Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Life's Little Annoyances

Little things tend to annoy us all at one point or another. Thinking back, way back, my ex used to wait till the grass(and weeds) was embarrassingly high before he mowed it. Just one reason he is the ex. Then he would occasionaly get a wild idea to fix pancakes and leave the kitchen as if an entire bag of flour had exploded and knocked down every plate, bowl and untensil in the kitchen all over the counters and floor. "I cooked it, you clean it up" he used to say. Another one of the many reasons he is the ex. Some woman have household males who never remember to put down the toilet seat. Thankfully, I no longer have that problem. Jimmy always puts the seat down. I can remember when my kids were living at home. They had a nasty habit of grazing through the food chain after school or during breaks. They always left dirty dishes in the sink. I hated to come home from work and find this. As a matter of fact I usually went ballistic. Why couldnt they clean up their mess? After many fits of anger Annie finally got wise and made sure the dishes were done before I got home. Never mind that she usually did this about five minutes before I got home, at least they were done. When they were old enough, the kids were responsible for doing their own laundry. Unfortunately, they usually performed this task at some time late at night. Then they always left clothes in the dryer. I'm a believer in getting the clothes out of the dryer as soon as possible. I hate to iron, so getting the clothes out as soon as possible cut down on time spent ironing. So, imagine how annoyed I would be to get ready to do my laundry only to find clothes left in the dryer. This always annoyed me. I used to take their clothes out, fold them neatly and put them on their bed. But they didn't seem to get the message, so I usually ended up tossing all the wrinkled clothes onto the bed. I don't know why I found this so irritating.

So I go to start my laundry this morning. What's in the dryer? Amanda's clothes which she has washed about the time I went to bed last night... De ja vue all over again.


annieskyman said...

LOL, you know what's funny.
now i hate to have that happen too!
You ruined me mom!