Wednesday, January 04, 2006

From Oranges to Burnt Orange Hopes

Man, I watched the Orange Bowl last night. I have always admired Joe Paterno. I was begining to think nobody wanted to win. Kickers have got to have nerves of steel and a personality to match. They are always either the hero or the goat.

Now all the "Eyes of Texas" are upon the Rose Bowl. Apparently no one gives the Horns a real chance to win. That is if you listen to the media in Califoria. Mac Brown won't have to work hard to fire up the team, since nobody thinks UT can win. Most people seem to think the score will be around 38 to 31 USC. But, USC might find a few thorns in that Rose Garden. Back to back championships are hard enough to get, let alone 3 in a row. Plus a 35 game win streak is prime for cutting. I was at the game the last time Texas won the National Championship. I hope the game will be a good one. Just remember USC..."the eyes of Texas are upon you.." Hook 'em Horns!!!


Anonymous said...

I know that since I went to A&M I am supposed to pull for USC (you know, since my favorite teams are the Aggies and whoever is playing Texas that day) but I just want UT to win so badly! It'll be a victory for the whole state.

Pluse A&M has sucked for the past several years. Call me a fair weather Aggie. I don't mind.

cube said...

Hook 'em Horns? You mean the satanic symbols they were accusing President Bush of waving around at the 2nd inaugural parade when the Texas contingent walked by?