Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Hope I Never Have to Do This Again

I now have a healthy respect for the handicapped. While I was taking apart the Dickens Village somehow I sprained my hand. I did not even know until my hand swelled and became painful. After wearning a splint for 3 days, I have decided I really dont want to have to do this again. At least it was my left hand and I am right handed. You dont even think about how much you use both hands until you cant use one. It's very frustrating to try to do things from holding a cup of coffee to buttoning shirts, pants, or tying shoes. Then I thought, imagine if I had to live my entire life this way... I am very independent and hate to ask for help. What a bummer. Just the thought of having to do this for the rest of my life was sobering. I know people who complain about everything. Yet, look at people with handicaps trying to handle their lives without complaint. As a kid I was an orthopedist dream and a mother's nightmare. At 7 I broke my arm, and at 14 I was kicked by a horse and broke my thigh. I spent a long time in a cast. When I was 22 I broke my ankle 6 weeks before my wedding. Looking back, maybe that was a sign cause the marriage didnt last... So I applaud the people who have a good life despite handicaps. As an adult, I discovered so many things I do on a daily basis that were harder or nearly impossible to do without help. How do people who dont have help cope? On the other hand, would I want to spend my whole life that way? No!

Then my moden crashed...

Then I just learned that NBC pulled the plug on "The Book of Daniel" Too bad...I enjoyed the humor. Apparently the Christian Conservatives who had not even seen the show applied enough pressure on the network to ax it. What next?


cube said...

I know what you mean. Just normal wear & tear injuries, or simple aging is bad enough.

BTW did you & the fans of TBOD write in to pressure NBC to keep the show? It's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

S said...

I have dislocated my left shoulder more times than I care to remember. Each time I had to strap that arm to my waist for 6 weeks & it was during the summer months. (Talk about your heat rashes!) It was a MAJOR PITA; so I too admire those that deal with their handicaps all the time & do it with a smile.

The main actor was on the View last week & said that the majority of people protesting hadn't even watched the TV show to know what it was really about. That's sad. I would have liked to have caught it at least once to judge for myself. Isn't that what TV ratings are for & primetime? I mean, there are other programs out there that are just as bad/offensive..... why are those still on?

LET'S TALK said...

First, Thanks for your comment and the visit to my site.

I could not tell you how many times I've suffered with broken bones from my arms to my legs. I'm sure glade that my military days are over now, because all the pain that I have from those crazy anything go days have me hurting a lot. So I do feel your pain.

Dont be shocked that the show went off the air before it even got off the ground. Remember The right wing conservatives cried for months about a show with a Jesus walking around talking and a doctor with a gay son. All you could hear was dont support this station or pull your ads from this station if they allow this program to air. Well we know that those right wing conservatives have some pull in this country, after all look what they did to Harriet Miers.