Thursday, March 16, 2006

Victoria's Secret's Newest Model?

How could I miss this? I have a camera and a cell phone camera and yet I missed it! I did get a good laugh and so did Jimmy when I told him. I have found Victoria's Secret's newest model. She works cheaply too. Maybe I shouldnt say that, as her agent I get 10%, right?

I was downstairs yesterday when there came a scratch at the door. Lady wanted in. Lately I have to wait for her to decide when she wants to honor me with her appearance. Most of the time she stays upstairs in her chair to avoid Daisy. Over the last week or so she has taken to hiding in the dirty clothes basket in our bathroom. I guess she thinks Daisy wont bother her there. As I opened the door I noticed something around Lady's neck. After closer examination I discovered it was a bra. As she had been lying in the clothes basket I guess she managed to get into one of the straps. Now how she made it down the Runway, I mean the stairs without falling I dont know. I haven't figured out her cup size yet. Body by dachsund, bra by Ipex. Maybe she could model the "Secret Embrace" bra, or maybe the "Miracle Bra".

Gisele and Heidi, don't look behind you. I've got the next great model. Stop the presses which one of the major publications will vie for exclusive coverage? Tyra, you might want to book her on your talk show.


S said...

ROFLMBO! That had to have made you laugh!