Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's National Get Over It Day

No, in the grand scope of things it's not really important. Just another excuse to have a "Day". Since it is National Get Over It Day, think about what you need to get over and can you do it?

Let's see---I have gotten over the guy in high school who belittled me by calling me "oswald" in English class. Too bad you didn't read the books that the teacher reqired.

I've gotten over the fact that my sister-in-law does not and will never like me. I rarely see her but I am not going to waste energy wondering why. You have your own problems.

I've gotten over the fact that certain people I know continue to lie and hide the truth from family members. Have fun you guys, maybe you'll write the "Great American Novel"

I've gotten over the fact that the world is full of nuts. Now where did I put that nutcracker?


S said...

Really? There is such a holiday as "National Get Over It Day"? Where in the world do they come up with them? It's shocking that our school district didn't mark it as an off day; I swear we take off for everything else around here!