Thursday, January 26, 2006

Where Do We Go From Here?

I know that I am in the minority here, but I liked "The Book Of Daniel" on NBC. I also know that "groups" complained about the show before it ever aired. Is this a form of censorship? Well... I guess that is a personal opinion. I thought the show was pretty good. Sure it was over the top with so much disfunction in one family but, I think, this could have been eased a little. But come on, we all have problems. Granted, pillpopping, drinking, and homosexuality are problems, but its how we deal with them that helps us learn. Notice how many children learn things from TV more than their own family. I enjoyed Daniel's conversations with Jesus. They were the best parts of the show. After all God knows none of us is perfect.Through God, we learn how to be a better person, not through a group of scared people who are not willing to try to see things from another point of view. I grew up in the segregated South and survived integration without scars. Humor is a great teacher. Is this a wake up call? Maybe. We had better be carefull because there are groups who have a lot of influence on everything from politics, privacy, and what we should or should not watch and read. Obviously some "groups" dont like the new movie about the gay cowboys. That group apparently includes Prresident Bush. If we can not take a humorous look at ourselves, we are all in trouble.

As it is NBC has some big programing problems. Personally I dont think "Earl" is funny. How come nobody is complaining about the gay story lines of "Will and Grace"? NBC really doesnt have that many good shows and the few they are being scrambled around to the death walk. Apparently they are planning to move one of the "Law and Order" shows to be opposite "Lost" and "Las Vegas" to the dead zone of Friday. Some times controversy is good, but if no one sees it, how is any one to be able to make an informed decision?

Where do we go from here? In the future will we have freedom of choice? Will conservative groups become so powerful that they dictate to us what we can do? Let's see, I shouldn't go see "The Da Vinci Code" when it comes out. "Sponge Bob" could be a problem. How do we explain that Emily has two mothers? I can make up my own mind about things, at least I thought I could. People liked Hitler and Charles Manson had a following too. We have a right to be liberal or conservative in our views and I will always defend that right, but dont take my right to chose away. I would like to make up my own mind on things!


James said...

"Is this a form of censorship?"

Sounds more like a business decision to me. When a show doesn't perform, it gets dropped. Of course, Leftist hysteria blames it on censorship.

Is it censorship when all of Hollywood and the media glorify a movie with tepid sales (like "Brokeback Mountain") while ignoring a solid performer (ike "King Kong)?

Notice how many children learn things from TV more than their own family."

This is an indictment of the decline of the traditional, nuclear family, not an endorsement of the current state of television programming.

By the way, a show being cancelled does not equate to your "rights" being taken away. Being shoved into a shredder by your government (like the old regime in Iraq) is having your rights taken away. Get some perspective.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the visit James. Don't agree with you but, like I said, I defend your right to say it. Everyone has the right to their opinion, but we all must make informed opinions. Criticism without knowing the facts isnt good, herd mentality does that.

Anonymous said...

You say we must all make informed decisions and know the facts. I agree. But look at the illogic of your argument. In your first sentence you say, "I know that I am in the minority here..."

You then go on to try and blame "Daniel's" cancellation on some conspiracy by "groups", by which I assume you mean conservative and Christian groups who were offended by the show's portrayal of Christians.

You further show your illogic by giving the example of "Will & Grace". If there were some subversive religious agenda chipping away at your rights then why is that show still on? Or "Queer Eye"?

You want to create a conspiracy where there is none. As was pointed out previously, and as you prove in your post, cancelling Daniel seems to be based on ratings and money, based on the fact that those who enjoyed the show were in the "minority".

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting Susan. By the way not everybody gets QueerEye. Let me know what you think of a new show coming to ABC in March. I promo where the kids are asking Mom about the fact that Mom and Dad sleep in different room and how this affects their sex life. Wonder what the sponsors will think?