Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Is Something In The Air?

Ever have one of those days? We all have them. Blah, depressed, down, sad... Somehow my get up and go left town. For a person who's natural tendency is to be negative, I always have to try hard to be positive. Some days are more difficult than others. What's odd is that I have noticed over the last few days is that I am not the only one..Duh. Hey, nothing escapes this broad. So, as I've been checking around the blogs and elsewhere and I have found that there seems to be a pattern going on here.People who are usually upbeat or funny seem to be less than their usual sunny selves. What gives here? Why are so many of us feeling less than chipper these days? It is spring. The flowers are blooming. The grass is growing. Oh crap, now I gotta mow it again. The taxman is coming. At least some people should look forward to that. How I would love a refund. Must be nice to get one. So why is everybody in such a blue mood? Is the pollen causing this? So why don't we all dig in and fight back? How hard can it be, after all no matter where we are there is always someone worse off. On the other hand, I feel some kinship to that song "my give a damn's broke." Must be something in the air.


S said...

Maybe it's the dread of spring cleaning?? Or the fact that one day we have beautiful weather & the next we're freezing. That's about enough to depress anyone; getting the tease of Spring like weather only to pull out the sweats a day later. But I'm with you; something is definately going on!

Duez said...

As a person that is usually pretty upbeat, I can tell you that I am battling a pretty terrible cold. So that's my reason. Spring = cold/allergy season.


cube said...

I'm not happy because it's tax season & I'm always the one who has to collate tons of material for the accounting firm.