Friday, January 13, 2006

Hello, Are You Gonna Leave That Hole?

It seems that our water district is on a mission to find all the sewer lines in the neighborhood. Or maybe they dont have enough to do. For the last few days, I noticed the district's white pickup truck roaming the area. At first I thought they were just doing their meter reading. That was until I discovered they were going into everyone's back yards. The meters are in the front. Now it is not unusual for these guys to scour the neighborhood for broken waterlines so that they can bring out their heavy equipment to dig around the fromt yards. They apparently have a lot of fun doing this cause it takes several people to accomplish this. Then, they always promise, they have to come back and replace the grass they dug up.Sometimes I wonder just how much they actually find. Especially when there is no obvious sign of a problem, like a soggy front yard or water running down the street. So the other day, the dogs started barking. As I looked out my kitchen window there are two guys digging(make that one digging, one standing around)in the back of my back yard. Then, they left, got into the truck and moved on to the house next door. Nosey as I am, I went out to see what they had done. As I peered into the hole, I saw the sewer line, Now why did they do that? Next question, Hey guys when are you coming back to cover this hole? Two days later, the hole is still there. While this is not a serious problem for me as I dont have small children or elderly people here, this could be a problem. Just imagine one of my grandkids running around and falling because of that hole. One good (evil) thing,one of the guys stepped in dog poo. Ha Ha! Now I have questions. Why were you doing this? When will you be back to cover the hole. By the way, you'll need to bring some extra dirt, since it has rained. Why did it take two of you when only one of you dug the hole? Did you go to A&M? Or is this just busy work? Come on guys, you need to fix that hole!


S said...

well that's annoying! They didn't knock on your door & ask if they could go into your backyard? If I just looked outside & saw them in my backyard; I'd have let the dog out after them! >:-)

I'd also be calling daily to get that hole covered up. I mean; "what if" we actually had a bad freeze? (Yes I'm aware we live in Texas & that's a silly thought but still...... it could happen?)

TEN33GIRL said...

Ugh! that would totally annoy me! Good luck getting that hole filled and thx for visiting my page =D

Tor said...

Here in Maine, they always wait till a road has been rebuilt or resurfaced, so they can dig it up and repair the line. Guess where the road starts falling apart the very next winter!