Thursday, March 23, 2006

Daisy Dear Dumb Dog

Daisy my dear you nearly drove me nuts yesterday. As the "Supernanny" would say, "You've been very very naughty." Yet you have no clue what you did or how dangerous it was. When I went to the mailbox, the house door must have blown open. It was then you decided you needed some adventure. Out the door you went. Unbounded by leash or backyard, you explored and raced down the sidewalk and yards. I called to you but you refused to pay attention. You made me chase you all over the neighborhood. The closer I'd get to you the farther you would go. You had no regard for the dangers lurking everywhere.You just thought it was fun to stay just out of reach everytime I tried to get you out of harm's way. You thought your adventure was fun, I feared for your life! You have not concept of what could hurt you. Daisy, trust me, you are not bulletproof. You are lucky that orange and white cat only arched it's back and walked away from you. You thought it would be fun to run after it. You don't know anything about cats claws. Lady could tell you a story about her face off with a cat. Get her to tell you about how one swipe of a clawed paw can hurt. You don't realize how big cars are or what they can do to you. As I tried in vain to convince you to come to me, you kept running through yards and crossed streets. I could only pray that a car would not drive by and strike you. I have to take care of you because you don't know how dangerous it is out there. You thought your little romp through the neighborhood was a great adventure. All I could see was danger and possible disaster. Please don't do this again, you may not be so lucky the next time. I know you are curious about the world. Trust me, you are a little dachshund, not a superdog. You could be hurt or killed. Listen to me, when I call you, come!Don't continue to run free. You are not capable of running free. So, listen up Dumb Dog, you have a great life here. You have a nice warm bed, food and your own people. You are lucky, don't blow it! You hear me Daisy!