Monday, January 09, 2006

What is Alternative...Anything?

So, I'm a little behind the times...well maybe a lot. I remember when music was either standards and big band a la Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey or top forty rock and roll or country. As I watched the news this morning, the anchor was discussing the upcoming announcment of the artists who will be performing at the Houston Rodeo. I had never heard the term "alternative" country. Now I have heard of traditional or classic country, this being the older stuff. I see that we now have this plus contemporary and alternative country, huh? Man I got lost at adult contemp rock and alternative rock and for some reason, to me, Christian Rocks seems odd. Obviously I dont get out enough. I wont even discuss what I feel about Hip Hop and Rap. There must be 10,000 people doing this. Where is the music? And why must the guys always grab their crotch? I guess I just dont get it. But, on a whole what is "alternative" music mean, anyway. Is the next thing going to be alternative jazz? How about alternative classical. What else should we call alternative? We already have alternative lifestyle. I guess we could call counterfeit money, alternative? We could change the political scene by saying that a candidate an alternative Democrate or Republican or maybe the Christian coalition should call themselves the Alternative party. No wait a minute, that would be the Independants... I'm getting a headache. Guess I'll just go dig out my old fashioned Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond.


Anonymous said...

What of Alternative Jazz or Alternative Sex?

cube said...

I'm not hip or trendy either. I think much of those labels are from cretins who like to sound smarter, hipper, or edgier than they really are.

S said...

I guess I listen to a lot of that Christian Rock but I won't swear to the category. I don't like the typical praise & worship sounding stuff but the live & upbeat & danceable. Maybe instead of "rock" they should call it "pop"??