Astro has been so loud lately that we have threatened to put him outside. Wonder what he would have thought? He had better count his lucky feathers cause he is really getting on my nerves!

At least we did not have any wind damage as some areas did. I keep waiting for a high wind to blow over part of the fence. I watched the next door neighbor nail back some boards that his dog had torn up. Fat lot of good that did. The dog just tore them off again and dug the hole under the fence deeper. Then I noticed last night while I was walking Daisy around, the other side neighbor's dogs have knocked off a board on that side. I feel at this point it is a losing battle.

But at least the grass will start growing again. Downside, mowing again. The flowers have perked up. A few of my gladiolas are going to bloom soon. I keep having to prop them up. The dianthus just keep on blooming. Finally the elephant ears and caladiums got a big dose of water.

Guess I gotta be happy about something. Now if I can just think of that something!


Trinity13 said...

Be happy that it's Friday!!!

Btw, that's one thing I love about renting...we don't have to mow!

jack said...

how about sunrise? that should make you happy. it defenately makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

hey guess what? today it rained in my place. First rain of the season. I really like rain. Took some pics also. will share soon.