Thursday, March 02, 2006

Would You Please Not Talk While I'm Interrupting!

Didn't your mother teach you that it is not nice to interrupt? Have you noticed that panel talk shows like the "View" have hosts that constantly battle for their talk space? They talk over each other so much that I almost forget what they are trying to do. You'd think the director or stage manager would sush them. It's bad enough that you can tell what political side of the fence they are on because they are at each others throats about issues. And if I hear the "I'm a new mom" statement one more time...get over it. This talking over people seems to be everywhere from the talk/entertainment shows to news/talk to news panel shows. Would you guys please shut up! One at a time! You can debate an issue without constantly interrupting each other. Were you absent from class when they taught that? I can understand your passion about an issue, but everyone has an opinion. When,say for example, CNN or Fox News have a discussion of issues, let one person finish before you chime in, you'll just irritate me. And when I'm irritated, I change the channel. Shows talk shows are no exception, either. The guys on some of ESPN's panel shows get so excited they get into intense arguments,too.

Come on people, there are only so many minutes per segment so let people hear the discussion. I have a brain(I think) and I can process information and form my own opinions. But, if I hear another guest or host yell, "let me finish" I may just finish it for you. Game show contestants don't make this much noise. So, quiet please, speak your peace or I will interrupt and change the channel.


S said...

I have "The View" on & was thinking the same thing. They even talk over their guests, which I think is super RUDE!

Now cut the new momma some slack! That's all she has since she lacks everything else!

(oops did I say that outloud?)