Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Are We That Dumb?

Lately I have been wondering about a couple of things. As a natiion, are we dumb? Why are we so clueless about things. Take a spouse who doesnt realize that the other half is having an affair. Are they that dumb> Eventually the truth will come out. Deny it or belive it. Too many people apparently cant see the elephant in the room. Here in Houston, the Enron trial has started. So many people assumed everything was going fine. That is if you believe the speeches by people like Ken Lay. Every thing is fine, keep buying our stock (while I dump mine). This is why I am a little scared at the proposals of letting people invest in the stock market as part of their retirement social security etc. Most people dont know how to invest. They assume their companies or the government will make good choices for them. Wake up. Even Oprah was duped. Then I saw on TV that our Secretary of State as well as the EU and other allies were stunned to see the landslide victory of Hamas. Hello, pay attention! If the intellegence communities in our country cant/ or wont even talk to each other, what are we, the dumb public, supposed to think. For years, our intel people have complained to and about each other. One doesnt know what the other is doing and if they find out it is a crisis. Where does this leave us? I am not just talking about the current administration either. This is not a new thing.Why do we let ourselves get lulled into false security? We had better learn quickly that we cant depend on the government to help us. We all know what happened with Katrina and Rita. Seems like every time we turn around, another report of fraud and deception surfaces. I know that both Houston's Mayor White and Governor Perry have made demands that some body needs to get things straight. They are right. And we need to learn to take charge of ourselves, because unfortunately our country as a whole will not help, at least to this point, there have been more questions than answers. Months after these disasters there are still more questions than answers. And now we have more questions about what will happen to the Middle East. Are we really so dumb that we didnt see things coming? Just imagine that one of our allies or our own spokespeople will say the wrong thing or say something that is taken the wrong way. I just dont understand. We need to pay attention.


S said...

I don't know if we can actually apply the "dumb" label so much as most of us just walk around with blinders on.

Duez said...

Sadly it seems we are that dumb. And "numb" to what matters in the world. Numbed by our daily lives and too shell-shocked to organize and do anything about it.

It is sad.