Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Signs of the Season

We all know the signs of the season. Christmas trees, wreaths, wrapping paper and so on. Some people actually have snow. Here, we just get teased with the possibility (or lack of it)of snow. Turkeys and hams abound in the grocery. The malls have been decorated for quite some time. People are frantic, trying to find just the right gift. The kids are now out of school for the holidays. Christmas music and commercials have been playing for a Long time. But, it is never really the Christmas season until you see two commercials (or actually find one in a store) for, ta da, drum roll, please... Chia pets and clappers. Every year it seems that just before Christmas these things start getting a lot of air time. Does anyone actually buy a Chia pet? Some how I can't see me clapping to turn of a light or turn on/off the TV but these two items seem to be advertised a lot just before crunchtime. Yes, those last few days when you have exhausted your brain trying to thing of something to get Aunt Martha who hates everything. Does any body actually grow a Chia pet? Does it really work? Or is it something for people who can't grow anything? At least now I can finally say it is Christmas time. The true signs of the season are here. Let's all run right out and get someone a gift of a Chia Pet or Clapper! Especially some one we don't really like. Ha,Ha!


cube said...

This year I saw a Garfield chia! Yes, Garfield. Me, I'm waiting for the Mr. Spock chia pet. That's the one I'll buy.

S said...

LOL! My kids have seen the commercials & want a chia pet. I've never paid much attention but I think you are right.