Thursday, January 05, 2006

Burnt Orange Sky at Night---Longhorn Delight!

The UT tower is basking in the Orange light as it does after every Longhorn victory.This one is special. The whole tower is lit, not just the top. National Chanpionship full glow! I bow to the altar of Vince Young! Though he ran and passed for 467 total yards by himself, I admit I was nervous. The Horns just kept making mistakes. Like many others, I was in doubt as they were down 12 points. It didn't look good. So I took the dogs outside, then headed upstairs to bed. Turning on the TV,I discovered that Vince Young had opened the Vince Young playbook, frequently called, Let's get it done. He did. Now for the Vindication of Vince and Mac Brown. I remember it wasn't that long ago that the alumni wanted Brown out cause the Horns couldn't win the Big Games and had no National Championships. How fitting that the Natiional Championship was held at the grand old Rose Bowl. Do the pro scouts still question Young's arm? Though he has said he'll be back, Will he? Will he change his mind and turn pro? Is it time for a long Longhorn win streak?

Why does ESPN show Scrabble and the National Spelling Bee as "sports"?

What will the Texans do now?

And last but certainly not least-- Astros pitchers and catchers report to training camp on Feb. 17, 2006. Spring training is looming on the horizon.


Bone said...

Congratulations on the national championship!!!

Bama wound up 8th in the polls. Not bad. And got the play of the year for Prothro's catch. Have to take what we can get :-) Oh, and a former Bama player won the NFL MVP!

S said...

That was a pretty exciting game. I don't typically watch College ball but George wanted to check out that kid who's suppose to be the #1 draft pick. I was a bit disappointed in his performance & wondered what made him so special. But then I guess if I watched more College ball I'd know?

News stations up here were showing the Academy opening up to UT fans at 6am so they could purchase goods. It's nice to see devoated fans! I'm almost tempted to go out & purchase us some of that burnt orange! LOL!

cube said...

Congrats! Wish I had watched the game. I heard it was a doozie.