Monday, March 13, 2006

Can A Dog Be An Omen?

After a rather disappointing, depressing week-end, I was looking forward to a little positive action to start the week. Daisy has been doing a little better in her house training. Except for occasionally chewing up the carpet. She's even done better at night. Hasn't pooped on the bathroom floor at night although she still pees there. But, this morning when I opened the door to let her out so that I could take her outside she was sitting in her bed. Usually she is standing at the door waiting for me. She had a rather guilty look on her face. It was then I saw why. The great flood was nothing compared to how much pee was on the floor. Sighing, I let her out and quickly wipe up the mess and run down stairs to take her out. She was waiting patiently at the door for me, and so was a pile of poop. Man! Well, now there was almost no point in taking her outside. But I did anyway. As we made the obligatory turn around the yard, it was obvious she was not interested. So, we went back inside. "No treat for you". She knows that if she does both her jobs first thing in the morning I give her a treat. But today she also knew that was not to be. So, I went on about my chores. Later, as I got the second load of clothes into the washer, I saw Daisy sitting in the hallway which is not her normal choice of where to sit. Then, I noticed more poop. I am not happy. She looks at me as if to say "I'll show you, woman." So, is the rest of my day going to the dogs or will it get better? Is this an omen? As pessimistic as I have been for the last couple of days, it seems like a bad omen. The term "shitty day" comes to mind. Sometimes it is hard to be positive when everything around me seems to turn to shit. I am trying to believe that everything happens for a reason and that good things will follow. Sometimes I feel like I am reciting a mantra trying to convince myself that things will turn around for the better. Then sometimes I wonder why bother. After this morning I have to wonder if dog poop is an omen.Is this good or bad. I'd like to think that this is the bottom of the barrel and things will get better. Then I step in a load and wonder if this will ever end. I grasping for a good luck straw, nothing else seems to work. Wonder what the pooper readers (as apposed to the palm readers) would say? Good news or continued bad? I could really use some good news.


S said...

Potty training is frustrating, but she'll get it. I have no words of wisdom, just one day; Izzy grasped the concept & off we go. But hang in there! Daisy will get it.