Thursday, April 13, 2006

I'm Still Alive, I Think

Let me check my pulse... yes it's there. I'm tired. We got Amanda home from the hospital. Since she can't drive she's staying with us. In the middle of this Pat and his girlfriend found a place to live and baled out of the moneypit house they shared with Amanda. Now Amanda is stuck trying to figure out how she will get her stuff out and where to put it. She wants to be out of the house by the end of the month since she cant afford to stay there anymore. While she's been gone, Pat and Heather have moved there stuff out, but left a Big mess form Amanda. They promise to help her move her stuff to storage. Of course she can't do anything because of her surgery. Of course that is irritating her. She's not a stay at home, do nothing type of person.

So Annie and Jason and their two boys came to visit this past week-end. At least Amanda had a week's rest before they came. Jason and Pat moved a few of Amanda's things in here. Small things like her computer desk and some other things that would fit in a bedroom. And they moved her 42 inch tv into the living room. The rest of the weekend was a typical weekend with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. Then Amanda had Pat bring over her dog, a pitbull named Midnight. Two dachsunds and a pit...? So Midnight just could not understand why we would not let her "play" with the other two. She tried so hard, but one swipe of her paw would send either one of the little ones reeling. Daisy had already jumped on Lady and hurt her to the point that Lady was having trouble walking and, at one point, could not climb stairs without crying.
Mix this with two kids and 5 adults and you have a recipe for chaos. Amanda got mad at me because I smacked Midnight in the nose for getting too rough while kids and dogs were all trying to occupy my small kitchen space. Talk about nerve wracking!

So, since Amanda is not able to move back on her own yet, she will be staying here so that she can save some money. Right now she can't do much anyway. She can't go back to work for a while. She wants to get a one bedroom apartment. She had found one that was on special $99 move in, but couldn't get it since she just had surgery. I told her she might have a problem since her "big dog" is a pit. Some places will not allow them.

Then Jimmy had to do some work in Port Arthur. He drove one day and decided that was too much so he thought it better to just stay there for the rest of the week. Then Pat, who had been working with him, got rehired at his old job. Better for him since he'll make more money. Maybe he will be able to get his finances straight. He seems to owe everyone in the world, including us.

Then Heather decided, apparently, to quit her job at Lowe's where Amanda works. She had already quit her job a Pappa John's. Both jobs she got thanks to Amanda. I feel that this may come back to bite her because she didn't give proper notice at either job. She just stopped going to work. Not a good idea at least in my mind. But what do I know? She's apparently nevery worried about money because she could always get what she needed from her parents. I will refrain from voicing my opinion...

At least baseball is back! The Astros unveiled their National League Championship Banner and received their rings. It was nice to see the long, long, long standing ovation for Jeff Bagwell. So far, so good. But it's a long season. My SIL Jason says 162 games is too long! He is not a baseball person, basketball is his thing. Go figure! Preston Wilson and Lance Berkman have started the season as a good tandum. Everytime one hits a homer the other one does too! But, who knows what will happen now since the rhythm has been disrupted due to rain in San Fran. Again and again. Enough already.

By the end of this month we'll be broke. I hate to pay taxes! Especially when my hard earned money goes for stupid things.

Oh well, hope springs eternal. I just hope I live long enough...

And my goodness, I can't forget Cheyanne. Annie and Jason stopped by Waco to bring my 10 year old (going on 30) granddaughter too. She spent most of the weekend on the computer playing games. She got the lucky chore of taking the Christmas presents we had bought back to Waco since her parents didn't stop by at Christmas. She's always a delight.


cube said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I find tax time a real bummer too. I can't wait for it to pass.

S said...

Did I miss what Amanda was having surgery for? Praying she heals quickly. :-)